Rise of the Dead


Rise of the Dead

The crying woke Emma up, it was the 2nd time this night her son had roused her. Sighing she got up and walked over to his room. She couldn't help but admire her husband for the work he done. The walls were coloured a light blue, butterflies and angels decorated one side of the wall while patterns and farm animals decorated another. Silver Stars hung down from the ceiling giving the room a silvery glow. "Hey honey" she said with a laugh. "I'm thirsty" he replied his small hands rubbing his eyes. Emma stroked his hair, he was the best thing that ever happened to her. He had his father's lips and deep blue eyes. Smiling at him she turned on her heels and headed downstairs to the kitchen. She poured a glass of water and headed back up stairs. After Jack drank his thirst down Emma went to the living room. She turned on the TV and sat on the couch with a glass of cold milk. Her husband still hadn't come back from work, he called her earlier and mentioned something about something happening downtown. Usually he was home by this time and they would snuggle on the couch and watch a rental. Ah well that's what you get for being married to a police officer. The phone call made her jump with fright. Who would call at 4 in the morning? She picked up the phone. "Emma Emma" it was her husband Brian. " listen lock up the house, everything please don't ask me why just do it lock the windows turn off the lights, everything " There were gunshots in the background and people screaming."FALL BACK!" she heard her husband scream. "Listen honey please just do what I'm saying. Get my gun from....." the line was cut off. " hello Brian, Brian". Full of worry she ran and locked the front door. She was about to head up when she heard a long loud scream. Full of terror she checked the window and saw 5 people running away from something. It was too dark to see what. Fear was pumping through her now. Her heart was beating unnaturally fast. She heard a window smash somewhere within the house. Her hand shaking wildly she bolted for the kitchen intending to lock the back door. Instead she found it was nearly smashed down. 5 people were pushing their way in. Emma stood still; fear and panic were rushing their way in her system as she looked into the eyes of the intruders. Their eyes were black and a dark liquid ran down their mouth. Their heads lolled back and forth in an unnatural manner. One of them saw her and made unnatural growling sounds. They broke through the door and were in the house now, slowly they walked towards her their brown stained teeth bared. She turned and rushed to her son's room. Ignoring the fact that her son was crying she pulled him out of bed. She made no attempt to calm him, just as she ran out the door the figures reached the top of the stairs and already had seen her. Locking the door she turned and stayed in the room huddled in the corner. She kept telling her son to shush. Tears were running down her eyes now. Pulling her necklace out she placed it around his neck. "I love you. Stay here and don't move okay" she said through tears and the lump that just formed in her throat. She gave him a long kiss on the forehead and Willing her body to obey her she opened the door and sprinted out of it leaving her son back in his room. Her plan was to divert their attention to her. She dashed past them ,their hands stroked her flesh. They were as cold as ice. Still she managed to get through them she ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her biggest mistake, she ran straight into the arms of another one. They surrounded her now, she tried resisting but it was no use. One of them moved towards her neck and bit her. Pain flared through her. She was glad though that they took her and not her son, the last thing she heard were her screams ringing through the night.

Alright so basically you guys are gonna be in a group, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. That's all i can say without giving out spoilers.

CHARACTER SHEET~ Pm me your character sheet please

Name~{Your name,}

Age~{How old you are, you can be anything from 10 or older.}

Appearance~ {what you look like}

Skills~ {1= Good-2=Experienced-3=Flawless//-1=not great//-2=very bad//-3= Absolutely atrocious} {Also for ever flawless skill you own you have to be Atrocious at another.}
Start off with 6 free skill point. If you run out and want more points you can use -1 on one skill and that will gain you a +1 if you know what i mean. :

Hunting/tracking~ {Self explanatory}
Cooking~ {Self explanatory}
Melee~ {Use of melee weapons, Knives, axes, swords..etc.}
Range {use of firearms and rifles}
Unarmed {use of bare hands}
Speed~ {how fast you can run}
Strength {Self explanatory}
Endurance {Self explanatory}
Intelligence {how smart you are}
Mechanics~(self explanatory)
Engineering~(self explanatory)
Sneaking~(Self explanatory)
Building~(self explanatory)

I know that the character sheet is a bit stupid, any suggestions or skills you might want to add, feel free to Pm me it.

Weapons~{range or melee.}

Bio~ {who you are, what you do, also if you want you can talk to another Rper and yous can be brothers, husband and wife, father and son or just best mates, your call}


I'd like to give a big thank you to Apelatia, Lord Regal, Tigermite and Zemmy for their advice and help. Also this is my first Rp so it won't be great, but please bear with me if i screw up.

Ps- your starting location is a police station.

Another Ps~ No automatic rifles or any automatic weapons.

Also another Ps~ Any suggestions and advice about OPing would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and another Ps~ Please try not to get bit, but if your toon dies then you can make another one and join in the story.

My bad another Ps~ Everything you need to know about the zombies is here http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Zombies.

Pm me your character sheet and let's get going :D.
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Name: Kent Wilkinson

Age: 35

Appearance: 5’9, heavyset weathered face. Short blond hair, green eyes, three lions tattoo on his left breast. Wears a red T—shirt, dark brown bomber jacket, black tracksuit bottoms and army boots.

Bio: Born in North Yorkshire, Kent was never really that significant, just another statistic, a name on the census sheet. He got mixed results from his exams, he couldn’t afford further education so he started working as a builder at eighteen. There he went on as he did before. Just another person, nothing special. He went on living like this for seventeen years. He was on holiday in America about the time the infection began. He was in the cells overnight for fighting at a local bar when the infection raged through,. In the chaos he just got left behind. Nobody bothered to let him out.


Name: Boris Stien

Age: 32

Appearance: Tall, brown cropped hair and well muscled. Carries a Knife Scar on his left shoulder. Light Green T-Shirt and Combat Trousers.

Bio: Having spent a long time in the military Boris has done four tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has kept up his skills up upon returning to America, he was home on leave when the outbreak first occurred and went down to the Police Station to try and figure out what was going on. He is of Russian descent however, but since his mother was American this does not show apart from in his name.


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Name: Glanton
Age: 23
Appearance: 5’11’’, fairly scrawny, short brown hair, light skin and a childish face. Combat jacket, camouflage pants, black combat boots, orange cap and a bandoleer shotgun holster strung across his chest with a Mossberg Pump action shotgun on his back.
Bio: Glanton is grew up and lives in Canada where he attends university for accounting. Contrary to the common definition of an accountant, Glanton enjoys a simple life, spending most of his time with his father roaming the bush and going on survival trips where he learned most of his handiwork with a hatchet, trapping and shooting experience. Glanton was visiting the area for a hunting trip when the outbreak occurred. His father had died on the way to the police station, where he and Glanton had planned to find refuge.

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Name : Charlie Roberts

Age: 14

Appearance: 5'4" Scrawny with messy brown hair.

Bio: Charlie was just a kid. A little introverted, sure, but that seems to be more acceptable than it once used to. His grades in school were nothing special, above average but he couldn't find it within himself to work harder on them.

He's lived a normal life, filled with school, games, and a couple of friends with parents pretty much doing everything from cooking to laundry. He'd seen zombie movies sure, but was in no way ready for this...

It was just an ordinary evening, at home on the internet, when his mother shrieked, and he could hear shots from his dad's handgun. Rushing downstairs he saw someone literally eating his mother, he knew what this had to be.

So he fled, to the one place there were sure to be a few weapons around, as there always were in the television shows. And made it to the police station a couple of hours later.


Name: Lauren Cain
Age: 23
Description: Lauren is of average height and weight, she’s wearing an old pair of jeans, and a white tank top with a zip-up jacket sporting a corona logo on the back. She is in fairly good shape due to her passion for running.
Bio: Lauren spends most days at the hospital treating patients in the ER. She enjoys the environment and the challenge the job presents and as a result she picks up a lot of over time. The nice part about the job is the three day work weeks and paid time off allowing her to go on hunting trips on the regular though she can’t cook or fix her truck to save her life.
Lauren was pulling a night shift at the ER when strange bite victims started to come in. She briskly began to treat her patients as the beds around her began to fill. It wasn’t long before the hospital was a morgue. Then it was hell. Lauren sprinted to the locker room and grabbed her back pack. She changed and ran out to her car pushing past doctors and police officers. She threw the pack into the passenger door as she climbed up into the old ford truck. The tires squealed as she pushed the vehicle to its limits heading towards the police station.


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Name~ John Ellesle

Age~ 72

Appearance~ John is a short, stocky man with white, curly hair and a short beard. He has green eyes, giving him a rather eerie appearance at first glance. He wears athletic clothing, reminiscent of his love for jogging.

Bio~ John grew up in a small village as one of three children in a lower middle class family. Once his father passed away, he took over from his him as the owner of their family grocery store, which he has spent the rest of his life working at, producing a steady stream of income to support his wife with, in their retirement. He has one daughter, who is now an optician. His wife helped him run the shop. John was on a short trip to the city when the infection started. Common sense immediately took hold of him and he ran to the nearest police station for safety, making sure to phone his wife and daughter to hide themselves well and to make no sounds.


Name: Mienn Chielles

Age: 28

Appearance: Tall, fit, short caramel hair and hazel eyes. She's wearing a sile-cloth sleeveless dress that she'd bought during her trip to Turkey. Her eyeglasses cause her to have a nerd-looking.

Bio: After her husband's death by a car accident on their honeymoon, she'd quit her lovely work that she and moved in a new town for a new life. She's become paranoiac and been trying her best to be far away from men as much as she can. She works out in her free time to protect herself from those stupid men. She's started a home-bakery, it -to focus on baking something- has always made Mienn feel a bit better and forget her dark past at least for a few hours a day, but her past always chases her when she puts her head on her pillow.
In an ordinary morning -not ordinary actually- while she was going home after she'd bought the ingredients for the wedding cake order for tomorrow, she got stuck in front of the police station by the policemen, not knowing why.
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Name: Seth Minot

Age: 63

Appearance: 5'4", somewhat withered face, looks older than he is. Short white hair, stooped, has a cane.

Bio: Seth is a well respected Pastor at a local church. He's kind, caring, and considerate to everyone. It's well known that he's struggled with illness most of his adult life, seen in his prematurely aged body...he's early 60s, but he looks to be at least 80. He's an advocate of peace in all forms, and dislikes any sort of violence, even verbal. A kind word and a helping hand go farther than anything else in his mind, and he practices what he preaches.

Seth was at the local police station, talking to a policeman that belonged to his congregation when people started pouring in, yelling something about people attacking, killing, and most disturbingly, eating, other people.


Name~ Jay Singh


Appearance~ 5'10, Curly jet black hair, a thin face with some signs of stress due to excessive workload, wears thin rimmed spectacles and dons a long, black coat, a pair of jeans, and a pair of ordinary black shoes. He has a light brown skin tone.

Bio~ Jay was born and educated in India. He is the only son of Sukhwinder and Dolly Singh who were one of the richest families in the state of Gujarat. However his mother died at an early age and his father took to gambling soon after, losing all the family's accumulated wealth. Jay, unable to find a good job in India came searching to America, spending the last bit of the small sum his father left for him. His education in banking and finance got him a job of a clerk in a small bank. Jay hired an apartment for himself and started living as a bachelor.

One usual day he was coming back home after long and tiring hours of handling bank entries. It was Seven o'clock in the evening. Everything seemed unnaturally quiet that day, the lights were off and the narrow lane was illuminated only by the flickering light of the street lamps. A lampshade fell from nowhere and crashed right before him suddenly as he was walking followed by terrible scream of a woman. He looked up to the window from which it had fallen and couldn't believe his eyes. A shadowy figure gripped the woman around her waist and its teeth sunk into her throat. Unable to bear the sight, he sprinted as fast as he could, towards the police station, a few blocks away.
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Voices rang out from all directions, people yelling over people, trampling and shoving others out of their way to get to the front. The officers tried to control the situation but failed, as the minutes passed, more and more people came into the police station. The entire city went crazy, people biting people. The police were doing everything they can but to no success, and it wasn't only Atlanta. News reached the station an hour ago that almost every country in America had similar problems.
In an attempt to settle things down the chief of police climbed onto one of the tables and fired his gun into the air. The whole station went quiet. "Thank you, now may i have everyone's attention please. We are doing everything in our power to gain control over the situation, now could you all please go into groups." announced chief Hayes. "good" commented the chief as people started filing into groups. "Ok yous go over to Dominic, tell him your name and complaint" said Hayes pointing to a group to the left of him, a teenager, an elderly man, the pastor from the local church, two men who looked to be in their prime years and 2 girls. "Thank you." said Hayes before turning and doing the same to other groups. Dominic led the group to a the corner of the station, behind him was a sign that read "CELLS". Dominic was an average built guy, he looked to be in his 30s. His face was clean shaved and his hair was black. "Alright, here's a little form.." he said as he handed a piece of paper to everyone"... just write down your name, age and complaint". Domininc felt stupid telling them this, he knew clearly what their complaints were.


Boris took the sheet and began to fill it out, however, as he did so his voice rang out, gruff. "Why are we doing this? It's crazy out there, I'm military, I could do something to help control them."


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Glanton overheard a bulky man perturbed by the chiefs directives, Glanton turned to the young boy who was standing nearby.

“Who the heck does this two-bit chief think he is ordering us around? I want some damn answers, not some stinkin’ form!”. Complaints erupted from the crowd as Dominic attempted to calm them.

He began filling the forms as directed by Dominic. Glanton felt as though this situation would not be settled fast and the group would be together for some time. He had seen the hordes on his way to the station and seen his father get torn apart in an act of selfless sacrifice. He saw there were hundreds among the diseased masses; they appeared infected with some sort of virus. Glanton turned to the boy and asked him in a soft voice. "Hey buddy, my name's Glanton. Is your mum or dad around." Glanton smiled warmly at the boy.
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The police station was in a state of chaos. Jay was lead along with a group of people to the corner of a police station. Dominic, an average built guy handed everyone a form. As Jay began filling the form, he took notice of the people around him. Some were about his age while some looked older, and a few even younger. Naturally as he expected, people began to complain that they wanted answers. Jay felt the same, How could filling a form help in this situation? This wasn't something usual, it was serious.

Nevertheless, he filled up his form quickly and shoved it into a drop box nearby and waited for the chief's words.
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Boris finished filling in his form before turning on Dominic once more. "I want an answer! What are we going to do now anyway? Stand here and wait to be attacked as well? No way. Is there still anyone in these prisons anyway?"


As the chief told people to make groups, Mienn just looked around with a stupid expression, because she didn't know anybody. She tried to move in that crowd just to find a familiar face but everybody was blocking her moves, people were moving towards every direction. After a few minutes of struggling, she saw the pastor of the church she frequently went, and she had a sigh of relief. Not thinking a second, she had her place next to him. "What is happening here?" she asked to the pastor, but the question was more likely to herself. Everybody was talking nonstop, that made Mienn's ears almost explode. She had an ear on a man talking behind her, he was talking about some kind of infection. Thinking of an infection, a big one perhaps, made Mienn shiver.

After she got the complaint sheet, she just looked at it. "I don't even know what's going on here. I went to shop for the ingredients I need for the order as everyday, but then the policemen didn't let me to go any farther." she said, while looking at the sheet. There was a dozen of questions in her mind, making her feel nauseous. She really needed answers. And the most important, she had to complete the wedding cake until tomorrow morning.
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If it wasn't for the gravity of the situation, Kent could have laughed at the chaos that had enveloped the police station. People shouting over people, the police trying to restore order by... handing out complaint forms. After one was slid into his cell Kent picked it up and ripped it in half, before throwing it back out.
The people back in the lobby were all shouting in protest at the inadequate police response. One shouted out to ask if there was even anybody in the cells. "I haven't even been charged!" Kent shouted back towards the police officers, kicking the bars of his cell.
The infection had only been in rumour stage when he had been incarcerated last night. From the hearsay that he had picked up it seemed like the apocalypse had come. People were eating other people, the city, no, the country had devolved into chaos.
And he was sitting here, in a cell. Unable to do anything. Just his luck.


Jay turned to look at the guy who just shouted about his not being charged from a nearby cell. He hadn't noticed any inmates until the man had shouted. Trying to get a load of the situation, he approached the man and asked, "Hey! What did they put you in for?". Jay wondered how worse the crime could have been that the man had been arrested when the rumours were already arising. He hadn't really heard anything the day before, and had mostly gathered his knowledge about the infection in the Station itself. That kind of explains the horrible sight I witnessed near the house today, though he. It wasn't a creepy madman as he had wanted to believe. As from what he had heard all around him, he was pretty much convinced that it was one of the infected folk.


Lauren leaned up against the grey wall. Hospitals, police stations, and doctor’s office all the same disgusting colors, making you want vomit. She looked over at Dominic in his blues, what a cutie she thought, but then again she always was a sucker for a man in uniform, doctors, soldiers, police officers. She ignored the slip of paper knowing it was a senile gesture. She had seen the arterial blood spraying white walls a permanent red. She knew this was an absurd waist a time. The only question in her mind was how long to wait before setting out on foot? She would have loved to drive her truck out into the Georgia countryside to wait out this giant apocalyptic debacle, but her truck was not a mangled mess after a squad car had T-boned it in a hurry to leave the station. Luckily she was able to grab most of her essentials and walk away with minor bruises and cuts. She dropped her bag onto the ground as a man began conversing with an inmate. “What a show,” she murmured.

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Seth was appalled by the way people were acting in the station. Surely they realized that yelling at the police weren't going to get them to do their job any faster? If he had the ability to project his voice without a microphone he'd have done so. As it was, the only reason he was able to continue his job as a pastor at services were the nearly invisible mikes that his church provided. He just did his best to stay out of the way of the crazy mob within the confined space.

The pastor looked up as Mienn Chielles approached him. "Mienn, always good to see you," he said with a smile, his voice hard to hear over the chaos. "I'm afraid I don't know myself. I was talking with John Jackson over there," he gestured to one of the policemen, another member of the congregation, "when people started coming in. They said something about people attacking other people...and some people claimed they were even eating them. I don't believe that, not for a moment...it's probably just a riot that's gotten out of control. Not that that's a good thing, of course...but it makes a lot more sense."

He was then given a complaint form, at which he started laughing, wheezing in the process. "Oh, my only complaint is the rudeness of those in here...it's not as though that's worth filling this out." He turned back to Mienn. "I remember you telling me you had gotten an order for a wedding cake. How's that project going?" Seth figured that it would be a good idea to focus on other things besides the chaos until this whole thing blew over. It'd keep their minds off of it, anyway.