kill yourself and drop something


I put on the expression of surprise and choke to death when I can't take it off.

I drop a house.


I step inside the house, unfortunately, all the entrances, exits and various airholes suddenly disappear, leaving me to suffocate within.

I drop a post-it note.


The chicken falls on top of my head. Being angry at being dropped, it attacks the first thing it sees, which is me. Since it's a cousin of those cuccos, it's invincible, and I die.

I drop a copy of New Clear Days


I have no idea what that is and die of confusion

I drop Strax (the Sontaran from the DW Christmas Special) (now be inventive here)


Having not watched any Doctor Who since David Tennant quit, I have no idea what you are talking about, thusly I turn away and am shot in teh back of the head.

I drop a taser.


I give it to an American Policeman who tasers me and then puts it on Youtube and I die of shame. Just kidding, I get killed by a lynch mob of trolls.