Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Sauceysauce, Jan 9, 2011.

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Was this guide helpful to you?

  1. Yes! I am doing better than ever before!

  2. Yes, I'm seeing a slight increase in production

  3. Yes, although its a good guideline at most

  4. No, I am doing worse now

  5. No, I can do better without this

  6. No, to put it kindly, this is terrible

  1. Weapons

    Hey, just a note about the "Aim" build, there are quite a few weapons with better aim than the Muzzle-Loader you quote, such as Figaro's Razor, Golden Saber/Colt, Allen's Pepperbox etc.
    Possibly you excluded them as they're not shop sales? But just thought I'd mention it for anyone who didn't know there were better weapons out there :)
    Nice guide though :D
  2. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    Actually, you are wrong: If you bothered to read it, you'd find stamina and hiding in there. Exactly from the part about the workers bonus being nerfed:

    If you read this, you would have also known that I put all the formulas in my first post, exactly how the dev said it.
  3. Grimniir

    Grimniir Member

    Dec 3, 2008
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    He is talking about this part, and this premise of your guide:
    It's wrong.

    You have to be a twin?

    If my meaning was that hard to get, I will spoonfeed it to you.

    Before we used equipment with hiding in defense and Stamina in offense. It's still the same, as stamina is still useless in defense. His table is good though, and good work. And if you care more for skills in battle now that we know they give a lesser bonus, well, I'm pretty sure most people still use the same equipment BONUSES as before. Yeah, with belt and pants added of course.
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  4. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Spoonfeed? Seems you're the one that needs it.

    Before I used only sandals+donkey because of HP bonus. In defense. Yes.
    Since now you need to have better hiding (previous bonus was higher on lower skill), now I sacrifice HP while defending and put moccasins instead of sandals.

    And I don't have a twin.
  5. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    If you use the moccasins, you might as well throw in the mustang for a little more bonus :)
  6. Greetings.

    I have some questions about your guide, and if you could delighted me, it would be cool.

    In other words, do you imply that the official guideline, provide us false info?

    Which it says that hiding is for defenders and endurance for attackers.

    Even Zet said that hiding and Endurance helps, depending on the side you are on.

    Don't forget that you are a Forum mod, so, your words have a heavier role.
    If what you say is right, why the Official help provide false info then?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.
  7. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    The official help is wrong about the bonus scale, it is X^0.4, but I'm wrong about hiding and stamina, i guess ill have to go re-do this whole thing *sigh*
  8. mawihtec

    mawihtec Guest

    wow saucey i am impressed

    even though you have obviously spent quite some time putting this togetherthe first thing ppl do is pick holes in it but that aside

    great job in pointing us in the right direction now we have the basic recipe book we can now create our own preferred fusion recipes from this (either that or all become identical twin builds lol)

    even until you have corrected you slight errors in calcs this is still going to be a great springboard for a lot of players that want to improve their fort fighting *but not* do a pure fort build (well not until they are level 100+)

    i think what we really need is a "ALL jobs build" it must be possible with the right clothing bonus's any volunteers to go for that one ? lmao
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  9. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    I think i might try making one, gimme some time to figure it out XDXD
  10. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    You still don't push hp enough. There are two reasons why fort battles are better on newer worlds (that's a fact, not an opinion), and that's activity and health.
  11. l8dygaga

    l8dygaga Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    hp suck, make fb boring! BOO, Elmyr noob!
    HP need cap!!11shiftone
    cap at 800 cuz thats how much my dueler got
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  12. RicoSauve

    RicoSauve Guest

    How good are points really?

    It seems like they hit diminishing returns pretty quickly compared to HP. I put together two builds for when I respec. The first has approximately 2 more points for both attacking and dodging (both attacking and defending forts) while the second build has 95 more points in hp.
  13. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    Take the one with 2 points in attack and dodge, much better than 1/3 of a good hit.
  14. TheBoizZ

    TheBoizZ New Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    Sorry for the trouble, I have a question...

    I started off with my 1st account and went around the forum looking for a build and I found myself amazed in fort battle, so I went for a pure-fort build.

    I was following the 1st guide which is made by Saucey and the next thing I realised, it has been replaced by this guide...

    Now with all my skills point in stamina right... ( not trying to put the fault on the previous guide,its my own choice for trying to follow a guide in this game), how do I "re-spec" my skill points? I tried looking around the forum for the quest for shaman and found nothing after a long time of search.

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble... Pls enlighten me...
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  15. RicoSauve

    RicoSauve Guest

    Sorry, it wasn't 95 more hp it was 95 more points in hp. So 1425 more hp.
  16. Sauceysauce

    Sauceysauce Guest

    Take the hp lol, thats like 6 good hits =P
  17. Goober Pyle

    Goober Pyle Active Member

    Nov 26, 2008
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    Reading through this I must say it's clear as mud what the actual formula's are...

    Per the "help" defenders get a hiding bonus on both shooting and dodging while attackers get a stamina bonus on both shooting and dodging.

    Per It would appear that the help is wrong -- that defenders get a hiding bonus on dodging but not on shooting (and implicitly attackers get a stamina bonus on shooting, but not on dodging)

    I am inclined to believe that the implication from devblog is correct (the examples clearly demonstrate that hiding is not helping the shooting score)

    As such hiding is useless on offense and only half as valuable on defense as previously thought, while stamina is useless on defese and only half as valuable on offfense as previously thought
  18. Slygoxx

    Slygoxx The West Team Marshal

    Mar 10, 2009
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    As per the devblog entry you stated was proven incorrect, defenders will still get a shooting and dodging bonus from hiding, and attackers a shooting and dodging bonus from stamina.
  19. TheBoizZ

    TheBoizZ New Member

    Jan 18, 2011
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    What level is the shaman quest unlocked?
  20. Is this bit true??

    Can someone who knows for certain 100% please confirm for me whether this bit is true or not, as some people are saying it's true and others are saying it's not.
    So when Attacking a fort do you use Stamina in the 'chance to hit' calculation but Hiding in the 'chance to dodge' calculation? Or is it Stamina used in BOTH of those calculations?

    Thanks :)