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Advent Calendar 4. Game


It takes the elf 80 seconds (1 minute and 20 seconds) to cut a sheet completely into strips, because 10 cm : strips of 2 cm=5 pieces and 4 cuts * 20 seconds each=80 seconds (the last cut makes two strips at once).

DingleBerry Bunny

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The elf can cut 5 strips out of the sheet. Since each strip takes 20 seconds it will take 5 x 20 = 100 seconds for the elf to cut the 10 x 10 piece of wrapping paper completely.


The elf needs 100 seconds to cut the complete sheet.
Solution: from one sheet you get 5 parts, multiply them by 20 and you get 100 seconds.

Dr Roth

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it would take an elf 80 second to cut the paper into strips as there are 5 strips per sheet and it requires 4 cuts to divide it into 5. 4 x 20 = 80.
however the question doesnt ask how long it takes for an elf to cut it. for me it would take about 15 seconds as I am much quicker than an elf


The elf 20 seconds cuts 2cm x 10cm strips. Out of 10cm x 10cm sheets the elf can cut 5 (2cmx10cm) strips.
So the correct answer is 5x20 seconds= 100 seconds.


to get 5 pieces of 2x10 paper. u need to do 4 cuttings. so 4*20 seconds = 80 seconds. the answer is ''80 seconds''
The elf need 80 seconds, or one minute and 20 seconds. That is because 10:2 = 5 but the last wrap will be the fourth because we will obtain from that the fourth and also the fifth piece .


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to get 5 pieces of 2x10 paper, you need to do 4 cuttings. so 4*20 = 80 seconds
the answer is ''80 seconds''

Nicholas McCrae

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Well since the elf can cut 2x10 in 20 seconds, he would cut 5 pieces each at 20 seconds making the time it would take to be 1 minute and 40 seconds .

Prljavi Hari

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80 seconds total. if the elf needs to cut the whole 10x10 paper into 2x10 strips, that's 4 cuts in total (resulting in 5 strips of 2x10). 4x20=80 seconds.