kill yourself and drop something


this is a game i learned from

what you do is that you kill yourself with whatever the previous player dropped and then YOU drop something.


player 1: i step into the tub of corrosive acid and i die. i drop and landmine.

player 2: i try to eat the landmine and it explodes. i drop a fart.

got it? :dry:

i'll start.

i die of natural causes i drop a USB stick.


i pick up the bone and i am instantly swarmed by a pack of wolves. i drop george bush.


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i pick up the george bush and i comb my hair, i am instantly attacked by 100 bees,
and drop a packet of mimi bombs


I pick up the paket of mini bombs and destroy this thread and it's creater due to the fact he fails at making a good thread!

Drops RPG skills witch most of you need!


I pick up the RPG skills, die of shame, and drop a can of Easy Cheese.



Elmyr dosen't have the skillz!!! Picks up the can of easy cheese and scoffs it...But is attacked by a pack of easy cheese eating zombies!!!!

Dies of zombifcation and drops a AK-47


I pick up the AK-47, fire it in the air to celebrate my find, causing a chandelier to drop on my head.

I drop a dime.


I pick up the dime, ask somebody to drop it from outer space, and it lands on my head, killing me instantly.

I drop a teddy bear


I nuke the Elmyr, but get disintegrated by the explosion.

I drop a cloning device.


I clone myself, but the awesomeness is too much for the universe to handle, so I die, and the Matrix resets itself.

I drop a broken link.


I follow the broken link and drop dead from shock when a trojan redirects me to the world's most tasteless porn site.

Oh, yeah, I drop a saw and a pair of handcuffs.
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I push Celxius onto the wall and cuff him there...I remove his clothes with the saw and *Blankity blank* after i am done i die of STIs'

And drop a condom ROFL.....


i stare at the elymr and it sits up and i die of shock.
i drop a phone.


I call with the phone, but the apocalypse kills me.

I drop my drawers/


I see your drawers and the smell kills me.
My corpse drops to the ground.


The site of the corpse makes me want to kill you, getting me the death penalty.

I drop a breadfruit


A small flaw there...he's already dead from "natural causes".

I jam the breadfruit on my head and drown in the juice.
I drop a bicycle and a length of rope.


I tie the rope to the front of the bicycle and the other end to a plane. i get on the bicycle, and when the plain take's off it actually works! then a bird comes and hits the side of my head, rendering me unconscious,falling off the bike and dying.

I drop a iphone.