Town Item's


yup like the "snake" in the "snake" game after a couple of hours.. heheheh


Town of Blue Valley has the following new items

Pilgrim's Wooly Hat
Charlatan's Shoes
Fancy Shoes
Indian Clothing

Contact TequilaJoe if you want to come shopping.


can some1 tell me where the hell can i get my damn green shawl for quest 67???


- Headgear
* - Footwear
* - Clothing
* - Riding animals
* - Neckband
* - Melee weapon
* - Firearm weapon
Town name: - Hotel De California
General Store:
Level 3 -
Red indian necklace
Green indian necklace
Black bandana
Blue bandana


Level 4 -
Brown slouch hat
Fancy Cap
Grey slouch hat
Red Woolly hat
Blue Woolly hat
Grey cap
Green headband
Yellow headband

Brown cotton shoes
Grey cotton shoes
Brown ragged shoes
Black ragged shoes
Grey ragged shoes

Fancy shirt
Brown shirt

Red clothing
Brown ponho
Grey clothing
Green poncho
Brown rags
Yellow rags

Gunsmith: Level 1 -
Fire stone
Broken clay jug
Contact me ingame if you want to go shopping!


Green Shawl

Does ANY town right now have a Green Shawl for sale? I have been searching towns and not successful so far...

Thank you.
Town- Wolf lands
General store:*level 3 * Golden Indian necklance
Tailor: *level 2* Fancy Cap
Gunsmith: *level 3* Bow

Will update as the town progresses


Find Items

Hi ! Is there anybody here, who can tell me, where I can find Figaro's razor blade ?


its in that tree to your right. you can't cut the tree down though, cause then the razor blade will get lost. you need to do the job Climbing trees.


If Weststats say they have them it is normally correct. How do you know they dont? have you telegrammed them or did you just look in the shop window because top 2 levels do not show to non members.

Try those towns again and ASK one of the hats if you can have a shopping pass please.

tom paris

eastern coalition
tailor: fancy riding boots, fancy spiked shoes, fancy coat, fancy leather jacket
gunsmith: precise army revolver, sharp tomahawk
genral store: fancy tie, golden bullet,