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To help the community of World 1 to search and buy good/rare items in an easier way. Towns' spokesmen please copy/paste this form, fill in and post here in order for journeymen to come and buy stuffs from your town.

*Please do not post common items such as Donkey, Broken Clay Jug etc..which are not good/rare.
*Please do not post your buying requests
*To search for a town, go to Ranking-Town-type in town name-click on the "Show on Map" icon.
*To find items' stats, visit
*As outsiders, you might not see some of the items the towns list here, please contact them in-game for more info!!

This is a Test!
Spam or Flame, Test over and this shall be removed.
I am Trusting you with This so dont fail me :p

When you get new Items, USE THE EDIT BUTTON DO NOT REPOST.

The Form:

Town name:
General Store:
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Town name: Luin
General Store: Level 4 - Blue Indian necklace (for Gemstones quest), Pony, Blue Band, Brown Band
Tailor: Level 2 - Fancy Cap
Gunsmith: Level 2 - Slingshot

Will update post as town grows
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One Armed Ninja

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The Form:

Town name: Winterfell
Gunsmith: Lvl 7, Sharp Razor, Sharp Dagger, Precise Muzzleloader, Sharp Bowie's Knife
Tailor: Lvl 8, Fancy Cap, Fancy Cotton Shoes, Clints Poncho, Sunday Clothing, Fancy work Shoes, Fancy Bowler hat, Fancy Dress Suit, Lincoln's Top Hat
General Store: Lvl 6, Blue bow, Fancy bow tie, Golden Cross

Here's an image showing EVERYTHING:

Tailor seems to be getting better and better :D

PS I think that people outside town can only see worse items that thise in the town?
If so some of those dont apply at the moment if your just visiting.
Also i've only included the "shiny" things for sale nothing else like quest items etc...
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parenthesis signifies that items are only available as a member of the town.

Town name: Grand Wiseburg
State: 39
General Store: level 9, blue bandana, blue indian necklace, Gold indian necklace (brown shawl, yellow shawl)
Tailor: level 9, Fancy cotton shoes, fancy work shoes, fancy cap, fancy bowler hat, fancy sloucher hat (black leather hat, brown leather hat, black top hat, yellow top hat, grey boots, fancy boots)
Gunsmith: level 9, rusty razor blade, bowie knife, precise shotgun, deringer, (sharp machete)

if there are any specific items you are looking for, you may mail me here on the forums, or in the game. if you are unsure, you can check the town stores section in

will be updating as necessary.
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Town name: DRC has it all JOIN
State: 11 (yes we are on the west side of the map)
General Store: Lvl 2 Gold Indian necklace, Green Indian necklace, Blue bandana
Tailor: Lvl 3 Fancy Cap, Clint's Poncho, Fancy cotton shoes
Gunsmith: Lvl 2 Club with nail, Precise nail

Will be updating
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Town name: Oatman
General Store:
Level 4:Black Bow, Red Bow, Green Indian Necklace, Yellow Indian Necklace, Black Bandanna and Red Bandanna
Tailor: Level 4: Fancy Slouch Hat, Brown Slouch Hat, Fancy Cap, brown bonnet, Blue Tie, brown cap, Black headband, Blue headband, Black Cotton Shoes, Gray cotton Shoes, brown ragged shoes, Black, ragged shoes, Fancy shirt, Red shirt, Red clothing, yellow Clothing, Black poncho, Red poncho, Black rags and green rags.
Gunsmith: Level 4: Shot gun, Sharp dagger and razor


I am no longer a member of this town so I won't update this anymore. As of Nov 16 this is accurate but any advancement in the town is unknown to me.

Town name: Wugsnake Gulch
State: Apple Creek (30)
General Store: Level 5 - Brown/Red Bowtie, Brown/Gray Bow, Yellow/Green Indian Necklace
Tailor: Level 5 - Fancy/Gray Slouch Hat, Fancy/Black Bowler Hat, Fancy Cap, Green Bonnet
Gunsmith: Level 4 - Shot gun, Sharp Dagger, Razor

This is from inside, as I assume everyone's posting is. I don't know what outsiders see.
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Hefty can we also add what state the town is in for faster reference? It just saves a bit of time searching in-game for DRC has it all JOIN (in state 11) and being disappointed when I'm in state 20 and it'll take days to go there and back.

Town name: Cactus Flats
State: 20
General Store: Level 3 - Golden Indian Necklace (great stats), Pony
Tailor: Level 2 - Nothing special
Gunsmith: Level 6 - Shot gun, Rusty muzzleloader, Bowie knife
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Jesse James

Town name:Tombstone
General Store:L5.Green/gray Bow Tie,Black/Blue Bow,Blue/Green Indian Necklace.
Tailor:L7.Fancy/Black felt Hat,Brown/Black bowler hat, Fancy Cap,Black/Gray Slouch Hat.
Fancy/Black Spiked Shoe,Fancy/Black work shoe,Fancy Cotton Shoe.
Blue/Gray cotton Jacket,Brown/Gray Waistcoat,Brown/Gray Checkered Shirt,Blue Shirt.
Gunsmith:L5.Precise shot gun,Sharp Razor Blade.

Will try to update regularly.
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Town name: Solace
General Store: Level 1 - Nothing special
Tailor: Level 1 - Nothing special
Gunsmith: Level 1 - Nothing special

As always will update as necessary


Town name: Devils Woods
General Store: Lvl 4 BLUE BANDANNA
Tailor: Lvl 4 Nothing yet
Gunsmith: Lvl 2 Nothing yet
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Town name:

Gold Rush Bend
located 2 squares from the right , 3 down
we also have a lvl 3 hotel.

lvl 3 General Store:

blue bandana (+2 swimming +1 aim) ** needed for quest re-thievery
green bandana (+3 swimming)
Golden indian necklace (+8 animal instict +4 hiding +4 vigor +3 setting traps)**RARE**
red indian necklace (+5 animal instinct +2 stamina)
donkey (+25% speed)
pony (+50% speed)

lvl 3 Tailor:

clints poncho (+7 dodging +5 construction +4 setting traps +4 appearance) **RARE**
brown poncho (+6 dodging +4 stamina)
black ragged shoes (+4 repairing +4 leadership)
brown ragged shoes (+4 swimming +4 construction)
gray cap (+5 thoughness)
brown cap (+6 thoughness +3 horseback riding)brown headband (+1 trading +1 swimming + 2 health)
black headband (+2 trading +2 repairing) ** needed for quest the right outfit
brown rags (+1 setting traps +2 reflex +2 vigor )
green rags (+1 setting traps +2 horseback riding)

lvl 4 Gunsmith:

precise shotgun (+1 thougness 10-36 dmg) **RARE**
sharp dagger (+1 vigor 18-28 dmg)razor (11-15 dmg)
fire stone (1-11 dmg)
slingshot (6-12 dmg)
broken whiskey bottle (3-13 dmg)
club with nail (8-16 dmg)
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Town Name: Wickerbough (Wicker - Recruiting for now)
Location: Cattle Country (25) Near Rock Ridge..

Fancy Cap
+6 Toughness
+4 Aim
+4 Tactics
+4 Reflex
Fancy Cotton Shoes
+1 Strength
+4 Stamina
+6 Appearance
+6 Reflex
+6 Setting Traps
Fancy Shirt
1 Charisma
+10 Appearance
+7 Shooting
+7 Horseback Riding
+6 Vigor

**nuthin' special**

Golden Indian Necklace
+8 Animal Instinct
+4 Hiding
+4 Vigor
+3 Setting Traps

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Town name: OffTopica

General Store:

brown bow,
green bow,
green indian necklace,
yellow indian necklace,
black bandana,
green bandana



Fancy Slouch Hat
Black Bowler Hat
Brown Slouch Hat
Grey Bowler Hat
Red Wooly Hat
Yellow Wooly Hat
Black Cap
Brown Cap
Red Headband
Blue Headband

Black Work Shoes
Brown Work Shoes
Brown Cotton Shoes
Black Cotton Shoes

Yellow Checkered
Green Checkered
Clint's Poncho
Brown Shirt
Brown Clothing
Green Clothing
Grey Shirt


Precise Shotgun
Push Dagger


Town name: Western City
General Store:
Level 2, Golden Indian neckless, Red Indian neckless, Red bandana, Gray bandana.
Tailor: Level 2, Fancy cap, Brown cap, Brown headband, Gray headband, Brown ragged shoes, Black ragged shoes, Blue poncho, Gray poncho, Red rags, Green rags.
Gunsmith: Level 2, Slingshot, Peddle, Club with nail, Broken whiskey bottle.

Item Stats:

Golden Indian neckless

+8 Animal instinct
+4 Hiding
+4 Vigor
+3 Setting traps
Purchase price: 660$
Sales price: 330$

Red Indian neckless

+5 Animal instinct
+2 Stamina
Purchase price: 75$
Sales price: 37$

Red bandana

+2 Swimming
+1 Construction
Purchase price: 14$
Sales price: 7$

Gray bandana

+2 Swimming
Purchase price: 10$
Sales price: 5$

Fancy cap

Requires level: 6
+6 Toughness
+4 Aim
+4 Tactics
+4 Reflex
Purchase price: 520$
Sales price: 260$

Brown cap

Requires level: 5
+6 Toughness
+3 Horsback riding
Purchase price: 112$
Sales price: 56$

Brown headband

Requires level: 3
+1 Trading
+2 Health points
+1 Swimming
Purchase price: 18$
Sales price: 9$

Gray headband

Requires level: 1
+1 Trading
Purchase price: 2$
Sales price: 1$

Brown ragged shoes

Requires level: 3
+4 Swimming
+4 Construction
Purchase price: 30$
Sales price: 15$

Black ragged shoes

Requires level: 3
+4 Repairing
+4 Leadership
Purchase price: 30$
Sales price: 15$

Blue poncho

Requires level: 4
+3 Dodging
+4 Aim
Purchase price: 80$
Sales price: 40$

Gray poncho

Requires level: 3
+5 Dodging
Purchase price: 38$
Sales price: 19$

Red rags

Requires level: 1
+1 Setting traps
+2 Construction
Purchase price: 12$
Sales price: 6$

Green rags

Requires level: 1
+1 Setting traps
+2 Horsback riding
Purchase price: 12$
Sales price: 6$


Requires level: 10
Damage: 6-12
Purchase price: 63$
Sales price: 31$


Requires level: 2
Damage: 1-7
Purchase price: 15$
Sales price: 7$

Club with nail

Requires level: 13
Damage: 8-16
Purchase price: 125$
Sales price: 62$

Broken whiskey bottle

Requires level: 7
Damage: 3-13
Purchase price: 40$
Sales price: 20$
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8th square across, top row

Tailor Level 2
Fancy Cap - +6 Toughness, +4 Aim, +4 Reflex, +4 Tactics

General Store Level 2
Green Indian Necklace
Blue Indian Necklace
Blue Bandana

Gunsmith Level 3
Club with Nail - 8-16 Damage
Sharp Razor Blade - 14-20 Damage +1 Aim

Celc Festus

Must See!!!!

Town name: Granger Pass
General Store: level 2--- Blue and Green Indian Necklaces
Tailor: level 3---- Fancy cap, Black Cap, Brown Poncho, Black Poncho, brown wool hat, gray wooly hat, fancy cotton shoes, Sunday clothing, and yellow clothing.
Gunsmith: level 3---Sharp Razor Blade/14-20 damage +1 aim

Will try to keep updated.:laugh:
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i dont think we need these long lists of what the items do. i sure hope people can figure that stuff out on there own. we have an absolutely massive post here. no one's going to want to search through all that text, just make it short and simple.

One Armed Ninja

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Also can i ask people to keep it relevent and only to post items that are actually special/rare or quest related, we dont want to know the exact contents of you general store, only stuff like a gold indian necklace for example


That's ambiguous. There are a lot of items needed for quests, and there are also a lot of items that could be considered rare. A little more definition, perhaps?