What do you think the best job/work is?

Discussion in 'World 3' started by Pants Party, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Best job is: robbing trains cause: highest xp highest luck:d and of course silver mining is good but how about drilling for oil? :p
  2. actually with 3% per half an hour it's
    2 x 3% in 1h and
    4 x 3% in 2h.

    you could also say a 3% chance to find something is a chance of 97% to -not- find something in half an hour, if it would simply add up, you'd have a chance of 194% of -not- finding a product in an hour, making it impossible to find products at all when working 1h+ ;)

    Robbing trains has highest XP, but Ambush stagecoach has highest luck.
    And silver mining is probably the best cash job due to the products and having a double skill in its calculation, making it easy to get a huge amount of skillpoints to get more cash.
  3. Mekolp

    Mekolp Guest

    How about being able to do both ;)
  4. Romelis

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    discussion without the end.
    i would say the best job is that gives much gain for least price/efforts

    and already been told that its silver mining.

    whats the analog for xp job, to be decided...
  5. Loon Ranger

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    At the moment for me carving out claims is paying very well, and I get a lot of flags worth $16 each in addition. Digging graves usually pays well too, but also I find a lot of cool and expensive stuff while doing it. But duelling is by far the most profitable job, and gives the most experience.
  6. stupidest

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    Iron mining:
    $180 per hour
    67 exp per hour
  7. Desi Boukerse

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    duelling noobs
  8. OnlyTrap

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    now the best job is Acting with Buffalo Bill! Insane xp rate, pretty good drop rate, and moderately cash rate:D