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imao hotnsexy thats a good idea they cant spam if it costs 6000 for 100 tomatoes!!!!! think about it it should be more like tequila heals 200hp (just saying not an official hp bounus) then when you eat it yes thats a good idea to take 5 mins then theres there 200hp but the tequila like other achohol sorta does help bullet wounds by drinking it (thats why they had it in the west) and also in the army even then. I think the idea rocks, and the game would rock if it was 3D MMOG but still i dont think the devs want to take it there but imainge How much funz it would be to have it 3D walk around work dosent have to be for 2 hours (dont talk crap guys) ok just an idea :cool:


wrong place, but that is based on how many posts you've made. stranger is the first rank, followed by newcomer, etc.

harry the hammer

I like that it sounds good. But could you also trade in certain amounts of food for a lesser amount of a better food. Say

5 tomatoes for 1 T-Bone steak.


I think this is a great idea, an well though befor hand. Making it even easier to add-on to the game ;)


I hate this idea!
okay check this out. you a lvl 78 whatever you like, lets say soldier, you have bought all the stuff you will ever need including the stuff that goes for $9500, and the winchester for 15000+, you got every set. what will you do with your money? mind you, there are jobs you can do to get $400 per two hour stint. so in a month you could make 30000 - 50000 with the sale of the stuff you get from jobs.
so you guys are saying that I could buy two t-bone steaks a day?
no way... The concept of food effects the game too much for it to be so cheap!
Dare I say it, it should be bought exclusively with REAL money- why not help the developers a bit? nuggets. and a hefty price too. i think that farms are out of the question, if they will only be used to make "food"


What exactly is the problem with a lvl 78 player having more food than a lower level player? When that lower level player gets to lvl 78, they can buy all the food they want also.

There are restrictions in place to prevent abuse of the system by duelers and there is a finite amount of food/resources each town will have in stock.

I'm not exactly sure what your argument against food is...

the black penny

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a farm could be nice,,grow stuff,,wither and rusts.
your very own lil plot o land,,with a porch

Annie Oakley12

New Member
I think that would be a great idea like that little area behinde the church we can have animals horses crops etc and not have to buy them

Read Colton

In some quest you need items to finish it. Example: Corn, beans etc....

Wouldn't that just make the quest easier


You can't use the "food" for quests. Once cultivated, the food will be labeled as food, not product.


It says that actually in the first post, but I'll edit it to make it clearer.


Hey HotNSexy I think this is a really good idea, very well thought out. Although if we are going to make this (duh duh duuuuuh) more realistic wouldn't the 'Jug' Product you get from Well Drilling make more sense then glasses of water, after all small glasses couldn't really be used for a large scale farming. Although Jug's are harder to get so if you decide to change it you may need to change the amount needed ( eg from 1,2,3,4,5 glasses to 1,1,2,2,3 jugs ).

Anyway other then that I really like the idea.


I don't have photoshop or anything or I would have done it a long time ago...


True....but you get them from drilling wells.....and wells have water....meh its probably simpler to stick to glasses of water lol.
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