2.x typos, bad translations and text errors


Henry's Home
You wake up by a loud CLICK sound. A gun is pointed at your face.

Reverend Roy: I told you: you can't escape justice. Now get up steady and ---

Loud voices are coming from the pepper field. Bandits! They must be after the map.

Bandits on the field: What do you mean the map piece is not here? It HAS to be here. Get into the house and search.

Reverend Roy: Burglars! The prairie is full of bandits these days. You stay here. I will take care of them. STOP! By the law, I forbid you -

Everything happens pretty fast. The reverend is darting out of the building thinking he can take out every bandit in the world by himself. The result: The bandits knock him down and get away with him and the map. Great. Now they have their human vessel...

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    Zuma's map 1/1

missing apostrophe


Do the devs even check this thread, I wonder? In all honesty, I have some kind of OCD about typos. Not that I'm always correct writing stuff, but when I see an error like the one I reported earlier, it just drives me bonkers.

Pankreas PorFavor

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We fix everything mentioned here :)

does that mean that deputy chef's belt is really called "Community event set", or that it takes such a long time to fix something so simple?

just noticed one more - Shell "neckless" instead of necklace? as in, without a neck? :confused:
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I asked in beta forum - no reaction. But I see that you took care of the chef's belt and shell necklace, so I guess I should try again here :)
We now have new set items added, and two of them are both called "Mountain Farmer's shirt". One is a shirt. The other looks like a pickaxe that's supposed to be a fort weapon. I think that the image is correct, but the name is wrong. Or maybe we'll really have one shirt on, and another in our left hand :D ;)


Quest : Get Stronger (Save the saloon, Part 1)

Barkeeper Henry Walker

Du musst noch stärker werden bevor du es mit Gary aufnehmen kannst. Vergiss nie deine Fertigkeitenpunkte zu verteilen.

(The whole quest info is in German)


A small, idiomatic thing, but it's beginning to irk me: The job is currently "Breaking in horses" but it should be "Breaking horses."
You break in shoes, but you break a horse to saddle or harness.