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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Eclipse, Sep 7, 2009.

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Would you like to see this idea implemented into the game?

Poll closed Feb 17, 2010.
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  1. Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Guest

    A detailed, well-thought out and nicely presented idea.

    So, since I voted 'no', the least I can do is tell you why :)

    1) Although I agree that there are a lot of interesting further building types that could be added to towns, farms / ranches aren't on that list. Farms / Ranches = Country, not Town.

    2) One of the great things about The West are that its buildings are 'fire and forget' establishments. Once they are up, they do the job they were constructed for without constant maintenance being necessary. This proposed addition is completely at odds with this ethos.

    3) If there was a farm providing pretty much of everything on the town doorstep, why (logically) would there ever be a need to travel anywhere else to do farm jobs ?

    4) If (as the road map suggests) food and drink come to have restorative values, why can't we just buy food at the Hotel (which will presumably have some sort of restaurant / cafe attached?) and drink at the Saloon (since selling drinks is what Saloons are there to do...)? Why do we need the added complication of a Farm / Ranch to provide them instead ?

    Sorry, but I really don't see much point to this.
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  2. You should re-read the idea. :)

    The products bought from the towns/farms can't be used for quests. :)
  3. And this idea had been published before the roadmap took place. ;)
  4. Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Guest

    I know - I never implied any different. And that's what completely destroys any 'suspension of disbelief'.

    If it had been completely overtaken by subsequent events, would this thread still be here ?
  5. Lord Regal

    Lord Regal The West Team Sheriff

    Jun 17, 2009
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    I don't think that the food should differ by taste...often the things that are best for you taste the worst! ;)
  6. 1) I have no idea. But I'm just wondering what about the farms/ranches belong to someone in town? :rolleyes:

    2) If you DID re-read this proposal, then you wouldn't ask that question. Did this proposal say anything about BUILDING maintenance?

    3) What do you mean by "travel anywhere to do farm jobs"? Do the foods in this proposal magically appear or it needs to be cultivated? And only after it's been fully grown and "transport" to the town? If you say that you want something like "farm should be separated from town and people need to go there and cultivate them" then I can understand, but you didn't. :unsure:

    4) This question? Hmm... you can ask the devs? :laugh: This is only a proposal to expand something more fun and interesting to the game and it had been proposed BEFORE the roadmap took place. If foods and drinks just magically appear in the Hotel/Bar/Saloon, then where does it come from? :unsure:

    I repeat: This proposal had been suggested before the roadmap took place. It could be the devs read it, and found it good, and it's got high number of votes, then they add it to the roadmap, or it's just coincidentally similar to what the devs had thought (who knows?). The reason why this thread is still here is, in my opinion, because they want to hear more opinions, to see if anyone comes up with something that makes it better or so on. Until it's been implemented to the game, I think it's reasonable enough to keep it open. ;)
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  7. Diggo11

    Diggo11 InnoGames

    Nov 26, 2008
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    The roadmap is a plan for all of 2010 and early 2011. If they had actually developed the exact system for energy regeneration they would have just released it now. In most circumstances, there is absolutely no problem with people suggesting how they would like things to be done ;)
  8. Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Guest

    What about them? The farms / ranches themselves wouldn't be in town would they? Any more than a silver mine in the nearby hills owned by someone in town would actually be in town? If the same townsperson ran the local newpaper office, however, that would obviously be in town. Do you see what I'm getting at here ?

    No, but it said that it needed goods supplying to it in order produce further goods - which means that someone would have to supply (ie maintain) it constantly. If it doesn't get supplied, it doesn't produce. And if it doesn't produce, it serves no purpose. And if it serves no purpose...

    On the other hand, once the tailor's shop has been built, it produces an inexhaustable supply of clothing without need of further maintenance (ie supply). So it always serves a useful purpose.

    When was the last time you read the proposal fully ? ;)

    I mean that if Barkeeper Henry Walker needs some steaks, and there is a farm / ranch which supplies them attached to the town, then why do I need to ride to a different ranch half an hour out of town in order to get steaks for Barkeeper Henry Walker? It makes no logical sense and completely destroys the illusion that the game has anything to do with the 'real' wild west...

    Imagining that Hotel Restaurants serve food and that Saloons serve drinks doesn't stretch credibility at all - quite the reverse, in fact. Presumably, the NPCs responsible for purchasing at the Hotel and Saloon source local farms and businesses. As bold adventurers, why should we care so long as there is food on our plates and whiskey in our glasses ? :)

    Having hotels which don't serve food, and saloons which don't serve drinks (so that we have to get both from a farm / ranch which is somehow part of the town instead)... Now that does stretch credibility!

    So whether the proposal was floated before or after the roadmap is neither germane nor relevant to the discussion. So why did you bring the point up in the first place - and, more to the point, why are we stll talking about it?

    [NB the question above is rhetorical - I really don't need an answer]

    Which is exactly the point which the rhetorical question in my last post was making.
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  9. Yup, it wouldn't be in town, but near it actually, if you considered the mock-up image. And like I said, I would think that separate it from town and you need to travel there sounds reasonable. But you somehow didn't read it, presumably.

    I could say that I read it just before I answered you last time. The proposal said that it needs maintenance but it didn't say that it needs constant maintenance or supply. So you could adjust it the way you think it's good. Remember, please try to come up with an alternate way rather than keep disagreeing with it. Constructing criticisms are better than plain criticisms, aren't it?

    And let think about the other side. For 1 product you can produce 3 foods. So it's somehow worth it. But (again), you can adjust the way you prefer.

    Meanwhile, if it doesn't get supplied, it doesn't produce. If it doesn't produce, then people don't get what they want. So they have 2 choices, supply it or leave it; and it's really up to them.

    And, this proposal is merely a proposal. I just think of it as an update/expansion to the game (if it takes place). So how would it take place, up to you, others and the devs to provide the answer. The concept of the idea sounds good to me; however, happens or not really doesn't affect me much and others too, I could say humbly.

    So I got you now. You mean there is a farm/ranch produces foods and you need to travel to another place to get steaks for Barkeeper Henry to do quests, right? Then you're right. The reason why he suggested it shouldn't be use for quests because it makes it way too easy to do quests, and I think it's understandable. But, still, I just think of it as a new update/expansion to the game. No need to be too harsh about it. You could suggest it the way you want and convince the OP to change his mind, or you could start a new thread. :cool:
    Yup, nothing wrong with that. I just said it because I thought it somehow contradicted with your 3) but I just realize I was wrong. And, actually, people (like you and me for instance) just don't care, not to mention should or shouldn't lol :laugh:
    See, now you said it was rhetorical and you really don't need an answer. So why did you post it then, if you didn't want/prepare to be countered? Please, be real and face it. And, also, this is where I had a little bit disagreement with you. But it was because of this:
    This suggestion took place before the roadmap. So it was barely the OP's idea and thought. You can't say that we (or he) want(s) to add complication to the game. The OP was trying to come up with something more interesting to the game. That's all. Hope you get me now. ;)
  10. Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Guest

    On the town vs country issue, what I'm saying is this. There are lot of potential bolt-ons which could add a lot of interest if attached to a town - newspaper office, butcher, baker, name it. There are endless possibilities which would be appropriate bolt-ons to a town milieu and which are worth exploring - but farms and ranches just aren't. (Appropriate, that is).

    Q Where would you expect to find a newspaper office?
    A In a town.

    Q Where would you expect to find a ranch or farm ?
    A In the countryside - ie NOT in a town.

    Q Should ranches and farms be further developed ?
    A Absolutely - but NOT as bolt-ons to towns.

    On the supply/maintenance issue, a lot of games have some boringly repetitive trading element where buildings/factories etc need to get supplies in order to function. This is a pitfall which The-West has avoided so far. I just don't feel that anything would be gained by introducing the concept at this stage.

    On the logic thing, it's not only quests. If I wake up in the hotel planning to make some money as a cowboy, and there is a ranch attached to the town, logic dictates that I should be able to put in couple of hours work there immediately rather than have to travel somewhere else farther away to do the same job. If I can do do the work in town, then there is no point in leaving town to work elsewhere. Take this trend to its logical conclusion where other occupations are concerned, however, and it would never be necessary to leave town at all! At that point, the game would no longer bear any relation to the open ranges of the Wild West whatever.

    Re rhetorical questions: Sorry, but in English this is quite a common way of getting a point accross. (One which I appear to use rather more than I'd realised :) ).

    Finally, whether the roadmap appeared before this thread or afterwards, the fact remains that if we are going to have town facilties which sell food and drink in the future, it makes far more sense to utilise appropriate buildings which we already have (the hotel and saloon) than it does to bolt on an extra building expressly for this purpose.

    The above are just my own opinions on this town farm / ranch question. Hopefully I've now explained them sufficiently for eveyone to understand where the opinions are coming from.
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  11. Sure thing. You did explain it thoroughly and understandably for me.
    Sorry, it was my bad. I didn't get you about that. Somehow I read it too fast, I must say. ;)
  12. I like the idea and it was presented very well.
  13. GIP

    GIP Member

    Mar 16, 2009
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    I agree this would be a great idea :rolleyes:
  14. msingh

    msingh Guest

    yes, it should be added.
    i like the idea.
  15. Bart Roberts

    Bart Roberts Guest

    In contradiction of the three previous analyses, it still seems a lot of unnecessary, added complication to achieve this:
    when, in the same way that clothes are purchased from the tailor and guns from the gunsmith, food could much more easliy be purchased from the hotel and drink from the saloon.
  16. Sycho Man

    Sycho Man Guest

    it would kind of destroy the hotel business though
  17. Sorry I aint a fan of the idea.
  18. Diggo11

    Diggo11 InnoGames

    Nov 26, 2008
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    This idea has received a majority vote. Once we have a few ideas banked up we'll send them all to the devs :)
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