Jacob--Has ANYONE beat him yet?

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Wix Moran, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. AmazingShoot

    AmazingShoot Guest

    and what the objectives / dodge?. :sad:
  2. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    5) Keep hitting until you have the full Sacrifices Set
  3. Tom43RN

    Tom43RN Guest

    Of course the one time I try to ko myself
  4. AmazingShoot

    AmazingShoot Guest

    skill please ?
  5. Tom43RN

    Tom43RN Guest

    Not really a dueling one. Using my trusty whip...

    Aim - 32
    Vigor - 35
    reflex + dodging - 50
    Appearance - 35
  6. dabest123

    dabest123 Guest


    wat level do i need to be to get this quest???
    (ive just come bak to the game cuz of work problems and the game has changed abit ;D)

  7. Lord Melnkor

    Lord Melnkor Guest

    You can check out the quests HERE
  8. msingh

    msingh Guest

    just a question, which DECISION is better DECISION1, DECISION2, or DECISION3?
  9. RedPanda79

    RedPanda79 Guest

    The best choice is the one that gives you the money, Decision 2
    At long last I beat that cheating dog wearing Indian feather hat, adventurer's jacket, fancy riding boots, sharp conquistador sword.