Jacob--Has ANYONE beat him yet?


1) Bank your money and put on clothes with dodging
2) Leave your town
3) Keep hitting the Challenge button
4) Adjust your aim and dodge at the Duel screen
5) Keep hitting until you win the duel

=> If you can't win NPC duels the usual way, this is the way to win them all... ;)
5) Keep hitting until you have the full Sacrifices Set


Not really a dueling one. Using my trusty whip...

Aim - 32
Vigor - 35
reflex + dodging - 50
Appearance - 35



wat level do i need to be to get this quest???
(ive just come bak to the game cuz of work problems and the game has changed abit ;D)



just a question, which DECISION is better DECISION1, DECISION2, or DECISION3?


The best choice is the one that gives you the money, Decision 2
At long last I beat that cheating dog wearing Indian feather hat, adventurer's jacket, fancy riding boots, sharp conquistador sword.