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roland jacobs

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I mean.. I don't even know what part of this to fix..

I have +2 Murrieta clothing set, Mosey clothing set, Shiny Golden weapons and also Lucille Revolver..
Oh, the Lady-in-waiting weapon (bag) too of course..
You said the script needed improvement and then you don't know what part of this to fix it. Did I not answer what part to fix? :D

It does emphasize HP. I didn't say it maximizes HP.

Snr Sarg

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This is absolutely not a safe thing to do fyi :p. We should have Petee fix this on the website, it's just one string he has to add to the cookie.
Started happening again yesterday.

Only difference to the prevous time is that I now only log in on one device, same machine, same browser, just keeps reporting I am not logged in. Have tried manually logging out of tw-db and back in again, does not resolve.

Pankreas PorFavor

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the problem is not related only to TW-DB script, but maybe someone will have an idea what's happening...
in short - script settings get reset after I log off.
for example - find a silver bonus job, script is used to highlight the location in the minimap. if I log off and log in again - checkboxes in the minimap to show gold and silver jobs are unchecked, if I check them again - previously found jobs are not highlighted, information was not stored.
or, in the settings of the TW-DB script I choose not to use nuggets as default payment for events. log off, log in - the checkbox is gone, nuggets are again the default currency.
pinning items in the inventory - for example, I like to have a few items pinned to the first page of the inventory so I can use them without searching (e.g. energy bag, some buffs, or heart/egg/whatever bags during events). it all got reset. now when I log in, pin an item, it's on the first page. it stays there as long as I am logged in. when I log off, after I return there are no items pinned to the page with latest items used.
I am using Chrome and Tampermonkey. were there any changes related to these that are causing it?