Advent Calendar 4. Game

5 strips 4 cuts 4*20 = 80 seconds


fold the paper so that 2 cm is left. cut at the half of the folded section, unfold, cut at the crease, and cut the remaining piece in half. That's 3 cuts, 60 seconds but the folding might take longer than just making 4 cuts.


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It takes 80s to make four cuts. Four cuts generates five strips.

-Caerdwyn (Fairbanks)

Cray Zell

2 cm per 10 cm can be cut into 5 pieces from a 10 per 10.
As you cut the strips, you need 4 cuts to make 5 strips so 80 seconds (not 5 cuts because once you make one cut there are 2 strips, 2 cuts - 3; 3 cuts - 4 and 4 cuts finally 5 strips)


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Elf will not be able to cut more than 4 times so it will take 80 seconds.
But if he folds the paper, than he needs to cut it only twice, which will take 40 seconds.


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It will take 1 minute and 20 seconds for an elf to cut them.
There will be 5 strips total cut from the 10 x 10 uncut sheet. All will be 2 cm by 10 cm.
80 seconds. Because the Total of the papier is 10 by 10 and elfs cut the paper 2 by 10. It needs To be 4 cuts To cut the whole size, so 4 times 20 makes 80 seconds


from each sheet you get 5 strips of paper for this reason the elf will take 80 seconds. 20 seconds for the first strip, 20 for the second strip, 20 for the third strip and 40 for the fourth and fifth strip.


If we do not want to consider that an Elf can fold the squared paper, we can say that an Elf needs to do only 4 cuts to get 5 strips and thus it will take approximately 80 seconds.


It only needs 40 seconds by folding it into one 2 x 10 cm folded strip into inside (folding one way). 20 seconds to cut from inside to outside of folds into right side, and 20 seconds into left side. So the elf needs 40 seconds to cut paper completely into strips.