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Discussion in 'External Sites Discussion' started by abedy, Sep 3, 2010.

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  1. abedy

    abedy Guest

    Hi guys,

    I am admin of and I want you to all invite to my site. You will find various sections with useful tools and information. Please note, that not everything is finished yet.

    Please leave your feedback here or contact me via Contact form or skype.

    Thank you and Enjoy :)

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  2. FilthyPete

    FilthyPete Guest

    It's a great site - thanks for making it available in English! :)

    -- Pete.
  3. John Sibley

    John Sibley Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2010
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    Yeah It's great.
    You run it?
  4. Jouais

    Jouais Guest

    I'm having a problem with the speed of the site.
  5. HeftySmurf2

    HeftySmurf2 Guest

    The Giant Gif Skeleton, Chat and Video Player will make it slow for a few people
  6. abedy

    abedy Guest

    Purchased new hosting but having problem with some mysql settings, so not sure if I stay there, if I don't sort it out soon, then have to look somewhere else.

    To site performance, skeleton is gone (as some people didn't like it). Thinking to remove chat and player as well. That can take some load off hopefully.
  7. armageddon X

    armageddon X Guest

    nice, i think that turtle is a joke right?
    i know, but i must be sure... :)
    some nice information. where did you got that info?
  8. abedy

    abedy Guest

    Some items are available only on Beta.
  9. tom paris

    tom paris Guest

    good site here ;)
  10. vitamin2002

    vitamin2002 Guest

    there is one wrong thing in medal , can you correct that ?

    for From dishwasher to millionaire , its say Have 1 million on your account or buy/sell items in same amount.
    but its wrong as if you have 1,000,000 items in your inventory , you can not gain ( as i dont get medal , when i had above 1,000,000 $ items in my inventory )

    but when i reach 1,000,000 $ money in bank , i can take that medal :)
  11. HeftySmurf

    HeftySmurf Guest

    Hopefully? it will heavily improve site performance.
  12. abedy

    abedy Guest

    since we moved to new host I haven't notice any downtime and also some features have been changed. :)
  13. abedy

    abedy Guest

    :mad: wot happen to its no longer found /????????

    this is a third party site which is not supported by inno games.
    There is nothing that we can do for you.

    You could try posting it in external site discussions

    Exactly, moving this one.

    Nothings wrong with me. Maybe they had some maintnance and updates there. I can see some changes in the site..

    We had DDOS attack yesterday. Somebody was trying to take out site down. It should be back in 3-4 hours according to my hosting provider. No data were deleted.

    Can't believe that somebody doing these kind of things to The West fans :/.

    Did someone update the site? It looks nicer now :). Nice to know nothing happened. Lol it´s not down for me.

    Well I did update few days ago. Some people can already access, depends on location, as DNS record is being updated. For some of you can still be inaccessible.

    Well, it's back up for me. :) Nice to see you have it working again.

    and may I ask when are you going to finsh the Forts and Duels part?

    Sure it wasnt your hosting provider being attacked? i very much doubt somebody would DDOS your website, unless you have enemies who have way to much free time.

    Hefty - banned multies have free time and it wouldn't be the first gamerelated site angry cheaters attacked. :)

    Really? What happened to attacking the Pentagon for lulz, now its 3rd party west websites?

    You're trying to squeeze the name of another browser game out of me. And mentioning game names is against the rules. So, sorry.
    Yes, there is another game where banned cheaters organized denial of service attack!

    It has been found.

    - Closed -
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  14. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    looks like the site is down again tonight.... been down for awhile too.
  15. abedy

    abedy Guest

    I really don't know what is going on. Yesterday site went down for no reason. I was solving this issue with support team. Today is working but it seems that certain country (ies) cannot access it. I had 3 reports so far , all from Slovakia. If you cannot access it , please post it here so I can contact support and investigate what is going on. Its very frustrating for me and other people too that they cannot visit my site. :(
  16. emperor wes

    emperor wes Guest

    I cannot access the site - get "The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond."

    I am living in Qatar.
  17. Bonnie Lassie

    Bonnie Lassie Active Member

    Oct 29, 2010
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    I cannot get to the site either. I am in the UK.
  18. Bad Billy Jack

    Bad Billy Jack Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2010
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    I am in San Diego, California. No go for me also. Loading loading loading fail.
  19. vitamin2002

    vitamin2002 Guest

    me too can not open from yesterday
    from iran

  20. Petter1789

    Petter1789 Guest

    I can't visit it either.
    I'm from Norway.