Trading Post


Please use this post to put in your products you wish to sell or the ones you wish to purchase.
Use this thread for the announcing only. The negotiations can be done through PM's.



still have another. message me ingame if you are interested and may have something i want.

unfortunately i sold 70k worth of clothes and stuff to respec, but i kept some goodies.

up for trade if anyone is interested that i have....

granmonts pistol
piece of note #1 -
piece of note #2
lincolns top hat
green top hat
fancy bowler
fancy leather hat
fancy boots
brown riding boots
pilgrims dress shoes(female)
flannel shirt
fancy shirt
fancy coat
yellow tie
fancy tie
fancy bow tie
blue shawl
green shawl
brown shawl
chamber pot

i dont need cash. there are only a few things i am interested in, who knows? you may have what i want. as you can see i am willing to trade for a fairly reasonable price.

nightgown for piece of note part 1 straight up. both parties happy and thats the way it should be

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It might help if you put what you were interested in acquiring.


i suppose....

well i would like the night cap or teddy from sleepyhead(who wouldnt)

this was also a possible start that maybe people with stuff to get rid of could help each other out rather than try to buy for stupid prices.

there are other things i may be interested in that i could hand down to lower level members as well....

like i said, if someone is interested(had a few messages already) nothing to lose by asking right?


For sale!

I'm Selling my Belle Starr's Deringer for $25,000, if you want it message me in-game under same name.


Hi guys.

I would like to find a pair of brown boots if anyone has any to sell or can buy them to sell.


I was unlucky with doing high luck jobs and after months of searching still haven't managed to get Bowie's knife (no, it's not Bowie knife!):
Bowie's knife
dmg: 68-80
lvl: 40
+5 Setting traps
+4 Appearance

So, if you have that weapon but don't need it any more for some reason, I'm paying 30.000$ for it. And no, I won't give a single dollar more. Although I have so much money that I'm ashamed to say how much, this knife is not worth to me more than 30K, sorry.

Just bought it on the market. Thanks.
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I will sell , A strange lump of Dirt . Just found my second with 2 hours of transporting ammunition. How much should I sell it for?


how much do you think you can get for it?
I know of lumps being sold for >50k


Not sure , I looked at the market and they are going for 75k and 100k so I will put it 70k. Hopefully it will sell so I can reskill to do drilling oil. Only level 48 so its hard to do this quest series.


in w11 i put my lump for 10k with no immediate price, and at the time it was the lowest on board. less than 48 hours it jumped to 30k, but has been sitting there for awhile.

not sure if some gave up, or if there will be a mad bidding war at the end of the auction time, but they do and will fetch a fairly decent amount no question


I have no money at the time so I put it on for buy it now 80k , bid offer 3850.


Im selling a
Pillow 12k
Chamberpot 6k? i think
looking to buy Bowie"s Knife for 20k if anyone will sell to me that cheap


Also im going to sell an stone talisman if someone offers the right price for it :p


I am selling this items who want to buy something just PM me in game or spam here on
forum :)
Bowie's Muzzle-Loader
Belle Starr's Deringer
Note Part 2 x2
Note Part 1 x1


Anyone needs a:
Tequila :p

I am searching for a Red cotton jacket

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Ok, just bought Bowie's knife on the market. Thanks mrmatt!
Also thanks to the person who was selling Nat's machete, bought that one the other day too.

There is only one more thing I want to buy on the market.
You name your price, I bet I have enough cash to buy it.
I want key#3.