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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Eclipse, Sep 7, 2009.

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Would you like to see this idea implemented into the game?

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  1. Slick Pete

    Slick Pete Guest

    Sure, resistance, avoidance, whatever, the point is the SP I would have put into resistance skills I would now put into shooting/vigor/appearance/aim (I'm talking percentage-wise here, not the entire amount) because I would be able to compensate for the damage done in the duel by eating afterwards. You don't lose the duel if you deal more damage.

    Another point on this topic now that I'm thinking about it again, wouldn't this also negate the damage affect from high level jobs? As an adventurer I could do high risk jobs with big payoffs and not care about the damage I receive (as long as I don't get KOed of course, then I would care).
  2. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    That doesn't make resistance builds obsolete...Why would anyone stop being resistance because there's food?

    Food costs money; not cheap. There's a time requirement to eat each food also.

    As for the damage, again food costs money; not cheap.

    The whole point of this idea is to create a purpose for more products and add another function of towns.

    To be honest, you're arguments don't make a whole lot of sense against why this idea doesn't have merit.
  3. b00k

    b00k Guest

    It is a good idea. The only thing that bothers me is that no matter the food 10 HP cost $10. Perhaps food should be sold the same way nuggets are. If you buy 5 nuggets they cost 1,99EUR, but 10 nuggets - 2,99EUR.

    And I am just interested if there is a cooldown after eating food. Like if you eat a T-Bone Steak, you are not allowed to eat one until after 1 hour but you are allowed to eat different food.
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Honestly, I just used the simplest form of pricing because I like simple.The devs can change whatever they want.

    I think a cool down period might be a good safeguard...I'll need to hear more players opinions on that first though before I decide to add it in.
  5. b00k

    b00k Guest

    Simple is almost always better but you should think about what I said. I did some calculations. Here are the drop rates of items:

    Beans - 40%
    Corn - 25%

    Tomatoes - 33%
    Oranges - 25%

    Trout - 60%
    Salmon - 15%

    Tequila - 12%
    Whiskey - 85%

    Ham - 20%
    Turkey - 13%
    T-Bone Steak - 15%

    The problem with those drop rates is once people get to Mercenary Work, they won't work on any other jobs for food, because 85% chance is a lot. Paired up with premium you get whiskey every 30 minutes. I am not sure if the % is true since I got it from WestStats.

    If you introduce cooldown to your idea people will be forced to work on different job. They won't create whiskey all the time and become total drunks.

    About more HP with more expensive food I suggested it, because once a town can create T-Bone Steaks they won't need other products. A bean gives 20HP, a T-Bone Steak gives 500HP for same price respectively.

    Or you can re-arrange the food so Farm level 1 will use products with the highest drop rate. Farm last level will use products with the lowest drop rate.

    I hope you managed to follow my thought. It's a great idea, but I think it will be exploited if it stays in its current.
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    The 85% drop rate of whiskey is problematic, not gonna lie. It would also be problematic to organize it by highest drop rate at earlier farm levels simply because no one can do mercenary work until much later in the game. Whiskey is the odd one out in this idea. Perhaps it might be easiest if tequila/whiskey were taken out and replaced with something else, maybe a warm meal and something else.

    And I categorized food based on type of food, which is pretty obvious.

    I'll look it over later and see if anything can be changed. And to be honest, and with no disrespect to you, I'm not going to make large changes based on what a single player says. If multiple players raise similar concerns, then I will address it more seriously.
  7. b00k

    b00k Guest

    Of course, I am just pointing possible flaws. It's your idea after all.
  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I also tried to make it somewhat realistic with the meats filling you up and healing more HP than other foods. The alcoholic beverages really don't fit in to be honest, but the game doesn't have any other food :( There's the warm meal, but it doesn't categorize well with anything else.
  9. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    So I thought about this a little. The whiskey might end up being easy to get and players might just end up getting drunk all day everyday; however, it'll be a long time before players can even do mercenary work anyway. And by that time, you'll be level 70-80 or higher and no one that level would end up buying any of the lesser foods anyway. The cheaper foods are there for lower levels, while the more expensive foods are for the higher levels and lower levels if they can somehow manage to afford it, which they probably can't. The current set-up works well in my opinion.

    I am still considering the "cool down" period or a restriction on how much food you can consume in a certain amount of time
  10. gaffey

    gaffey Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2009
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    I like the idea HotnSexy. You could also build up the farm/ranch by using wood and other items like that. Each level could give you that bit more HP a bit like a hotel if you know what i mean.
  11. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Going back to b00k, I think putting a restriction on the amount of food you can consume in a certain time frame is a bit too much. It might be too complicated to code and work it into game. Food costs a lot of money. You can't expect someone to spend $1000 everyday to buy food to heal themselves all the time.

    gaffey, the farm would be another structure to the town, so I don't think requiring items like wood and nails would work. Towns would simply construct the farm as if it were any other building in the town.

    I don't want to make this idea any more complex than it has to be because if I do, devs will just reject it within an instant.
  12. b00k

    b00k Guest

    Well it's like dueling your food :laugh: Not before 02:39 today. Anyway what you are saying sounds reasonable to me.
  13. Ciaran124

    Ciaran124 Guest

    I love this idea and think this should be brough in the only problem is deulers camping in town town with a-lot of money in there bank!!!

    They could sit and just deul everyone in your town but if you could BANNED people from your shop or even only let people in your town and also town counciliers could ALLOW town in almost like a shopping invent!!!
  14. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Well, outside players can buy food, but it'll cost extra money. It's set at x1.5 the original buy price, but I'm going to change it to x2. And it would't be smart for duelers to show up to town carrying thousands of dollars. What if they lose a duel or get KO'd? They'd lose their money. They need to have the money on them to buy the food from the outside, so I don't imagine duelers doing something where they show up with a ton of money, duel some people, buy food if they have the money still, and then heal themselves and duel more. Plus there's a certain amount of time to eat each food, so players have time to get to a hotel and sleep.
  15. Ciaran124

    Ciaran124 Guest

    They wouldn't be carrying the money in hand it would be in the bank that is why i think you should be able to BANNED a person or even a enemy town.

    Do you see my point?

    But it could be fixed by a BANNED bottom. And I still love your idea.
  16. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Oh my bad. Wasn't thinking right. Nevertheless, the food is expensive, double the prices for outsiders. You just can't expect players to throw money around like that to get a couple of extra duels in. If duelers decide to do that, then they're only wasting their money.

    Also, as already stated in the first post, town founders/councilors can choose to allow the sale of their food to outsiders. There would be some button they can check or un-check.
  17. Diggo11

    Diggo11 InnoGames

    Nov 26, 2008
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    To keep it simple you should just allow outsiders to buy food at 4x purchase cost. Also as with other buildings outsiders would also be unable to view items above Level 3, so outsiders can't come and raid your stock.
  18. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Good call. Diggo to the rescue!
  19. Ciaran124

    Ciaran124 Guest

    Yea NotNSexy problem fixed thet wont spend lots of money for a bit of energy.
  20. Lord Regal

    Lord Regal The West Team Sheriff

    Jun 17, 2009
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    overall, I like this should probably have some sort of limit on how many times a week or a month you can use it to prevent abuse...otherwise well done. (If this suggestion has been done before, sorry...I didn't feel like reading all the pages. Just throwing out my suggestion.)
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