The West Classic - Coming Soon

Mustang Kate

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I signed the petition. We can only do tiny jobs for tiny pay. I did start late
on that server but I still don't have enough to found a town! We do need
more than 4 weeks.


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How the heck do you join this world? You know you would get more players if you made it easier instead of hiding it. You should have put it on the main page to enter the worlds after you sign in. This is very poor planning on a good idea

Pankreas PorFavor

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The other 5000+ players who have registered managed to find it well enough.
that notification on the login page with the link to the forum message probably helped ;)
but I admit - it is easy to ignore the login page messages, I rarely read them since they very very rarely say anything new...

Disinterested Horse

Sorry to gush but I have been thoroughly enjoying this trip down memory lane. I would be ecstatic if this could be extended beyond 4 weeks but totally understand if that's not possible. Personally I would not like to see this world/game modified in anyway. The challenging nature of the original game is so much more enjoyable than the newest version.


In case anyone is interested here's a list of quests via an old The West fansite call West Stats:
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ooooo this Classic world play is sooooo coooool :) This is what it was all about. LOVE IT. Thanks so much for doing this. Hope there is an extension. I'll need it just to get my donkey. LOL

Disinterested Horse

Ugh I forgot that the old game favored MOB/Horseback riding builds for leveling. I so stupidly went for quests and now I'll never catch up. With MOB/Horseback riding you hit 25-40% XP jobs almost right away. Then you get Pony Express and it's all she wrote.

I guess if you remembered or knew that to being with you had this competition in the bag from the get go.


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The last time my wife held up a sign and asked, "What can you put in this hole?", she regretted talking to me instead of a parrot.....