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I just added two ugly looking mock-ups to the first post. I'm sorry, but I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff. I'll try to make one for what the farm looks like when you click on it, but that will be hard because there's no image to work off of.

I'll try to fix them tomorrow!


Bit like T-W10 where the village supports its farm to support it's population.
Also limits how big the Fort/Town can be and still feed every one.


I fixed last night's disaster mock-ups and added a couple more to the first post.


Yeah. Nice little farm. I like that idea.;) Can it maybe own whitout town?:huh: I mean can I only build the farm, not town?

Eclipse's probably much easier if it's just part of the town and the idea is structured so that it's part of the town.


Looking Good HnS... could farms be built up in much the same way as forts??? with several pin-pointed around the map???


Hmmmm, now there's an interesting thought...I don't know if I want to just because those mock-ups took forever lol

I'll think about changing it if other players feel that would be a good idea also.


you'd just be constructing 6000 points.
Well you would have
main farm building ,

farm land which upgrades a few levels like a shop which would allow growing of different levels of food....

pasture and lake for raising animals/fish and upgrades like the farm land

barn to store all the food

how that for a little bit of extra development??


Fine. Make me do more work :p I'll think about it over the weekend.

Aries22 said:
pasture and lake for raising animals/fish and upgrades like the farm land
I think this becomes too complicated. The way it's set-up right now, you get food from using job products, which is simple and straightforward.


Ah those are great mock-ups :) Looks very interesting and well thought out now, will show it to Gem for Dev Discussions ;)


Thanks for the hints! ;) Couldn't get the font for any of those right though.

and Aries, I don't think i'm going to change the idea to make them similar to forts. I don't know about just giving 3 towns in a county, maybe just 1, exclusive control of 1 or more farms. I think adding it as a structure to towns is much much simpler and gives everyone an opportunity to have a farm and donate and contribute to it. Plus, the devs don't like overly complex ideas. ;)


yeah sounds like a great idear.

Even though i am not there yet i was thinking of a new kind of world, not much different then those we are in now.
But this world(s) would be for the people who have completed alll character quest,(u go in this world at the level you were at after completion of quest or the current level you are at, which ever isd higer) in this new once towns are at a cretin level, perhaps there could be new challenges like protecting the bank from getting robbed, ect.
and new character quests too.
***cough cough cough***

I like the idear of farm i think we should have a jail to and perhaps a good black smith for our animals, i.e. good horse shoes makes em go faster ;)


i love this idea but could you also use the meat products (and maybe coffee) to increase your energy aswell?


Which meat products? Ham, Turkey, and T-Bone Steak are already used. and Coffee?


just meant that meat could improve energy instead of health and would like to see coffee in the game


I don't plan on changing anything and introducing coffee to the game is a new idea on its own.

Slick Pete

It's a good idea, and well thought out, but I do have one question.
Wouldn't this make resistance duelers obsolete? They specialize in avoidance, but who cares about avoiding a hit if you can just eat and be healed and then go on to the next one. Then all your SP could just be placed into doing more damage.


Resistance duelers don't specialize in avoidance, they specialize in resistance. I don't fully understand what you're saying how it would make resistance duelers obsolete...
If you ignore the resistance part and put more points into doing more damage, then you'll lose...The food can heal the HP you want, but why duel if you're dueling to lose?
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