Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Sauceysauce, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. rice farmer

    rice farmer Guest

    Personally, I prefer to cycle thru leadership jobs, which is the fastest way to level up, which gets you more skill points to allocate towards fort fighting :) Dueling alone isn't a steady source of xp (or $), given that it drains motivation with a lot of duels very quickly, while cycling thru jobs allows you to do them all at 100% motivation. Dueling is also very inefficient, you have to diversify where you allocate skill points, which makes it even more of a hit and miss, since they're not nearly as high as they could be if you just put them in one skill.

    But assuming you're high-leveled and you can get a lot of xp and $ at every fort battle, then you're fine.
  2. l8dygaga

    l8dygaga Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    You can and should do that if dueling is what you want. And if you do it right, you should be getting more experience from dueling + jobs, than from just jobs alone. And the lack of stamina/hiding will not result in to (a lot) less experience from battles.
  3. VvKizvV

    VvKizvV Guest

    Ok, thanks Gaga and RF. I wouldnt do it at lower levels, but I have a couple worlds where I am done with all quests and there is little left to do but reskill.
  4. sbalellail

    sbalellail Guest

    Can I use the pure tank build (All str & hp), but with an adventurer instead of soldier?.

    I might last longer than soldiers with adventurers bonus.
  5. Goober Pyle

    Goober Pyle Active Member

    Nov 26, 2008
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    You can, and you might, but only if you have character-bonus premium and even then you would almost certainly be better off balancing your attributes between strength and mobility -- you won't be as attack-oriented (and really if you are doing a pure fort built, unless you are freelancing, you'll probably end up doing a fair amount of defending), you'll survive a lot longer if you are able to dodge a little better, and be worth more if you can actually hit something every now and then.

    That said, as with any tank build, avoid leadership completely and make sure you are always next to a high leadership soldier (remember, the soldier leadership bonus is more valuable the lower your own leadership is)
  6. l8dygaga

    l8dygaga Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    you'll be able to block sectors a little better and thats it!

    If you're going for HP, make sure to use equipment to increase your lower skills, not just your HP.
  7. sbalellail

    sbalellail Guest

    Ok, thanks for your help.
  8. Reason to carefully consider before going heavy on one skill

    While this would definitely be better for you from a 'dueling' point of view, it would be a weaker Fort Fighting build that spreading the points between all 4 of those skills, simply because of the nature of raising a number to a power that's less than 1, i.e. X^0.4

    As an example lets say you have 100 Leadership, and you put 200 into both Aim and Dodging, but nothing at all into Stamina/Hiding then your 'Hit chance' and 'Dodge chance' in a Fort battle would be:
    Hit: 25 + 100^0.4 + 200^0.4 + 0^0.4 = 39.635
    Dodge: 10+ 100^0.4 + 200^0.4 + 0^0.4 = 24.635
    But if you instead spread the points so that you had 100 in Aim/Dodging/Hiding/Stamina then your stats would be:
    Hit: 25 + 100^0.4 + 100^0.4 + 100^0.4 = 43.928
    Dodge: 10+ 100^0.4 + 100^0.4 + 100^0.4 = 28.928

    So you can clearly see that spreading the skills gives you more than 10% higher hit chance, and more than 17% higher dodge chance - not too shabby!

    I'm not saying you shouldn't put all the skills in Aim/Dodge, I'm just saying be aware of the amount that it changes your fort build before you do it so that you know what you're giving up for the sake of your admittedly better dueling build.
    Have fun :D
  9. VvKizvV

    VvKizvV Guest

    I hadn't considered the 0^0.4 aspect. I still don't think I'll split the points evenly between dodge/hiding and aim/stamina, but your point about leaving hiding/stamina at 0 is valid; even investing 20-40 points in each would be beneficial from a Fort fighting standpoint. I'm going to play with it a little and see what if anything I can sacrifice without ruining the dueling build end. Thanks for the input FF

    edit: brainfart, I pretty much forgot about APs, 75% in Strength, 25% in Mobility, so there would be no 0 values. Think I'm gonna stick with my original build and see how it goes
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  10. SayGBieMyLuv

    SayGBieMyLuv Guest

    i'm sure you spend a lot of time to have this Guide
    Good job mate!
    Keep Going!
  11. rbemikerl

    rbemikerl Guest

    Are there any good money jobs open using the recommended build from the guide? I'm having a hard time making cash at level 20, and this is the build I want to use. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. -Angelus-

    -Angelus- Member

    May 10, 2009
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    Any teacher here???
    it seams that our friend here have a little problem with math
    and its not only on this one, there is on almost every build
    If you want to be a Big Boy don't make a Kid mistake :donkey:
  13. tanmay190

    tanmay190 Guest

    Thats OK its a very big thing that he told us the skills & builds
    Which helps
  14. Texas Hoss

    Texas Hoss Guest

    Please clarify the fort fighting values for gear.

    It list Sunday Clothing - 13

    Per TW-ProAttacker = Aim + Dodge + Leadership x 2 + Stamina x2
    Defender = Aim + Dodge + Leadership x 2 + Hiding x2

    Sunday Clothing gives +1 Charisma +6 Stamina +6 Reflex + 5 FMS +6 Leadership

    Shouldn't Sunday Clothing be:
    Attacker: Aim(0) + Dodge(0) + Leadership (7 x 2) + Stamina (6 x 2) = 26
    Defender: Aim(0) + Dodge(0) + Leadership (7 x 2) + Hiding (0 x 2) = 14
  15. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Why are you using 3rd party sites for calculations? Stop being lazy and use your brain. Besides, there is no 3rd party site that can combine items like you can.
    Use the calculator yourself, the formula was written by me on this forum ages ago here (soldier's leadership isn't included because you never know who'll stand beside you in the fight):
  16. Slygoxx

    Slygoxx The West Team Marshal

    Mar 10, 2009
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    The formulae you posted are wrong though. And I happen to know a third party site where you can insert skills and clothing, and a bonus will come out.
  17. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

  18. Slygoxx

    Slygoxx The West Team Marshal

    Mar 10, 2009
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    Let's put yer formula to the test then.

    Lead 135
    Aim 49
    Dodge 16
    Hiding 96
    HP 22

    We'll use the non-bonus pic, as seen here.

    And these formulae will be used:
    Chance to hit=25+aim^X+leadership^X+stamina^X
    Chance to dodge=10+dodging^X+leadership^X+hiding^X
    Where x=0.4

    Hit would then become: 25 + 49^0.4 + 135^0.4 + ??^0.4 (you did not add your stamina skills to the post, but my point will be proven anyway.) = 36.86 + ??
    Dodge would become: 10 + 16^0.4 + 135^0.4 + 96^0.4 = 26.35, which is the same as on the image.

    When we use the value 96 (hiding) in the first formula to hit, so basically we use hiding instead of stamina, we'll get 36.86 + 96^0.4 = 43.067...

    Guess what? It matches. I highly doubt you had exactly the same stamina as hiding though.
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  19. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Although I said I won't post again - you're right. I don't know why I didn't edit it, I thought I was. But since 4 months passed and since posts are never edited here, but deleted completely... I won't edit it now like I would in the past, caring for others.

    The values of stamina are used in chances if you attack, and hiding only if you defend.
    But then again, only a page after that post in that thread I said just that:
  20. HS1700

    HS1700 Guest

    Pure stupidity

    I don't get what "^0.4" means, could someone explain for me? :unsure: