The West Classic - Coming Soon




I'm level 20 on the new world and there's 30 quests sitting for me to do, it's honestly overwhelming and I've done it all before many times, I can't imagine this being a great experience for new players... A lot of them are so long and grindy and they aren't even that competitive with working for either exp or money.

PLS new West version 1.x with better old quests.

Also thanks for the instant nugget set sale, very cool Inno /s
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Victor Kruger

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Only problem with classic was... No one could deal with the really good killers I mean players who knew how to skill their toons... kinda upset the children when they had their sweets stolen. If you didnt want that to happen you left town and worked in peace.. I think there should have been worker towns only where you could stay without being dueled.. but hey ho.

My fav trick was to stake out players KO the guy on his way to finish his class quest and ruin it... ohhhh boy was that unpopular... the salty messages I got lol

Lets be honest here for a sec, classic is all about it being the wild west.. either you can cut it and deal with lifes little mishaps at the hands of others or you cant. The way the world is now I think theres a place for it but not sure if it would be popular given it would take time and effort to get anywhere.

It needs some rich person to have a word with inno and buy the rights and reboot.... come on you vets that were young back then.. Harsha and Lulu im looking at you guys.. wheres Elon when you need him ? :'P
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