Rise of the Dead


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Glanton found comfort that his new friends made it. There were a number of them who made it out of the station. He heard an argument on the radio between the officer and what he assumed was another officer that he was close with. The man on the other end of the line screamed for them to leave the city.

Under Glanton's seat he found a wood finished shotgun, much like the one he used for hunting. The gun had a beautiful wood finish and was loaded with four buckshot shells. The gun was holstered in a bandoleer strap holding an extra clip loaded with some rubber shot, five slugs and a few bird-shot. He kept it for his own, not wanting to continue to trust the rest of them with his life. The gun sat close to his side for the rest of the ride.

After some time, they reached a small shack in the middle of nowhere. The officer shouted for the prisoner and the soldier to check out the cabin, Jay who had fashioned a club from a branch and Glanton would guard the group while the two brutes would check the house. Glanton sat on the back of the van and readied his clip, alternating bullets between slugs and buckshot in one clip and rubbers and bird-shot in the other so as to be ready for any situation


Boris didn't like the house. Then they saw the zombies. Two of them, and they were now crawling towards them. "Looks like a job for baton man." Boris jokingly said to Kent "I'll keep guard and save bullets, and you take them out." He looked back the way they'd just came. With the three spare clips he now had seventy bullets. That would have been useful back in the station he thought. He raised the pistol, and checked that nothing was coming, leaving Kent to deal with the two crawlers whilst he stood guard.


"You ready?"
Kent inclined his head. Boris opened the door as another growl emanated from within.
The room was small, old and desolate. There was a really old TV and a sofa in the corner. Apart from a few other sofas and chairs there was nothing. To the left lay an open door, leading into the kitchen.
The floor creaked with every step the duo took, Kent wincing every time. The growl got louder. There were rotters in here alright.
Looking inside there was an old man, who was being feasted upon by two rotters.
Kent had seen some pretty horrible things in his time but this almost made him throw up.
"I'll keep guard and save bullets, and you take them out."
Reluctantly he nodded. Swallowing hard he stepped forwards and smashed his truncheon into the first undead guy's skull. Feeling it crack under the intense pressure, with a small spurt of blood. He moved onto the second one and smashed its' head in.


Jay saw the guys go in and prayed to God that they come out safe. He trusted the three hunks, but he had a bad feeling in his gut.

During that time he scanned the area closely once. It was mostly forested. Being dark, he couldn't see a thing. He also kept his ears open for unusual sounds. He didn't want to take a chance. He was standing on the side of the door near which the woman who had been throwing the eggs (What was her name again?) was sitting. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, he shifted uneasily and looked at the door in front of him.


Everything had been happening too fast for Mienn. Now they were in the forest, stopped by a house to stay the night. She had a bad feeling. It is because you don't like forests, Mienn tried to convince herself on that but that was so hard. Then she saw the Indian man with a branch and said "Hey Indian man take this!" and handed him a knife. Wow, everything she bought from the store was so useful, she thought. "My name is Mienn by the way, and what's yours?"


The egg-thrower lady introduced herself as Mienn. She handed Jay a knife, which he accepted gladly. It was a bit longer and sharper than a kitchen knife and looked quite dangerous, definitely effective in close quarter combat. Better than the pice of wood atleast which could shatter into pieces any instant.

"Thank you lady", Jay smiled back at her, "the name's Jay, and good to meet you Mienn. The knife should be quite useful to me since I dont have any weapon at the moment. Mind if I borrowed it for a while till I find one?"


The entire police station had erupted in what seemed like slow motion. From screams to blood and then more screams. Lauren was stunned as she rested against the wall. Suddenly the horrific image clicked and she knew she had to move. She lifted her pack over her head and across her left shoulder, silently she pushed her way through the crowd, sticking close to a young girl named Mienn and a pastor. She felt awkward lurking in their shadow moving out into the car park. She whirled as the girl began throwing eggs at advancing monsters. She pushed her way into the van and hid herself in a dark corner behind a seat. She closed her eyes and silently prayed in her head. Her hair was plastered to her face and a ring of sweat showed around her neck and under arm.

Lauren listened not speaking as introductions were made. The van finally rolled to a stop in front of a house. The men immediately began to devise a strategy to clear the building in a silent manner. Lauren finally spoke up. “I’m Lauren,” she spoke in almost too loud of a voice for the circumstances the group now found themselves in. She lowered her voice, “Can I help you guys in anyway,” Sounding almost inaudible?

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The trip in the Van was almost in total silence, this wasn't good. It gave Charlie time to think, and that was the last thing he wanted to be doing at this point in time. He closed his eyes as he thought of his family, how his parents used to wish him goodnight, how his dog Jess, would sleep at the foot of his bed. But he held it all in for now.

After a while they arrived at a shack in a sort of forest, at least that's how it looked, and everyone began disembarking. Charlie used this chance to sneak off into a patch of trees not too far away without anyone noticing. With his back to a tree he let he legs collapse under him and lay there sobbing into his hands as the tears streamed down his face.