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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Eclipse, Sep 7, 2009.

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Would you like to see this idea implemented into the game?

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  1. Dubb777

    Dubb777 Guest

    Yea energy would be a good thing paying some in game dollars to get the 3-5 short you could get that last job in before you go back to yer hotel.
    I would make the cost higher in game so that players that did not pay for premium concerning energy boost could not benefit more than those who buy the premium for the energy.
    Say those who have energy boost activated get X% more energy from the items consumed for that purpose.
  2. pumamachine

    pumamachine Guest

    i really like the idea. i want to add that there should be a limit to the amount of food you can digest in a day. this is already limited by $, but maybe only be able to eat 3 items in a 24 hour period. also i would love to see the amount of food grow affect the town points. so if you grow a lot of food it helps your town in the rankings. this would definitely encourage competitive towns to do this.
  3. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Your time suggestion would be a good safeguard to prevent abuse of the system by duelers. I'll add it in.

    I'm not sure about making certain types of food work for certain things or making farming like construction as you suggested in another post. If it just automatically took a certain amount of time on it's own to cultivate, it'd be a lot simpler...
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I think kman's suggestion of having the eating food process take a certain amount of time kind of covers your suggestion to limit how much you can eat in a day. I think that's already a strong enough limit.

    I don't really think that the food grown should really affect town points...
  5. kman288

    kman288 Guest


    i think different foods should have different amounts of increase to make there a point of depositing different kinds. and it would be simpler to have the crops just grow, but i think it would be cool to have it as a job. i'd like to see what others think about that.

    so, would you like to see crops grow on their own, or should they only grow if you do a new job in the town which would be called cultivating crops?
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    And what kind of skills would be needed? Who would want to do that?
    Workers have all their points in construction and construction wouldn't be a skill used in cultivating crops...

    and what do you mean by "different amounts of increase"
    like depositing 1 corn would yield 5 corn food products, while 1 t-bone steak would only yield 1 steak food product?


    and I was thinking, should there be some luck factor for each food to determine the chances of foods successfully growing or not? Every so often, a crop can fail to grow or spoil. This would be determined by a luck percentage for each food...
  7. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    for the job, vigor, toughness, stamina, fine motor skills and tactics could be used. and im pretty sure vigor duelers would want to do it, as it could provide decent exp and a little money. and if the products you get are actually food products, then you've gotten a free one. this wouldn't mean that you took one of the 5 new food products, but that there was an extra and you took it. this could be another job that town members will need to do that is similar to construction.
    maybe we could make the number of food products cultivated have to do with the labor points you have. the minimum would be 5, but someone with a lot of labor points could get more, like 20.
    by different amounts of increase, i was referring to the energy they provide. as in corn replenishes x energy, tomatoes replenish y energy, etc.
  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Tactics? Wouldn't Leadership make more sense? I don't really want to create a new job with this idea to be honest...

    I'm not sure what this part means...I'm interpretting it to mean "stealing" lol

    This would take away from the concept of "farming for resources" like we do for forts, which is what this idea is geared to...make more products useful and let them serve some purpose in the game.

    Doesn't it already do that?
  9. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    sure, i couldn't decide which one to use.

    almost, but it doesn't affect the number produced for the town

    hmm, but without having LP related to the number you get in return, then we'll have people asking for it left and right. hmm.....
    not having it would also make doing the job less useful and a bit boring.

    yeah, sort of, but you never really specifically said that each different food product would give you different amounts of energy/health.
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I really don't want to add a new job...

    It's color coded :)
  11. RAWDOG

    RAWDOG Guest

    I like this idiea. but what about water? From laying railroad tracks. you could put the food you want to sell inthe general store. And the food you want to keep you can keep in the ranch.
  12. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Alright. I'll add in water as a required resource before any cultivation can even begin.

    I like the idea of allowing town leaders to offer food in the general store or maybe in a new farm store, and leaders can choose what food to reserve. thanks for the addition rawdog.
  13. sakymus

    sakymus Guest

    I like idea, but I m wondering about concept...

    Is this farm thing going to be part of town, or would it be something like forts?
  14. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    part of the town

    it'll be like a new building.
  15. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    alright, scrap the job idea, but it will still cost money to turn products into food products.
  16. cassius335

    cassius335 Guest

    Stamina, Stamina, Horse riding, Animal Friendship, Leadership?

    just my 1.3p

    (Why does Leadership make more sense than Tactics, btw?)
  17. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    it depends on how you look at it. tactics are used in planting the seeds, figuring out where to plant (with nutrient rich/poor soil taken into account), and harvesting the plants quickly, where as leadership is used if you are a supervisor of the picking.

    also, i don't like those skills you suggested, since the idea is that most farming requires much strength. using vigor along with 2 stamina means that vigor duelers get a new job to do, a specific role in the town besides dueler, and increasing the demand of vigor duelers.
    horseback riding and animal instincts would be useful, and i think that both of those fit better than the ones i gave, whatever they were (fine motor skills and tactics?). so i'd say that vigor, stamina, stamina, horseback riding, animal instincts would make the most sense.
  18. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    This idea has been submitted for development and discussion.
  19. Greo0

    Greo0 Guest

    Wait, wait, wait!

    You can farm Salmon and Trout in a ranch now can you? I believe cultivating fish is a modern development. You want fish, go to a river. And alcohol should NOT heal either, it should hurt, especially since those brews you showed a spirits meaning they burn...
  20. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    thats true, they weren't cultivating fish back then. but it can be cooked, can't it? basically, this isn't just an idea to grow food, its to prepare it to be eaten.

    and tequila/whiskey is just fine.
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