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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Eclipse, Sep 7, 2009.

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Would you like to see this idea implemented into the game?

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  1. TexasHunter

    TexasHunter Guest

    I like that idea!:D Very nice idea but is there animals too?:)I mean in the ranch! Buuuuut if not it is still good idea!:D:Dg:laughg::)g
  2. There's nothing wrong with this. :) It's just that you keep suggesting old ideas that are on the "do not suggest list" or "already suggested list."
  3. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    No it's not an old idea. The general term of a "farm/ranch" has been suggested before, but the function of my farm is different than those suggested before, so it is not an old idea. and None of my ideas are on the do not suggest list, don't think about trying to destroy my ideas or anyone else's just because your forum presence is unwanted wherever you go and you can only hope to improve. I believe you do not even know what's on the do not suggest list.

    Do not suggest list
    This list is for ideas that can not be posted on here. This includes ones that break the rules, or ones that just aren't going to happen. It may mean that this forum is simply not the place to discuss that type of thing.
    • Prostitution, or anything of the sort
    • Lower prices for premium
    • Stop builders getting duelled
    • Other common sense items

    So as you can see, a farm is clearly not on the do not suggest list. Nor is it on the Frequently suggested list. Maybe you should actually read Gem's thread?
    Click Here Justin
    There is one about a business/ranch, which this could or not be depending on interpretation, but even that probably doesn't mean adding a new structure to towns. And there is no link to any thread. And as I said before, my idea isn't old because the function of my farm is different.

    So if you could be like klonan and leave this thread, I'd appreciate it. Your comments are pointless and have no purpose. and has nothing to do with this idea.
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  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    That's exactly how it works....

    The first things under How it Works:

    *The “foods” are products found from certain jobs.
    *Players can collect the products and donate them to the Farm Stock.
  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    If we're making the headgear, clothing, shoes, neckbands, and weapons, why does it cost money?? ;)
  6. TitusMaximus

    TitusMaximus Guest

    Hmm...may add an interesting dynamic to the game, another communal exercise where town members participate and work together, similiar to finding materials for fort building.
  7. Whiskey comes from fermented plants. Suppose 1 Whiskey=1 Fermented Plant, or the other way around. Does it make sense now?

    And I'd say the cow the steak came from has been mating with the other cows.
  8. cacalolos

    cacalolos Guest


    great idea man
  9. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    Why dont we just gather 4 whisky ---> 1 big whisky bottle which can be drunk?
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I don't want to have one food item differ from others.

    The process for the farm system that I think would work pretty smoothly.
  11. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I don't want to have one food item differ from others in the process.

    The process for the farm system I think would work pretty smoothly.
  12. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    maybe, just maybe
    We have "cook" in our town
    they can make 4 tomato + 2 glass of water --> tomato sauce
    stuff like that
  13. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    It's not that the finesse-ish additions wouldn't add a nice touch, it's just that I like my ideas to be simple to understand and simple to implement, but also be able to improve the enjoyment of this game. I could make all my ideas super complex and add eye-popping features all over the place, but then it becomes watered down with complexity and that would require unbelievable time and money from the devs and innogames, and then won't likely be implemented. I would love to see simple, small ideas added like this farm idea or my new character classes idea because it'll be cool and nice to see in-game, but won't require all that work to implement. We all know how long something complex like forts are taking....
  14. jcb20

    jcb20 Guest

    what i think would be realy cool is if they put texas holdem or somthin like that in the saloon. it would give people somthin to do while are people work. and it would be a way to make more money or lose it.
  15. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    I shoot the next person who does this considering its coming eventually and *gasp* been suggested.

    I like where this could go, but im not sure if we would really use it. I guess its better than most ideas on this forum though.
  16. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I know it wouldn't be a major thing, but it's simple and wouldn't hurt anyone to have it in game.
  17. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    very nice idea your hotness, and i'd suggest a consuming slot (lol, sounds a bit odd) right above the fort weapons slot next to the hat. a fitting position, i think, and the effects of the food product, instead of being immediate, could be over an hour or 30 min (30 min seems to sound a bit better to me). the amount of gain wouldn't be too significant, but enough to be used. they could be labeled as food products rather than products, and you wouldn't be able to use products found on the job for consumption and you couldn't use food products to complete quests.
    it could be used during a job (debatable*), and inactive while dueling (if you have one equiped and then attempt to duel, you would get a message telling you how much long the food lasts. and if you are dueling and attempt to use food, then you'd get a message saying it can't be equipped while dueling).

    also, you might want to add charlatan to that list of possible items, since it could be used a health reviver, while most of the food items would mostly replenish energy. vegetables could replenish energy only. alcoholic drinks could replenish health with a chance of losing some energy. the meats could replenish a mix of both energy and health. and the charlatan could be the uber food item, replenishing a good amount of health with a chance of increasing energy. however, it would cost a lot, and it isn't the easiest thing to find.

    *whether or not it can be used during a job is debatable since it might be desirable to sit down and eat it, as a queueable task. in the saloon there could be a spot near the bar where you can order food from the farm, and sit down and eat it, at 15% greater gain. if you decide to buy from the farm, you could use it while working, but at normal gain. the prices would be the same.

    farming could be a task similar to construction, that is greatly aided by the farmers clothing set. there could be a possibility of finding food products that you are cultivating from doing the job, making it a desirable job. the cost wouldn't be much, since players are paying with products and time to get these items; 2 hrs could cost $40, since you don't have to pay for dirt and water doesn't cost too very much. donating glasses of water could decrease the cost of farming, or we could make the glasses of water required (1 per plot). each 30 min would cultivate a plot once, and you could choose which plots to cultivate. there would also have to be a possibility of working for only an hour and a half.
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  18. Trainman96

    Trainman96 Guest


    if i could i would give its two thumbs up but you can only post 1:laugh:
  19. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I'll maybe rearrange some stuff based on what you said later, Wanted this to be a really simple addition, but guess it's gonna turn a little more complex. ;)
  20. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    yeah, i understand the idea for a simple addition, but there has to be a bit of complexity to it. i like the idea of the slot mostly because it would be easy to select if you want to consume it, but you could also have a box that pops up when you click on a food product asking if you want to consume it. but having the slot could make it possible for the food product to only be used if there is any energy/health, whichever applies, that needs replenishing.
    maybe im making this too complicated, i don't know. but if any part of my idea is to be scrapped, the part i just described, as well as the slot, would prolly get scrapped first, followed by the time part.
    but i do like the time part of it, since it prevents the idea from being an instant health replenisher for duelers. if it were instant, duelers could pack a whole bunch, and when they are low on health, just consume a ton until they have enough health. and suggesting another "cant use for x hours after dueling" timer would be dumb, as those who duel and then go to work wouldn't be able to replenish health. having the 30 min consumption period with no dueling allows anyone who has just dueled but is now going to work to regain lost health/energy, but prevents duelers from camping a town, instantly replenishing health, and then continuing. and while it does provide a much faster substitute for sleeping in the hotel, which could allow a camper to get back to dueling faster, it also doesn't protect them at all, leaving them open to retaliation.
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