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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Eclipse, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    The Farm/Ranch would be an add-on structure to towns.

    Function: Allow for the cultivation of food, which can be purchased and used to heal HP/Energy.


    Level 1
    Construction: 400 points
    Plots of Land: 5
    Food: Beans / Corn
    Prices: $20 / $30
    HP/Energy Regeneration(1): 20 HP, 1 Energy / 30 HP, 1 Energy
    Time to Grow(1): 1 Hour
    Rate of Success: 95%
    Time to Consume: 5 Minutes
    Water Required Per Plot(Lasts 24 Hours): 1 Glass Of Water

    Level 2
    Construction: 800 points
    Plots of Land: 10
    Food: Tomatoes / Oranges
    Prices: $60 / $70
    HP/Energy Regeneration(1): 60 HP, 2 Energy / 70 HP, 2 Energy
    Time to Grow(1): 2 Hour
    Rate of Success:90%
    Time to Consume: 10 Minutes
    Water Required Per Plot(Lasts 24 Hours): 2 Glass of Water

    Level 3
    Construction: 1200 points
    Plots of Land: 15
    Food: Trout / Salmon
    Prices: $100 / $150
    HP/Energy Regeneration(1): 100 HP, 4 Energy / 150 HP, 4 Energy
    Time to Catch(1): 3 Hours
    Rate of Success:85%
    Time to Consume: 15 Minutes
    Water Required Per Plot(Lasts 24 Hours): 3 Glasses of Water

    Level 4
    Construction: 1600 points
    Plots of Land: 20
    Food: Tequila / Whiskey
    Prices: $200 / $250
    HP/Energy Regeneration(1): 200 HP, 8 Energy / 250 HP 8 Energy
    Time to Brew(1): 4 Hours
    Rate of Success:80%
    Time to Consume: 20 Minutes
    Water Required Per Plot(Lasts 24 Hours): 4 Glasses of Water

    Level 5
    Construction: 2000 points
    Plots of Land: 25
    Food: Ham / Turkey / T-Bone Steak
    Prices: $300 / $400 / $500
    HP/Energy Regeneration(1): 300 HP, 10 Energy / 400 HP, 12 Energy / 500 HP, 14 Energy
    Time to Cook(1): 5 Hours
    Rate of Success: 75%
    Time to Consume: 25 Minutes
    Water Required Per Plot(Lasts 24 Hours): 5 Glasses of Water

    *Non-Town members cannot see food from the last 3 levels of the farm.
    *Town members must buy the food. Nothing is free. This acts as a safeguard against abuse.
    *Non-town members may purchase these food items for x4 the buy prices if allowed.
    *15% of the sale of the food's original buy price by outside players will go to the town's treasury.

    How it works: Cultivation
    • The “foods” are products found from certain jobs.
    • Players can collect the products and donate them to the Farm Stock.
    • For every 1 “food” donated to the stock, 3 can be cultivated. (Think of them as seeds) The conversion occurs in the stock once the product is donated. For example, 1 Corn that is donated will be converted to 3 Corn Seeds.
    • Town founders/counselors can initiate the planting/brewing/cooking of food based on what’s available in the stock.
    • You are given a certain number of plots of land based on the level of your farm. Each plot of land will require a certain amount of water before anything can even be cultivated. Each plot of land can be used for just one of the food products at one time. For example, you have a level 1 farm. You can grow either 5 Corn, or 5 Beans, or 2 Corn and 3 Beans, or 4 Corn and 1 Bean, etc.., at one time.
    • The time is the amount of time 1 item can be cultivated.
    • Every once in a while, crops rot and spoil, so for each food, there is a success rate that determines how often something goes bad.
    • The food grown cannot be used to meet quest requirements. Food will be labeled as food, instead of product.
    • After the food is done, it gets automatically placed in the new "Farm Store" for town members and/or outsiders to purchase.
    How it works: Eating
    • Eating is exactly like queuing up a job.
    • To eat a food product, you must "activate" it from your inventory. Just click on it and it'll ask you if you want to you eat it, and you choose yes or no.
    • Then a timer will show up, like that while doing a job, and you eat.
    • Eating the food will require a certain amount of time based on the food. There is no instant recovery to prevent abuse of the system by duelers.
    Mock-Ups (Not great, but good enough)






    The farm adds another structure to the town for players to enjoy and for builders to construct. It gives purpose to various job products and gives reason for players to do below average jobs. The general concept adds a touch of reality to the game as well.

    Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes
    Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes in name only.
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  2. Lamorra

    Lamorra Guest

    I think its great. For hp restorative items though, you'd have to be wary of turning it into like a pots situation akin to 3D MMORPGs. Kinda hard to KO someone who keeps spamming themselves with hp-up items.

    Plus assuming that only the more populated, faster-developing towns could get their farm/ranch going swiftly, smaller towns would be at a further disadvantage. Perhaps open up the produce sale to outsiders for an inflated price like in stores?

    Any inventive use for the produce in this game is good in my book tho.
  3. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Now this is the kind of feedback I like to see!

    I think the rate at which players can make money and the prices of these "foods" prevent anyone from really abusing the system too much. For example, a player with $5000 can only buy 10 of the best item(t-bone steaks). That player would probably use up those steaks quickly and then all of a sudden $5000 is gone. These foods aren't that cheap for the amount of HP you get, but I suppose I could increase the prices...but i'll wait for more feedback to change them.

    The problem with opening sales to outsiders is that there is a "supply" of the food. It's the town supply for town members. If outsiders go and buy them, then town members won't be able to purchase them when needed. So I'll add an inflated price for outsiders and also add an option that allows the towns leaders to allow/prevent outsiders to buy.
  4. This is not meant to be an insult at all; just an honest question:

    Hottie, are you new to the I&B section?
  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    What's wrong with suggesting this?
  6. klonan

    klonan Guest

    sounds rubbish tbh, nw buildings to multiply products then sell them, kinda cheating, not to mention pointless. if they wanted food to recover, i think they may have implremented it now, not to mention its abusable, a person wouldn't have to put anything into health points they could just walm round with a inventory full of tomatoes. anyway, has a tomatoe ever helped a bullet wound??
  7. Breth

    Breth Guest

    Nothing at all :) Its whats wrong with the person who asked you that :)

    I think its a good plan, the food is not cheap ... and a dueler would likely not be able to fund himself for long by using the food to attack people non stop.

    Also alot of money goes into constructing the buildings also.

    I will say though that I think the % going to town is too high, it should be 5% imo.
  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Isn't 15% what you get if an outside player buys from one of your shops?
  9. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    If you got a problem with me, why don't you take it up in private mails instead of talking crap to everything I post?

    It's not abusive because of the prices/HP Regen ratio. "Oh, let's buy 100 tomatoes for $6000 and use them all up within a week!" Come on now, it's a lot of money.

    And to answer your questions: has a tomato ever helped a bullet wound? No.

    So i'll ask you has anyone ever survived from taking 4 headshots in a duel?
  10. kyle54312

    kyle54312 Guest

    i like it and that littel farm in the back of the town could be used for it
  11. I suggested something similar to this, except my idea works different....

    Yours is better. I'd like to see this added on.
  12. Breth

    Breth Guest

    I think its 5% ... anyways who I reread and saw it was primarily for town members, I thought it was automatically for everyone.

    So I guess 15% is good.

    klonan this game is not accurate for one you can get ko'ed from all across the map and the next moment your in your hotel bed sleeping. Tomatoes are good for you though :)
  13. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    the 15% to the treasury is only if an outside player buys, not if town members buy. The farm essentially becomes another store.
  14. Lamorra

    Lamorra Guest

    Ooooh the other thing I forgot to mention to prevent abuse;

    Over-using the same food to regen your character too much in one day could give temporary negative status effects. i.e. move speed reduces by 25% for 6 hours, or even certain skills being reduced when dueling for a set time period. An arse to code, and makes it even more like the 3D MMORPGs, but still, another potential abuse prevention option.

    The other concern I have about healing items is, it kinda opens up the floodgate for potential item malls. i.e. 1 nugget buys you a 50hp up item, 10 nugs a temp. exp up bonus, 25 nugs a respec, fancy clothing, e.t.c. I don't think Inno will ever go that way with this, God forbid. Solid lumps of clay and sand shall be excreted.
  15. klonan

    klonan Guest


    first, how can 1 t-bone steak/ whiskey, turkey etc. be used to make 5 more??
    second, this isn't a farm rpg, nobody will donate items, they would rather sell them for money for themselves. most towns would see it as another way to get town poitns up and that the only reason they would build it.

    @breth i agree, some things are realistic, but can you see hardened duelers going out and planting a tequila, coming back a few hours later and digging up 4 more??
  16. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Look, it's a game. How much of this game is actually realistic? like half of it.

    Nobody will donate items? I forget, how are forts built?

    Sell them for money? The farm becomes another store. the prices are hardly high enough with 15% being added to the treasury to make money on selling them to outside players, who incur an inflation penalty for buying.

    Hey, I say let town's build it for points. It'll give workers more things to build and you can always go buy food if you need it.

    First of all, you're brewing it, not planting it. Second of all, the universal rule applies to all the food items. It'll be too complicated to have different settings for different foods. I try to offer simple ideas that aren't too complicated to implement.
  17. gizmo501

    gizmo501 Guest

    something that might be good to add is the product needs to be retreaved from Jobs and then added to the Farm/Ranch by a player
  18. bk200

    bk200 Guest

    if we are growing them in our town why does it cost money ??
  19. Celxius

    Celxius Banned

    May 28, 2009
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    Feeding them, paying trainers...
  20. kalium

    kalium Guest

    A nice idea. Good to make the game more interesting for the players who have no purpose anymore.
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