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from a 10x10 sheet you get 5 strips (10 divide 2 =5). 1 strip to cut takes 20 sec (5x20 sec =100 sec or 1min 40sec )
100 sec or 1min 40sec


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from a 10x10 sheet you get 5 strips (10 divide 2 =5). 1 strip to cut takes 20 sec (5x20 sec =100 sec or 1min 40sec )
100 sec or 1min 40sec


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It would take 4 cuts x 20 seconds, so it would take the Elf a total of 80 seconds to finish one sheet. The Elf should get a paper cutter, it would be a lot faster if you can do more than one sheet at a time. lol :'P

Ektoras BOTrini

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It will take the elf 1 minute and 40 seconds to cut 2 x 10 cm strips from the 10 x 10 cm because if you divide 10 by 2 its 5.. so 5 x 20 seconds = 1 minute and 40 seconds QUICK MATHS


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by my calculation it should take 1 minute & 20 seconds. if you cut 4 strips you're left with a 2 * 10 cm long stripe at the end so that's 5 strips in total, but you only have to cut it 4 times.


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well...i hope i'm not that stupid but the answer should be a minute and 40 seconds

not sure what explanation to provide though, you just cut 5 strips from a square...unless there's errors, but the question doesn't specify that
however you put it it's the same answer though...attached a pic :lol:'s actually 80 seconds because you make only 4 cuts. you guys tricked me...can i edit pls

RO Happy

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Even if the elf make 5 strips from a square of wrapping paper, there are needed only 4 cuts to complety split the square into strips.

Because there are 4 cuts and we know the elf make one strip (one cut) in 20 seconds, the correct answer is 80 seconds (4*20s) for each square.

RO Marmo

The wrapping paper square can be split in 5 strips, with 4 cuts. We know the fact that for an elf it takes 20 seconds to make a cut. To completely cut a square in strips, it takes 4 cuts * 20 seconds = 80 seconds.

Correct answer: 80 seconds !

magwai the akeoj

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It will take 80 seconds. Since the sheet is 10 cm wide and the cuts are each 2 cm, there will be a total of 5 strips, but only 4 cuts. 20 seconds per cut x 4 cuts = 80 seconds.


It takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to cut the sheet into strips. 10 : 2 = 5, so there are 5 strips in 1 sheet, but you haven't got to cut the last one, so 4 x 20 seconds = 80 seconds, what equals 1 minute and 20 seconds


80 seconds - you get 5 strips per sheet of paper

1st cut - 20 sec
2nd cut - 20 sec
3rd cut -20 sec
4th - cut 20 sec
remainder does not require a cut as it is already the correct size IF your cutting is true


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The Elf can cut 5 strips 2cm wide from a 10 cm sheet so 20 seconds x 5 = 100 second or 1 minute and 40 seconds total time taken.

Alice Kingsleigh

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Hi !

We have a square of 10 cm x 10 cm, it must make strips of 2 cm by 10 cm so that will make 4 strips to cut to have the 5, so 4 x 20 seconds, it will be 80 seconds, I think that's it.


100 seconds / 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Every sheet can be cut into 5 strips.
5 (strips) x 20 (sec.) = 100 seconds

Allan Quatermain

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2x10 = y


x= 20 de secunde
1 strip = 20 sec
10x1 strip = 10 strip x 20sec = 200 sec = 3 minutes and 20 seconds
final answer: 3 minute and 20 seconds


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80 seconds
You can cut the square paper into 5 strips with 4 cuts. 4x20 seconds is 80 secs.