Jacob--Has ANYONE beat him yet?

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Wix Moran, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Luap Nor

    Luap Nor Guest

    Those are the default settings, but how many people reach Jacob without ever changing them? Probably rather few. ;)
  2. sitakeeraja

    sitakeeraja Guest

    Got 450 damage first time from Jacob and I hit him only one time(75).Then I changed my dodging and shot him into the head, won 348-68 and he hit me only one time.
    So its all about changing your aim and dodging after the first duel...
  3. MihaBrb

    MihaBrb Guest

    Well I've beaten him with ease...now the problem is that Mugridge guy...I've been dueling him 4 times...and I got KO'd 3..
  4. emperor wes

    emperor wes Guest

    When I used melee weapons, old Jacob beta me fair and square. I changed to fire-arm duelling, and beat him then. Appears to me that his toughness is better than his reflexes for the times that you do hit him. When I beat him, I did not aim for his head either...
  5. Fafer

    Fafer Guest

    For me, problem was beating scoundrel that guards treasure.
    Once i got past him (only thing i needed was precise revolver no1 :D),
    i beat Jacob and Mugridge in first fight.
    Mugridge has only 500HP and i was able to KO him.

    in all fights, i used "make more damage then him" tactic. all fights finished about 500HP vs 350HP.
  6. Jacob was not a problem..
    Just one duel and I won!!..400 vs 133..
    But that Mugridge guy is the problem!
    Phew!!..That guy really have good weapons!!...Difficult to beat him!!..
  7. Intiilapa

    Intiilapa Guest

    Jacob always shoots at shoulder and head. So if you duck down in every round, he can't hurt you!


    Does anybody know what is after reacheing level 49? i have no new quests. I checked the weststat.com and no other quests are listed. End of the game or what???
  8. Fafer

    Fafer Guest

    when you have low dodging, ofcourse he can hurt you. a lot!
  9. Codeguru

    Codeguru Guest

    I think you guys are nuts. I just fought him, using the adventurer whip. He hit me 4 times doing over 100 damage each time. I hit him once doing 19 damage. That is such a large leap, it's like 30-40 levels higher than I'm at if it was a fair fight. Chances are he's going to hit me at least once and chances are I'm not going to hit him more than 4 times. That still leaves him beating me hands down every time...


    PS- Also, what's his problem? He took the friggn treasure from me already, THEN accuses me of stealing it after I find it for him? And he offered to help you in the first place? Friggn weirdo.
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  10. Fafer

    Fafer Guest

    Codeguru, i had exactly same situation. My dodging was around 5.
    Then i bought some items for dodging and raised it to about 25 and reached level 53 so i could use precise revolver no1. I was still getting hit for 300-400 damage but difference was i hit him for 500dmg.

    I guess it all depends how you build your character. Friend of mine was able to dodge him completely so it took him only one 20 dmg hit to beat him.

    Hope it helps you to choose right tactic.
  11. Bill

    Bill Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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    I beat him in the first try.
  12. a few people are lying,but not people who give proof

    like duel reports or pictures,links or the duel converter by Cragsterboy
  13. have tried twice and failed he takes off so much more than me :(
  14. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest


    My only dueling adventurer. I have a trapper/shooter that hasn't gotten around to him yet, but I think he'll manage.
  15. Grumbold

    Grumbold Guest

    With a duel level 1 above character level my guess is you don't do that much duelling with him despite his spec. I think even my workers are ahead of that just from defending themselves :D
  16. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    I just started dueling after a lot of leveling, shortly after beating Mugridge. I'm now 10-1 with a +6 duel level.
  17. proflooney

    proflooney Guest

    I am abt to be rested up enough from this war we in to go after jacob in the next 2 days and from what I am seeing basically you should duck all the way through it cause he seems to aim at the soulders and aim at his hands.

    is that correct?
  18. Jeremiah Joe

    Jeremiah Joe Guest

    Thanks for the tip anhlong.. :D
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  19. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    u shouldnt give anyone your stats
  20. Staind

    Staind Guest

    I easily defeated the 2 scoundrels.. But the 3rd one defeated me..
    When I changed Stance, he also changed stance, and KO'ed me:mad:

    Btw, Im level 35.. You think I should just levelup and buy better gear first?