What do you think the best job/work is?

Discussion in 'World 3' started by Pants Party, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Talamare

    Talamare Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2008
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    The West Math Class

  2. Triarii2D

    Triarii2D Guest

    i got to cowboy easy, just put up horseriding skill and you have it by lv.4
  3. Dayks

    Dayks Guest

    laying RR tracks is great, loads of exp points.
  4. Azuk

    Azuk Guest

    Thats correct
  5. Beaver - mmmmmmmmm
  6. kiersteadmo

    kiersteadmo Guest

    well putting up tele poles is great cash and xp 21% cash and 23%xp
  7. Dayks

    Dayks Guest

    yeh but at the moment very few people will be that far.
  8. theDawg

    theDawg Guest

    wow... thats the most math ive ever seen in a forum lol... and I learned something new :D
    I use oogie's method though, easy to use and to find out things :)
  9. Pheles

    Pheles Guest

    Money makers. Cutting trees, Granite Mining and Coal Mining. *griiin*
  10. Azuk

    Azuk Guest

    Or just kill people they will be carrying quite alot of cash around at the moment :)
  11. Pheles

    Pheles Guest

    lol. If they do. :p How 'bout if that player carry no cash? (like the one i dueled in w2, all i got was a 21 exp.. *sigh*)
  12. Mad Hank

    Mad Hank Guest

    Coal Mining is the best job, definitely, much better than both carving out claims and breaking on horses
  13. Pheles

    Pheles Guest

    Yeh Coal Mining is balance in exp and wage, but not in luck.
  14. Wow... Factorials...

    That takes me back to probablity and statistic classes. I knew there was a simpler expression. Good job on the research Talamare.

    Forgot I actually knew that (at a time).

  15. Zarvain

    Zarvain Guest

    Jobs well only show up once either your skills without item bonuses are within 50 labor points, or your level has reach a certain amount. I have a couple of characters, once my main had reach a higher level and I could see certain jobs open up, I was able to find ones that my builder could go for while still focusing on building skills, which let him not only see them, but do them while my higher level can only look at them. But then again, he IS a trapper/hunter, not a carpenter. ;)
  16. drilling for oil, building a fort, fire fighter. that's balance for you
  17. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    best money job - silver mining
    no discussion
  18. true. * puts on nerdy glasses and goofy accent*

    it's a very efficient job because a) it has 76% money which is pretty good but it also has quite a high chance of getting silver which is a very expensive product.

    With premium you can make $1000 a day.

    *takes off glasses and the accent*

    soz just discussed that for you
  19. itay3

    itay3 Guest

    this % are present how much precent of item you will get for half an hour
    for example: 3% (for half an hour)
    if you will work an hour it will be 6%
    if you will work two hours you will receives 12%

    hope i was helping :)

    itay3 :winkb:
  20. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    i with premium get about 500$~ in 2h shift. i have like 30+ labour points