Jacob--Has ANYONE beat him yet?

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Wix Moran, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Sk8erMan

    Sk8erMan Guest

    I am a level 36 trader just dueling jacob in a second. I have all arm shots and ducking on every of my dodges. My duel stats are
    9 dodge
    14 aim
    34 vigor
    37 appearence
    26 reflex
    6 toughness
    41 tactics

    Can anyone tell if i even have a chance at jacob? Thanks.
    I am using a whip.
  2. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    possible, just duck down all round and aim his hand
    Mugrid will be hard
  3. Nikfight

    Nikfight Guest

    With such low dodge I would say you are going to get KO'd!
  4. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    Just give it a try when u are out of energy
  5. Staind

    Staind Guest

    IMO, there is no way you beat him.. >.<

    just try to level up more, and buy better gears.. Don't rush it.. just wait.. ;)
  6. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    But some app and dodge gear
  7. Mr Busey

    Mr Busey Guest

    Man this dude is tough - I tried all the advice given. He still hands me a can of woopass everytime. At least I'm only losing between 400-500 hp and not being ko'd :dry:
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  8. phatwomble

    phatwomble Guest

    I'm off to feel the wrath of both of them.
    Wish me luck !
    I'm scared.
  9. Mclanton

    Mclanton Guest

    I recently beat jacob.

    13 aim
    11 dodging
    19 shooting
    63 vigor
    19 reflex
    38 toughness
    26 appearance
    21 tactics

    using the following gear:
    mexican bandana
    yellow checkard shirt
    rusty harquebus
    brown cotton shoes

    I leaned left, right, right left in order to dodge.
    I aimed for right shoulder, left hand, right hand, right shoulder.

    I delt 100 damage and only too 56 damage.

    Hope this helps! (first try kill but may take more)
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  10. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Jacob and Mugridge's stances are random, like all high level class quest NPCs. I don't think it's completely random, but there are few different possibilities, including head x4. Your best bet is to duck x4 the first time you duel them to get their stance and try to avoid getting KOed if you get caught by the 4 headshot stance.
  11. Mclanton

    Mclanton Guest

    Then we at least have 2, a defence and a attack possibility out of 320 possbilites leaving 318 different combinations, 159 attack and 159 defence stance left to discover...and try out to be able to find all possible stances these npcs use.;)
  12. skipper52

    skipper52 Guest

    Level 65
    Dueling level 91
    Challenger [​IMG] Duel location

    no name yet [​IMG] Jacob
    Strike: Right arm
    - 32 HP

    Strike: Right arm
    - 96 HP No hit

    No hit No hit

    Strike: Left shoulder
    - 120 HP Strike: Head
    - 44 HP

    Strike: Right arm
    - 98 HP No hit

    Strike: Right arm
    - 95 HP No hit

    No hit No hit

    Strike: Left shoulder
    - 133 HP No hit

    Strike: Right arm
    - 104 HP Total health points
    - 76 HP

    Total health points
    - 646 HP skipper52 wins the duel. Jacob did not carry any cash and skipper52 walks away without taking any money.
  13. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    that is normal, no non-dueling player can have +30 dueling lvl
  14. South Front

    South Front Guest

    What happend here?


    I must mention that I had 3-4 health points when attack but Jacob didn't hit me.
    Why was I pass out???
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  15. Red Falcon

    Red Falcon Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    My younger brother, Wisdom Grey, only had to defeat Jacob and Mugridge once. I don't know how he did it, and unfortunately, he is not registered on our forum, so he can't tell us.
  16. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Unless you refreshed or refreshed your stats, you have no idea how much health you have, and if you're spam challenging, even a win sometimes results in you being KOed, but not always. If you are spam challenging, sleeping in a level 5 hotel with 2k hp takes 50 seconds of sleep to get to 3.5 hp. If you're spam challenging without a town, as you ideally will be, it takes 5.25 minutes idle to recover 3.5 hp.
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  17. AmazingShoot

    AmazingShoot Guest

    Give screeshoot skills Jacob,please.I can not beat
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  18. Lord Melnkor

    Lord Melnkor Guest

    If you actually look through this thread you'll find all that you need.
  19. AmazingShoot

    AmazingShoot Guest

    You're right, but I would like more screeshots
    I am a Pole and not too much know what to write so I would screeshoty
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  20. 1) Bank your money and put on clothes with dodging
    2) Leave your town
    3) Keep hitting the Challenge button
    4) Adjust your aim and dodge at the Duel screen
    5) Keep hitting until you win the duel

    => If you can't win NPC duels the usual way, this is the way to win them all... ;)