The Doors of Infinity


(OOC: Well, I didn't return to my cruiser. In fact the guard and I were sitting right out the door. But, I digress...)

Two shots, well that had been expected. Then the sound of two bodies hitting the floor, scuffling.... Glass breaking. "Shoot." Lee muttered, he led the way and the guard followed him as they stormed into the room. The two guardsmen were dead on the floor. The office was ransacked and it was apparent that all other inhabitants had vacated it, except for a pool of blood with a white sack... No, it was Dimez. Lee ran to the man who was clinging to life.

"So we meet again Dimez and now you are on the edge of death. Heh. Heh. Good things come to those who wait no?" Dimez was trying to say something. Lee thought he heard something about him being a . "Really? I am the donkey? Who disturbed the dragon? Now where is my binder?" Dimez coughed up a little blood then laughed. "You . They took it." "They!" Suddenly his communication device coughed to life. His head of security's voice came through. "Ambassador! The androids have all been knocked out. And the men in the trucks escorting your cruiser got too close to them before that and were slaughtered. They fled just before more of Dimez's men showed up. They could be up there with you any minute!" Lee heard the sounds of people coming up the stairs. "Get out of there I'll be fine." He turned off the reciever. Dimez was smiling now. "You think your men will kill me huh?" The footsteps were getting closer. "Goodbye Dimez."

It was a split second decision. Lee sent a bullet into Dimez's heart silencing him. Then Lee shot himself in the leg he'd been shot in before, the pain lanced through his body. His last guard ran forward and Lee blasted his brains out just as men appeared in the doorway of the office. They ran towards him guns drawn. They ran past and looked at Dimez who was clearly dead. Then they turned to him.

"Who are you? Who killed Dimez? Speak up before I kill you scum!" Lee was surprised by how much it hurt to get hit in the leg, much more than the first time. He managed to speak. "I am the Chinese ambassador. I had an appointment here." "So you wanted veangence for-" "No, I had a regular appointment. We arrived. there were men with guns they were killing people in building. My guards. Many were killed when I finally reached here. There were people from Zircog company here, they'd already killed Dimez. Then I found out some of my guards were agents of Zircog. They held me and a couple of my other guards at gunpoint. Then something went wrong the Zircog men gunned down some of the traitors and fled. A gun battle broke out between my remaining guards and the traitors. I shot the last one as you came in." Another wave of pain went through Lee's body. "Zircog killed Dimez?" "Yes?" "Where are they?" "I don't know. I understand one of their ships is in the spaceport." The man put his gun up to Lee's head then put it down again. "Chinese ambassador, huh. Well enough blood has been lost here today." He turned to one of the other men. "Get this sack a meat back to his den. I've got some orders to send." A large man came forward and easily picked up Lee. The pain lanced through him again. He was satisfied within himself however for as he left he thought he heard orders to put the space port under lockdown.

A while later he was dumped in front of the seedy embassy building. The aides ran out and took him in. The doctors started checking him over. He was informed that even with their finest technology he wouldn't be able to walk for 36 hours. Suddenly Lee was regretting his decision. The question of how was he going to get the binder now went through his mind. Not only that, but would the lockdown be enforced with Dimez dead?


Jea sat sprawled in her seat with a stalk of celery and a jar of peanut butter. Sebastian came walking onto the bridge. "Hey, babe." He came over and dipped a finger into the peanut butter. "What's the plan . . . Captain?" he asked with a devious grin. She licked the peanut butter off his finger before it reached his mouth.
"That's my peanut butter," she tried to scold, but laughed. He grabbed the peanut butter and her waist.
"This is my peanut butter," he growled. She pushed back, but let him take her.

She pulled herself off the ground, and started to gather her clothes. "Will you keep an eye on things for me?"
"Of course." She was barely dressed by the time she reached the door.

Walking between the crates of weapons and ammunition, she looked over at Cher. "Let's let out a crate of AR-52s and one thousand shredder rounds to the black market," she said thoughtfully. Cher, deep in her own thoughts, fingered the design on her lace chiffon.
"I'll let out a few at first, to raise interest, and therefore prices; and then I'll slowly release the rest," she finally said. Her business tactics were quite opposite her fashion statements. However, Jea understood why. She even caught herself staring at times.

Back on the bridge, she slapped the still naked Sebastian on his backside. "We'll be heading for the American colony in about two days," she said.
"Well, it's good to know the flight plan," he teased.
"Oh, please, like you cared," she scoffed, "The only flight plan you care about is my landing strip." The clothes she had just put on quickly came off again. She didn't know why she bothered.
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Lee was bedridden, all he could do was listen to status reports. The administrators of the Chinese colony were angry. According to them he had managed to almost completely slaughter his security teams. Which was correct considering that there were only about twenty-five armed troops patrolling the embassy. Most of them were fit for little else. Not only that but he had gotten too involved with Dimez and was recieving blame for his death. Fortunately this blame only came from within. It seemed that the remnants of Dimez's organization either trusted his story or were too busy engaging in a power struggle in Grit to deal with him. That was the other thing, the power struggle in Grit was starting to cause the city to distinergrate. There were reports that some of the more prominent "honest" citzens of the city were fleeing to other parts of the planet. Parts of the city were starting to feature roadblocks run by gangs that were not affiliated with the old Dimez cartel. Many police stations had been bombed and there were reports of several bank hold-ups. Occaisonally a street battle occured, but at the moment these were rare. Lee figured that it would only be a matter of time until the city melted into chaos though. He had already ordered all non-essential personnel back to the colony. He was now contemplating what else he could do. Evacuation, yes evacuation was probably the logical choice, if the mission had been purely diplomatic. However the binder was in the hands of idiots who had no use for it. They would probably dump it in a garbage disposal or something foolish like that. They did not have the brains to operate it, at least he hoped they didn't. Then another thought flashed through his mind, could they sell it? Maybe... He had to get that binder back. Then one of the aides came in, come to think of it there were only about thirty of them left, and four doctors.

"Sir, I offer you this information. It seems that, some AR-52 Rifles have appeared on the black market." "We are not warlords." "That is not all, ordinarily the guns on the market are ours. I am sure you are aware of why that is. Or they are derivatives of our comerades the Russians. Rarely do these appear this far out into space though many of the Americans of all creeds are equipped with them. I traced this nonetheless and I have hammered down the shipments as coming from the Zircog vessel that is still in the spaceport." "How is the spaceport?" "It has practically become a government unto itself. Money can do anything there. They don't take orders from the outside." "Could we buy the spaceport?" "Sir, they are very expensive. Securing the facility through our funds would be, cost ineffective." "Can't have that I suppose. Though these gun shipments. How do they come through?" "An incospicuous transport." "Sieze that transport." "How, we don't have enough firepower. Not to mention Zircog has an uncanny tracing capability for their employees." "We'll keep them moving." "How do we secure the transport in the first place?" "We don't, they still have to pass through space port security after flashing a wad of cash. So we'll offer the spaceport security even more money. They'll arrest the Zircog people and drop them in our waiting arms." "How much money do I require?" "Our remaining bankroll for such outlays." "All of it?" "We want the job done right, do it."


"All passengers of the Golden Moon, prepare for take off," Jea announced over the intercom. "Please remain in your berths until further notice." Many passengers, mercenaries and the likes, had disembarked at Grit. There was money to be made at such a hot spot for such people. Jea had made her money on the place. High-powered military hardware caught a pretty penny. Jea laughed; she thought of how funny it was that a monetary unity from the dawn of civilization would still be mentioned in the modern world via a colloquialism.

The Golden Moon took off without event and made way for New Denver. Jea hated planetary flight on spacecraft. Proportionally, it cost much more fuel than interplanetary travel when measured in kilometers. However, there was no use complaining about something she couldn't help.


He smiled down at her as the four of them entered the small diner, as he had a million times before. She could feel herself blushing even as she pulled the heavy revolver from out her handbag, young love.
"Nobody move this is a robbery!" "If any of you freaks move, I'll execute every last one of you" she could hear herself scream, they'd used the same corny lines at every job they'd ever done. It was stupid but he loved those old Tarantino films in fact she was suprised he didn't make her call him Mr. Blonde he already had the razor after all.
It was the same old routine as usual, Robbo emptied the till and Jacky-Boy helped himself to the customers wallets and jewlery whilst she and Ricky held the place at gunpoint. "So Dirty Harry you having fun yet" Ricky smiled down at her, she blushed again at the mention of her nickname it'd even made the papers, her parents would be freaking out by now. She watched the boys work the terrified customers helping themselves to whatever they wanted, they were in control. She could feel that old tingling sensation going up and down her spine, this was the biggest buzz she'd ever had even better than sex "You better believe it handsome" she replied grinning from ear to ear like the cheshire cat.
Out of the corner of her eyes she watched as the door swung open, she was buzzed, she was hyped she was Dirty Harry and quick on the draw. The gun fired twice into the doors woodwork that'd scare that stupid moron she thought to herself and then she saw the blood...
She watched Robbo run over to pull the bathroom door open, the kid had fallen to the floor in a heap two large hole in his chest, his eyes stared directly into hers "Oh god what have I done..."
a Shotgun blast tore through the room, the manager, a have ago hero had pulled the gun from behind the counter and fired, cutting poor Robbo's arm off at the elbow,All hell breaks loose. Ricky's 9mm fires past her face, she can feel teh heat of the weapons discharge as he cuts down the manager, the shotgun goes off again hitting a balding businessman in the side of his head. The people get up and run in panic every man for himself. Jacky-boy also panicking starts shooting into the crowd in an attempt to regain control "No Jacky, No!" Ricky shouts but its too late.
And as the panic and chaos raged around her Harriet an island of calm insanity continued to stare into the sixteen year old kids eyes, that dead accussing stare that would never leave her...

Harriet awoke soaked in sweat and screaming in her bunk No, no, no, no Stop it, leave me alone it was accident. Her breathing was fast, her heart beat even faster had she not been laying in bed she could have sworn she'd just ran a marathon.
"I can't go on like this" she moaned quietly to herself holding her head in her hands, a jolt of pain shot down from her left hand followed by a cry of pain it was then that she saw it, sitting there, mocking her.
Her revolver obviously recovered from Diemez' compound and kindly returned to her sat on her desk. The murder weapon, the only part of her past that still remained everything else was gone even her name had changed, Harriet "Dirty Harry" Connelly was no more, the one that got away.
However she hadn't got away...Had she? No the eyes were still watching her well it was time for those eyes to be closed for good.
As if in a trance Harriet picked up the revolver from her desk and walked towards the bathroom, her feet unsteady as the ship took off. Turning on the shower, she stepped inside still in her nightclothes, the cold water ran down her face as she sat down, resting her head against the cold steel wall, she began to shake, was it the cold or nerves? it didn't matter not for much longer anyway.
With some difficulty she managed to thumb back the hammer with her one good hand, before placing the barrel under her chin Ok on the count of three then...One...


As the Golden Moon approached the New Denver space port, Jea ordered the secure seating of her passengers over the intercom. "I do believe that you guys can handle this, I am going to go check up on Harriet. I wouldn't want her to come off her bed in the landing; I don't know if she's awake yet." The crew nodded as she walked out. Dressed in her captain's dress suit, her polished shoes clicked on the metal floor. She smiled to her self as she realized that she was unconsciously walking with pride and posture. She smiled again, she supposed -- no, she knew -- that military training was a good thing.

As she neared Harriet's room she softened her pose. Her heart also softened with concern. Swiping her pass, she entered the room.


...How could this happen? it'd never happened before, why now? why her? "Harry, Baby we've gotta go!" Ricky's shouted pulling her away towards the door she could hear the scream of approaching sirens, the police were coming.
As if she was stuck in a dream Harriet followed Ricky out of the door and into the diners carpark, there was a screech of tyres, a police van came to a halt, armed men leapt out before the back before it'd even stopped moving"Ignore it keep going" Ricky quietly urged her as they approached the car. Sporadic bursts of fire came from within the diner followed by silence it'd appeared Jacky-Boy had done something rather foolish.
Climbing behind the Audi's wheel Harriet quickly turned the ignition, it roared to life like some beast from the pit "Armed police get out of the car!" her eyes widend as half a dozen armed men approached, she could feel her throat going dry in terror, the revolver a dead weight in her hand. Out the corner of her eye she watched Ricky, her beloved Ricky draw his gun and fire and then as if it all the world had gone into slow motion she watched as the first round hit his shoulder, the gun fell from his hand as his knee's crumpled beneath him, they'd killed him they'd killed her Ricky.
Slamming the accelerator down to the floor the Audi shot across the carpark, the armed police dived for cover as she drove through the middle of them and onto the motorway, tears streaming down her face...

Three days later Harriet had joined the navy, a new name, a new life. Both Ricky and Robbo were in jail, they wouldn't be getting out this side of their pension and Jacky-Boy was dead, buried in a London cemetary at least his parents still cared for him.

The shaking was getting worse her fingers were starting to go numb with cold...Two...She pressed the barrel of the revolver deeper into the underside of her chin. Harriets eyes snapped open there was a tiny beep followed by the tell tale swish of her door opening, someone was in her room. Oh god they'd find her, they'd stop her the sudden shock of being discovered caused her to drop the gun it clattered louder on the showers tiled floor. With her one numb hand she quickly started scrambling for the gun, the sound of footsteps got nearer as they approached the open bathroom door Why hadn't she closed it?
Pushing the gun back under her chin Harriet closed her eyes and took a deep breath for what she intended to be the last time.


Lee was laying quietly in his hospital bed. It was so very relaxing actually to have nothing to do- An aide opened the door and walked in.

Lee gave out an exasperated sigh as an aide explained the newest development in his now badly mangled plan. "Gone?" "Yes sir, I barely kept all our money from being wasted for nothing. You should have seen that guard, I had to stick a knife in him so I could get out of there without being robbed." "Where did they go?" "They did not leave the atmosphere. I believe they were headed in the direction of the American colony." "The Americans?" "Yes." "Great." The Americans, would they sell the binder to them? He hoped not. "How much longer do I have to stay in this bed?" A doctor approached. "Six more hours sir. I would not attempt to move before then." Lee gritted his teeth. Then he turned to the aide. "Do we have anyone to contact in that colony?" "There is a Chinese representative there." "I know that." "There are no covert operatives there sir. Security is too tight. The men who planted pre-emplaced explosives there were meant to go in and come out." "Fools! You mean to tell me we have not a single operative in the colony of our most powerful rivals." "Yes sir." Lee sughed. "Get the cruiser ready. And contact the delegates of ours in the American colony, tell them I'll be visiting in a day."


As Jea entered the room she heard a clatter in the bathroom. "Harriet?" She pushed the door open. "Are you alright?" Seeing Harriet on the ground with the gun under her chin, Jea rushed over and pulled it away from her. Her grip was weak because of her physical condition and tears. "Oh, Harriet!" Jea gasped; she sunk to her knees and wrapped her arms around her. With her foot, she kicked the gun away. They rocked back and forth, crying together.

After Harriet's sobs quieted, Jea picked her up and took her to her bed. They sat on its edge and she wrapped her blanket around her shoulders. She held her tight to her breasts and kissed her hair. "You can't leave me that way," she cried, "You can't leave me anyway!"


...Three...Three...THREE DAMN IT! THREE.. Harriet sat beneath the freezing water barely aware of Jea's presence or her removal of the gun from her hand.
She had no idea how long she was sat at the edge of the bed crying in Jea's arms before she finally replied in a tiny voice "you don't understand...I don't deserve this....I've done bad things...I need to stop the eyes from watching me" her gun lay on the bathroom floor where Jea had kicked it as if to mock her of her crimes and her cowardice to end it all.
A fresh wave of tears rolled down her face "My name isn't even Lynch...its Connelly...Harriet Connelly...I am the one that got away..." she allowed herself to be laid down onto the bed, she was cold and wet but most of all she was tired, So very tired. She knew the dream would return, certain of it but she couldn't help herself.


"Sir!" Lee was waken suddenly by one of his aides. "Wha-" "The city is spiraling out of control-" "How long have I been asleep?" "Seven hours." Lee lurched to his feet, he managed to stand solidly. Then he punched the aide in the jaw. "Idiots! Where is the-" "The colony has sent a fast freighter, its under fire right now and we will evacuate in that." "Under fire?" "There are rebels everywhere." An explosion rocked the decrepit building. "Come sir." The pair rushed to the roof of the building. Lee managed to see the chaos ensuing in the streets below. Burning vehicles, tracer rounds firing everywhere, and bodies scattered all over the street. They reached a portable elevator dangling from below the freighter and climbed aboard. As the elevator rose an explosion rocked the shaft below them as they entered the belly of the freighter.

As Lee and the aide stumbled into the freighter a man, apparently the captain, rushed forward. "Is the ambassador aboard yet?" Lee nodded yes and said, "I'm the ambassador." The ship shook as another low powered rocket hit it. "I've recieved orders that you are my superior in this mission. Our evacuation shaft was destroyed as you came up it. My ship can get closer to load more survivors but we're taking quite a beating. Do we leave, or save the others?" Lee paused, "Who is aboard?" A heavy explosion rocked the ship. A woman checking the ship's status yelled that the engines were being forcibly reduced to 80% of power. "Twenty-eight aides and a doctor. Hurry sir!" "Set course for the American colony." "Yes sir!" The man who had helped him through the building who had momentarily been stunned by Lee's response yelled, "What of the others? The guards and our other comerades, shall they die?" "They die for the cause now silence!" The captain was already rallying the orders the ship shook as it started to rise and the two light autocannons in its hull retreated back into the ship. Lee's communication device went off. Someone was calling. Lee answered. "Yes?"

"This is Chien Wu calling, I demand to know why you are withdrawing." It was his security commander. "The evacuation equipment was destroyed. We'll send support soon." He could hear explosions and gunfire in the background. "We can't hold that long!" "Make do." "You are leaving good loyal men and women to die!" "We will send support." "You leave us to die. The same thing happened to me and the unit I commanded before. They said they'd send help-" He heard a machinegun suddenly start chattering then stop. "They didn't I they found me under a pile of bodies." "What was your name?" "Chien Wu." "Are you married?" "No, you monster!" The machinegun started up again, an explosion sounded like it went off nearby. "Well Ms. Wu, how much of our equipment is still there?" "Enough information and equipment that we could bargain our way out of this, that's what I think I'll do." "What? How dare you, destroy it all or be a traitor to your country!" "My people's lives are more vital, we can't fight our way out. So we'll bargain." "Traitor!" "I believe in life scum!" She cut the line, Lee turned to a crewman. "How far have we gone?" "Eight miles." Lee reached into his briefcase which he'd manage to keep with him the whole time. He grabbed a small device and pushed in a red button. One of the visual monitor men yelled out, "A mushroom cloud is rising over the embassy. The entire block has been engulfed." There were several gasps, Lee tossed the device into a garbage disposal. Well, one of his toys was detonated early. Oh well. He walked over to the captain. "How long to the American colony?" "At top speed, four hours. One hour passing through their security screens. By the way, what was that explosion from?" "The efforts of our-proud comerades to keep our secrets out of the hands of our enemies."


Jea picked up the weapon and left the room. She posted a guard at the door and a nurse in the room. She hoped that Harriet would open up to her instead of keeping her emotions to herself. That would lead to . . . to . . . suicide.

Jea returned to the bridge just in time to send the ship's identification to port control herself. The landing was uneventful and the ship was quickly tugged to dock.


Harriet once again awoke screaming only to find herself in the arms of Fiona one of the ships nurses "Shhh...It alright its all over now" Harriet trembled in Fiona's arms memories of recent events were still too fresh, however it was one memory in particular that seemed to stand out. You told her your name.
"Are you ok? we can talk about it if you like?" Fiona enquired quietly her voice filled with genuine concern "No..No its just a recurring nightmare..I...I'll be fine" leaning back so that she could look into Harriets eyes Fiona persevered "Are you sure, i mean considering what you've just been through?" Harriet just nodded there was no way she was ready to talk.
Getting up from the bed Fiona walked over to Harriets small chest of drawers in search of some dry clothes "Well if you like we can get you some sedatives to help you sleep whilst we're docked in New Denver" she asked over her shoulder.
Harriet eyes widened in terror, they were on American soil and they knew her real name! images of extradition treaties, reward money and waiting policemen spiralled through her mind. No Jea wouldn't do that to me... Are you sure about that?, Well...No but...But nothing you know how much the reward money was even you own family would turn you over, But..But what do i do?, Thats easy you escape, How?
The plan formulated in her mind as she studied Fiona's figure...They were about the same size and she was blonde.
With lightning fast speed she seized Fiona from behind forcing her head into a sleeper hold like she'd been taught by the navy "I am sorry...I am so sorry but i can't stay here they know who I am!" she whispered frantically as Fiona began to black out in her arms.

"How is she?" the guard enquired of the nurse as she left Harriets room "She'll be fine I've sedated her so she shouldn't cause you any trouble" walking down the hallway Fiona's high heeled shoes clicked loudly on the metallic floor, how the hell does she walk in these things Harriet thought to herself trying desperatley to stay upright. The clothes had been a suprisingly good fit even if the shoes were several sizes too small, pinching her feet painfully with each step. with her hair tied back the same way as Fiona had hers and little lipstick Harriet made a passable Fiona from a distance, just so long as the real Fiona remained undiscovered.
With Fiona passed out in her room the easy part was over now all she needed was a means of escaping New Denver...Doesn't Jea have a car?
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The freighter passed through the American security screens without incident. It was soon docked and as Lee stepped out onto the unloading dock he spotted the Zircog ship. As he contemplated what to do a group of Chinese officials approached.

"Mr. Yew?" "Yes?" Lee was still watching the Zircog vessel intensely. "We understand that much off your staff was lost in Grit. We give our condolences." "You think I was that attached?" "We understand that-" "I make no such connections. Do you have a vehicle ready?" "Yes. Its over here." Lee was led to a nice, if compact land cruiser. And got in. "Where do you wish to go Mr. Yew?" "See that ship?" Lee pointed at the Zircog vessel. "Yes, I do." "The first vehicle that leaves it we will follow it." "Why Mr-" "Obey, also make sure my staff safely arrives at the embassy." "I will do that."

As the officials made arrangements for Lee's remaining staff Lee watched the Zircog ship. Someone had to leave that dock sometime...


Jea's Car sat the ships loading bay, the 1962 Cobra's paintwork gleamed under the ships arc lighting. Gently caressing the cars bodywork Harriet felt guilty at what must be done, they didn't make cars like these any more.
At the far end of the loading bay she could hear Cher haggling with American port inspectors whilst the cargo was being unloaded for sale in New Denever. Kneeling down beside the car Harriet quickly undid the strapping that held the car in place during flight, throwing the metal buckles well clear of the wheels the last thing she needed was a flat.
Climbing inside Harreit frantically set about hot wiring the engine, it'd been yeards since Ricky had shown her how to do this "Hey what are you doing to the captains car?" a voice shouted curiously, without stopping to answer Harriet spliced the ignition wires together, the engine roared into life, the shouting from the loading crew got louder and more desperate as they ran towards her, she could see Cher shouting down a mobile no doubt telling Jea that someone was trying to steal her car.
Throwing the silly high heels away Harriet stamped down on the accelerator with all her might, the wheels spun wildly kicking up great plumes of smoke and burning rubber as she shot down the ramp narrowly avoiding Cher.
Skillfully dodging a forklift truck loaded with crates Harriet headed for the exit, American border guards began shouting frantically far her to stop inholstering their weapons, Not a chance on this planet Harriet thought to herself with an evil smile this was just like the good old days.
The car smashed through the barrier a few sporadic gun shots flew overhead but none came close to hitting her or the car. All her previous guilt had vanished, as had Harriet Lynch. "Dirty Harry" was driving and she meant to escape.


An American car of an ancient make barreled through the barriers chased by customs officials and bullets.

"Follow that vehicle you idiots!"

The cruiser pulled in behind the car, the driver was clearly putting all the car's energies to escaping. It was by no means stealthy because of the cloud of dust it threw up. In comparison the low hovering cruiser flew across the ground without causing any disturbance. Unfortunately the American car was still faster than the cruiser, and there were customs officials in hot pursuit of the American car to further confuse the situation. As they laced in and out of traffic at breakneck speed Lee considered his possible actions. He decided to place a tracer on the car. He was given a small tracking device firing gun. The roof was opened and he took aim... Suddenly some sort of insect smashed full force into his face. He fired, the round drilled into the ground. Lee asked for more tracers, there were none.

"Well they'll have to run out of fuel."


Jea was on the bridge when it happened. The security monitors brought up the action live. Jea shook her head. "Bring out the beamer," she said. Sebastian raised an eyebrow. Most people didn't like beamers; bringing one out wasn't a public goodwill campaign. Jea nodded her head.

Some called them beamers, others UFOs. However, that was an obvious misnomer because they weren't unidentified. Everyone knew what they were. Yet, saucer-shaped it was. The beamer powered up and levitated off of its flight deck. It's hydrogen-powered jets slowly increased their lift until the craft was clear of the mother-ship. Then it shot away after the tracker on Jea's classic.


The human mind is a delicate thing, Harriets already haunted by her past had been stretched to snapping point, her capture and subsequent torture at the hands of the crimelord however had been what had tipped the balance. Unable to cope with the abuse Harriet "Dirty Harry" Connelly had assumed control, something Harriet Lynch had tried to avoid by attempting suicide only to be stopped by Jea whose car she was currently driving through downtown New Denver.

Harriet laughed as the Cobra weaved in an out of traffic at break neck speed her short blonde blowing in the breeze, there was the blare of a horn as she narrowly avoided an oncoming lorry.
Harriet couldn't believe it, the old days were back, the do or die days where the slightest mistake would buy you a pine box and a plot of earth, oh how she had missed them.
Unaware of the ongoing chase happening around it the garbage truck slowly reversed out into the road, had it not been for the broken fingers on her left hand Harriet probably would have missed it all together, instead there a shower of sparks as the car narrowly squeaked through the gap, Harriet stared wide eyed at where the wing mirror used to be and started to giggle Jea's going to freak when she see's that.
Behind her came a screech of tires and the crunching of metal on metal as one of the cops pursuing her crashed into the garbage trucks rusting side, Good that will buy me some time she thought to herself as she negotiated a sharp turn up ahead, the fingers on her left hand throbbing with pain.
It was whilst Harriet was taking this bend that she saw the saucer out of the corner of her eye, the quiet hydrogen fuelled engines masked by sirens and horns of the cars all around her, had it not been for that bend she'd have never have seen it until it was too late.
Hariet swore loudly Shes sent a beamer after me... but how? probing around the cars steering collumn with her injured left and she swore again upon locating the small black box bolted to its underneath so the car has a tracker, well its too late to remove it now better to ditch it somewhere.
Swinging the car sharply to the left, car horns blaring loudly as she cut them up, Harriet made for a multi story carpark in the hope that the saucer couldn't follow her inside.
Crawling through the fluorescent lit carpark she found a spot at the back, killing the engine she calmly took stock of her situation. She had no money, no shoes and no friends and was currently being pursued by both Jea and the police, things weren't looking too good at the moment. Harriet knew she could handle the cops it was outrunning Jea that worried her the most.
Quickly Searching the cars interior Harriet managed to locate a pair of sunglasses and a .38 revolver in the cars glove box amongst the usual clutter, tucking the .38 into the waistband of her skirt Well Fiona's skirt if you wanted to be picky Harriet Climbed out of the car and started making her way towards the fire exit, the sound of police sirens was getting louder and no doubt the saucer would be outside waiting for her also but currently her options were rather slim.
Putting on the stolen sunglasses Harriet casually strolled out onto the New Denver streets, hoping no one would notice her or the fact that she was wearing no shoes.


As the cruiser rushed through the busy traffic it started to lose ground, finally the police cruiser who were fortunately uninterested in them passed by. The driver suddenly swore and they watched one of the cruisers get dashed to pieces on the side of a garbage truck. The driver swerved and sent the cruiser barreling into smaller "smart" cars as the Americans called them. The heavy cruiser swatted them away like flies. "Where is she?" Lee yelled. Then they saw the car again, and a strange saucer like vehicle. Cruising the air. The car rushed into a multi-story parking lot. "Stop!" Lee yelled and the driver halted before entering the car lot. "There's no way out of here. She's going to run on foot, where's a fire exit?" "There is one over there sir," said the driver. "The only one?" "Well," he pointed out the nearby Chinese embassy, "There are three." "Get to them! When you see her contact me." They dismounted the vehicle and ran for the exits. Lee and two guards watched the nearest exit. The saucer meanwhile seemed to have dissapeared. The guards turned their assault guns to fire. "There she is." Lee indicated the girl as she exited the building looking disoriented and shoeless. "I've spotted her," he explained on the communication device to the others, "Come around and we'll surround her and..." He saw the embassy was right across the street. "Bring her into our home. The three sprinted towards the girl and as they closed in they saw their compatriots turn the corner at the other end of the street. Just as a large crowd started to cross the nearby crosswalk. They didn't have a second to lose. Lee sprinted again and with his pistol drawn jammed it into the back of the girl's skull as the two guards clicked their fire switches back and forth threateningly and audibly. They had to hurry the crowd was getting close.

"Come now young lady. You shouldn't be running so far, now why don't you be a good girl and come with us?"


The Beamer hovered above the parking structure, and momentarily two soldiers levitated down to its roof. They disappeared down the stairwell and moments later reappeared on the roof driving the classic car. The Beamer brought them all back up but continued hovering over the garage.

Down in the street below, Harriet's location became obvious as two Chinese men caused a scene trying to abduct her. Jea, patched into the Beamer's visual from the mother-ship, gave a strike order. Two lasers shot out and cleanly killed the gunmen. Of course, the kills themselves were not clean. Blood splattered everywhere. Harriet was in ever greater need of new clothing.