Valentine's Day Contest - Discussion

Dr Roth

The West Team
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When will the winners be announced? I bet my first meme ever will win it for me


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We will announce the winners on Sunday :)
Just to give you an idea there almost 100 memes to check :lovetw:


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Welp, congratz for the winners.
maybe one day i will win, when the west become the east. :-D

It would be great if I at least know if I passed each game or not, or even disqualified.

for the 3rd contest, definitely not for me, as I see those memes are the ones which piqued the interest of the juries (different personal taste I guess). while I mull over for days until time almost over to finally decide on an idea for the meme (in my view).

Good job making the community event organized, too bad no such thing as a participation reward for everyone. :roll: