Jacob--Has ANYONE beat him yet?

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Wix Moran, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. brownguy

    brownguy Guest

    How do I get the Mudgridge duel?

    I beat Jacob yesterday and it won't show up to duel Mudgridge.
  2. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    After beating Jacob, Mugridge is the next quest NPC. You give the treasure to him and he runs. For the next quest, the NPC is the Sheriff, and you have to choose between the three options before going to Mugridge to complete the chosen quest. There shouldn't be a new level requirement after the level 35 quest to get the whip.
  3. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    the lvl is only because i was unable to trade with indian
    i used a whip
  4. Dazzy

    Dazzy Guest

    Well if we're all showing off :D

  5. Wooooooow!!

    WOW!! that's some freekin' damage you did there!! bravo!!
  6. Staind

    Staind Guest

    Great Dazzy! What weapon did you use?
  7. Dazzy

    Dazzy Guest

    Precise Army Revolver.
  8. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    if i was in that lvl, i can do that too
  9. thealex90

    thealex90 Guest

    wow... at level 37 i beat all three, first one, with a fire stone, then a muzzle loader, then a muzzle loader again, never lost
  10. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Level 40 with a whip, first try.

  11. oldhippi

    oldhippi Guest

    im starting this part of quest in morning any advice would be welcome.
    im a lvl35 shooter trapper using precise muzzleloader,so far i havent changed my dueling at all (duel record 0-0) and ive beat every cpu ive faced.
    should i wait and lvl up higher?
    the best decision to follow?
    im homeless so should i be near to good town or join one first? ive been told i cant lose my money is why i ask.
  12. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    If you get KO'd by an NPC you lose any money you have on you.

    I ducked in each round and aimed for hands and shoulders. That seemed to work well for me. I did it at lvl 40 but I'm geared for offensive dueling more than for jobs.
  13. oldhippi

    oldhippi Guest

    cool, thanks
    im almost broke so cant lose much to try first, then if not ill join up with town.
    ive set myself up with minimum amount of skills job related and all the rest in shooting,aim ill check my dueling and set it up as you said thanks

    i only need 100ep more for it to open
  14. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    look like u dont have good damage but u have good defense
  15. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Not really, I'm mostly appearance.
  16. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    and Jacob tactis is low:D
  17. kenrod

    kenrod Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    I ducked every time but he still got three head shots in.

    How is that possible?
  18. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    His aim and/or tactics are higher than you dodge and/or appearance
  19. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    -400 -413

    anhlong1122 wins the duel. Mugridge did not carry any cash and anhlong1122 walks away without taking any money.
    Mugridge weapon is weird, his head shot and hand shot did the same thing -143
  20. fendre

    fendre Guest

    I have changed my dueling configuration against Jacob and I have lost all 10 duels!