The Doors of Infinity


One of the doctors suddenly turned to Lee.

"Sir, he could be anywhere! Don't you realize you've been out three hours." "Oh, I didn't check my watch. Forget it then." "We could still look..." "There are better things for me to do. Now, return to your duties." "Yes sir."

Lee contemplated the situation, hmmm.... He had no idea what the ship had carried, probably some garbage cargo. He was happy however that at least Dimenz had been shaken without costing them too many agents. There was sure to be a witch hunt to deal with any, rebels against Dimenz's rule. To trigger the next phase he would need the Levite. He was still not sure who would play the part. He sighed and sank into thought.

He took out a cigar. A habit he'd only developed after arriving here. That was the odd thing about staying in Grit it seemed like no matter what anyone who spent time in the city started to smoke.


Jea walked over to Cher. "Price?"
"They've estimated 4,500 GU's for our load," Cher stated.
"Not bad," Jea smiled, "Not bad at all." She'd been to markets where estimators had tried to ignore the deflation of the Galactic Unit and charge ridiculous, old-value prices. "We'll take it."

Back at the ship's bridge, Jea monitored the unloading of the ship from the consoles there. Everything was running smoothly; only those goods which she wanted to sell in Grit were being unloaded. As she read her log, a hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up to see Sebastian looking down at her.
"How is everything going?"
"Oh, very good, yes, everything is going fine," she smiled, "and you?"
"I," he answered, "am in your company, how could I be anything but great?" She forcefully grabbed his shirt collar and kissed him.

Jea stood looking out her porthole at the activities of the shipyard. Trucks loaded as merchants bought her supplies. People ran back and forth and wonderful mayhem ruled.
"Soon it will be time." Sebastian smiled back from the bed.


Harriet staggered out of the bar and into the dark of Grit's night life. Unused to alcohol in such large quantities Harriet could barely walk in a straight line. Heading down the alley back towards the ship Harriet thought she heard the scraping of a shoe behind her.
"Hello Gorgeous remember me?" Harriet turned drunkenly to find the source of the gravelly voice certain that she recognised it.
She never saw the first blow, but she felt it, it was like a hammer blow smashing into her skull it was then that she remembered the man from the bar.
Fumbling for her gun fully intent on ending the upcoming fight with one shot she was unaware of two more men coming out of the shadows one of whom quickly forced her arms up around her back, a sharp pain lancing down each arm as he did so, pinning her in place.
Had it not been for this man holding her in place as the others beat her within an inch of her life she surely would have fallen, instead she merely slumped down in his grip as the blows rained down upon her unprotected body.
"Thats enough Miguel, the boss wants to talke to her and she needs all of her teeth for that" loosening his grip on her arm they proceeded to drag the barely concious Harriet off into the night. She had a meeting with "The Boss"


"Captain Jea," came a voice on the intercom, "Please look at your console, we have an emergency." Jea quickly pushed Sebastian's arm off her and got out of bed. She shivered. On her console was a chip tracker. "The chip, as you can see id Harriet's. Her blood stream has recently released high amounts of adrenaline and she seems to be unconscious. However, her co-ordinates are moving." Jea looked at the data closely.
"We need to find out what has happened. I will lead a search team."
"Captain, it is advisable that you stay with the ship."
"I will be fine. Get a team ready in five minutes."


Diemez sat in his chair. Three men burst into the room dragging a woman, beat half to death, with them. "KNOCK!" Diemez burst. "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! How may times do I half to tell you?!" He redid his belt and shooed the woman on his desk away. "Well, what do you have here?" he asked.
"It's a space pilot from dat ship, boss," said one.
"Oh, is it weally, boss?" Diemez mocked. "WHAT ship, you imbecile? I flunked mind reading class."
"The one da chinese man wa talkin' 'bout, boss," answered Miguel.
"Ooooh, dat one!" Diemez mocked again. "Get out of my office, you goons! Leave her here! GET!" Like the three stooges, the trio clumsily left the room with much haste.

"What's your name? Speak, woman!" Diemez demanded. However, there was no answer. He grabbed her by her collar and spread her out on his desk. He relieved her of her weapons and put them in a drawer. He smacked her face. "Speak!"


Lost in her own personal sea of pain and suffering, Harriet had no idea how long she was dragged through the dark streets of Grit or where her final destination would be. Unconscious for most of the journey, waking only when hit, a lance of pain, stabbing out of the darkness. Suddenly the world around her changed. There was light, bright light and raised voices as she was placed onto a table of some sort. A voice from above her asked a question but Harriet was too far gone to answer her vision fading rapidly into darkness once more.
"Speak to me woman!" the blow painfully brought Harriet back into consciousness "What is your name woman answer me" another blow fell against her already heavily beaten face "Ensign. Lynch, Harriet. NVY016635" she replied through swollen lips, her vision still blurry from the beating and the alcohol she'd consumed tried to focus on the face looming over her.
"A navy girl eh? well don't you try that crap with me Senorita, we have ways of making navy girls talk" the man was tall with dark hair and equally dark eyes. Dressed in an expensive white suit he looked every bit the gangster that he was. "Now tell me Harriet where is your ship?"
"Ensign. Lynch, Harriet. NVY01..." Grabbing two of the fingers on her left hand he wrenched them back, there was a loud snap, Harriets scream could be heard all through the building.
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Lee sat at his desk when an aide burst in.

"Sir!" "What?" "You asked us to keep tabs on that ship's crew-" "NO! I told you to get off that case morons!" "Well, don't you want to hear what happened?" "What did one of them take a crap we're not the CIA!" "No, one of them has been kidnapped." Lee paused, "Which one?" "Co-pilot." "Who took him?" "Her. She was drunk and had shot a man in the bar. His buddies came and picked her up." "Well, call the cops I could care less about a rape." "Its more than that, see she was taken to Dimez." "Dimez! Why would he want her?" "I'm not sure sir." "Hmmm... Perhaps... Keep tabs on her, I want to know where she is at all times. I want to know the floor I want to know how many men are guarding her. If her pals show up, help them." "In Dimez's nest?" "Yes, now go!"

Lee knew he'd given a complex task, heck the best his boys could do would be to stand by the door and aid the girl's pals since the Chinese couldn't start an international incident, on their own...


Since that mornings events Hammer had kept the ships security on high alert and wasn't feeling any better and his gut told him something wasn't right. Hammer stood in the bay over seeing the unloading of the last of the goods with his arm propped on the stock of his rifle. Everything was going good but that wasn't easing his worry any and he couldn't quite figure out why but he tried to remain focused on the job at hand. Suddenly the crackle in his ear of his comm system jolted him back to reality from his worry.
"Security to Hammer; Code Black Alert -Priority Alpha Transmission " came the voice of one of his security officers and his worry immediately kicked into overdrive. Code black was the code for a missing staff member and he silently cursed himself. "Hammer go ahead" "Sir, we just intercepted information that Co-Pilot Lynch is missing" "Have you checked her ID chip?" "Yes Sir, high amounts of adrenaline were released with large quantity of blood losses" "Is she alive?" "Yes Sir, seems to be unconscious at the moment though, location undetermined at the moment, A search party has been organized under the captain, do you want me to inform her you will be joining her" "Negative, let her lead it, she knows what she is doing, Send me the location of were lynch's chip ID'ed the adrenaline release to my land warrior"
"Yes Sir, do you want a team with you and do you think its best she leave the ship"
"No, I'v got it on my own and as for the captain its her call and she can handle herself"
"Sir are you sure" "Yes, send me a driver and car to the bay, have them bring me a copy of her file and photo." "Already done sir, should be there now" "Hammer out, Keep me informed of the search teams progress"
As the car pulled up to the bay he got in the passenger seat and pulled up the cords. and couldn't help but smile as he noted it was a bar, "Figures" he mumbled to himself with a small chuckle as he gave the location of the bar to the driver.
At arriving at the Bar Hammer hung his riffle over his back and pulled the photo out and entered. once inside the bar he took quick stock of the place and was surprised it was quite full. "well this is gonna be fun" he said to himself as he got the bartenders attention.
"Can i help you sir?" said the short pudgy man behind the counter
"Seen her?" Hammer asked showing the picture
"She was here earlier playing cards over there with those guys" the pudgy man pointed to a group "but she already left" he added quickly "there aint gonna be no trouble is there?" the guy asked. "Depends on what i find out" was the reply as hammer walked away towards the group.
Pulling out a chair beside the group playing cards, Hammer spun it around and straddled the chair backwards and taking a seat. "hows the game going fellas"
"fun as always" said the guy dealing "care for a hand and join us?" the same guy asked.
"no, but you might be able to help me" taking out the photo he tossed it on the table "seen her?".
"sure have, bout cleaned us out and then left, when you find her, tell her i want a rematch"
"any trouble happen while she was here?" hammer asked. "sure did, some drunk come on a little strong and she shot him down, it was quite funny, when he would give up she put a bullet between his boots and threatened a gender change right here in public, ne'er seen notin' like it" he said with a laugh "but that guy didn't take it so well, he looked madder than a wet hen when he left". "know were i can find this fella? hammer asked, "sure do, three tables behind you, him and his two buddies are the tree drunk stupid ones there" the guy said pointing them out "but be careful the work for Deminez" he warned.. "thanks"
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Harriet lay whimpering on the table, holding her broken fingers close to her chest as she watched the man in the white suit pace furiously back and forth across his office "You see what you made me do Senorita! Now where is your ship or do I need to be unpleasant again?" he advanced towards her furiously with murder in his eyes "No...Please I'll talk...Its in loading bay Alpha" Harriet cried she could feel the tears rolling down her face but then as if a switch had been flicked the gangster began to smile "You see that wasn't so hard now was it Senorita?" he said patting her lightly on the cheek.
This man is crazy Really crazy Harriet thought to herself as she lay curled up on the table and although the adrenaline had diluted the alcohol sufficiently for her think clearly every part of her body screamed with pain.
"Hey baby, Tell Miguel I have job for him....What do you mean he's gone?...Idiota!, Fine send Salvador and his crew to loading bay Alpha, tell him to make sure no one goes in or out....Also see what you can dig up on Ensign Harriet Lynch....I love you too Baby" Hanging up the phone the gangster turned his attention back to Harriet "Tell me Senorita whats on your ship thats so important that the Chinese embassy wants me to blow it up?"


Hammer picked up the picture and made his way to the group the man pointed to, and approached the guy obviously in charge. He tapped the man on the shoulder and put the picture in the guys face. "Have you seen her?"
"BUZZ OFF" came the reply
Hammer turned around quietly drawing the enforcer on his left hip and bringing it to his mouth as he whispered the words "Security over ride" and the gun gave a low buzz signifying the safety was disengaged. The good thing about these guns were he was the only person who could use them and anyone who tried would get a shock of their life if it didn't kill them. Turning back around and hiding the gun behind his leg, he tried again, showing the picture "i said have you seen her"
"I said Get lost or your gonna get hurt" said the drunk not even looking up.
The sound of the gunshot and the peircing scream echoed in the bar as the man grabbed his leg just above the knee were the bullet had just shattered bone and sent blood spraying.
"I said have you seen her?" Hammer's words sounding extremely loud in the now silent bar.
"You idiot, do you have any idea who i work....."
The second shot sounding even louder than the first as another toe curling scream let lose from the guy who just fell from his chair at Hammers feet holding his other now ruined leg. Placing the toe of his left boot on the screaming man leg were he was shot the first time, Hammer placed some of his wait on the wound drawing another scream from the man.
"I said have you seen her?"
"yeah, we beat that broad to an inch of her life and took her to the boss."
"who is the boss" Hammer noticed the guy's buddy to his right shift suddenly and quickly drawing his right enforcer so fast that Jesse James would have been proud and putting the barrel to the guys temple "if i was you i wouldn't twitch " A low buzzing noice was heard and a computer female voice boomed through the room "D.N.A. and voice recognition Confirmed. Identity Confirmed as Hammer." as a row of mumbling echoed through the other patrons and the look of utter shock crossed the man's face who had the gun to his head. "now where were we oh, yeah who is the boss now that i have your attention?"
"Deminez" came the reply from the floor
"who else works for Deminez in this bar" Hammer said to the other patrons and with no answer he continued "I can either shoot all in the bar till someone talks or you can just tell me" two men at the back table stood holding both their hands in the air, these two looked to be book keepers or so with tall lanky bodies with coke bottle glasses and scared to death.
"good i need you fellas' to deliver a message to that slime. tell him he messed with the wrong ship and the wrong crew and Hammer is in town and not to happy at all"
Turning around he made three steps before turning around and firing six shots into the three who had taken Harriet their lifeless bodies leaking blood on the bar floor. looking to the two men standing there still "i suggest you tell your boss soon, tell him i'm coming, tell him Lynch better be on our ship in perfectly good health by the time i get there or he is next, he has twenty minutes" and he turned and walked out leaving the whole bar in utter shock


The phone rang. Lee paused, perhaps this was his chance? Then he answered it.

"Sir, sir..." There was fear in the man's voice. "Yes?" "A man, he entered the bar where the girl was taken... He shot a man, men. The ones who took her. He asked if anyone worked for Dimez, we were the only two others people who did. Said he was going to start shooting. We, we decided we'd step forward... He told us to go to Dimez and warn him. Should, should we do it?" "What was the man's name?" "He carried this gun-" "Name! I want a name!" "Hammer..." "Hammer? This isn't some screwy capitalist comic book imbecile! What was his name?" "Hammer..." "Where did he come from?" "The ship, probably. Could be a disgruntled relative, spouse, friend I do not know..." "Well, how much longer-" "He gave us 20 minutes, told us to warn Dimez. Fifteen left... Should we obey him?" "Stay there, my office will call you back in five, I'll pull up a file on this... Hammer."

Lee hung up and called for information on a man called Hammer, probably an alias. Hammer... Where had he heard that name? It was familiar... There were too many results, then Lee decided to cross-reference the data with the crew manifest of the ship which had been carefully secured from the port's office. One result, a Jonathan Felts. Apparently the man was skilled and feared throughout the galaxy. He was a security officer for Zircog... That was it! A few years ago an incident occured where a lightly armed merchant vessel was being held hostage in a city much like Grit. It was a rogue Chinese colony however and it was back during the old UN inter-galactic days. The Chinese needed a reason to subjugate the rogue colony but the UN interfered. Then that merchant vessel had been held up. What happened next was disputed but it was said that Hammer slaughtered scores of men to secure the vessel which escaped under heavy fire. As a result of this incident the Chinese were given free reign to knock out the rogues and Zircog made sure to put a lot of artillery on their vessels. Come to think of it while conditioning the colony Lee had attempted to show he was human by personally talking with some of those to be "conditioned". The man had seen what had happened on that ship. His story of what Hammer did seemed almost fantastic to Lee. Looking through his file though he could tell it wasn't all fantasy. Lee called the agents back.

"Tell Dimez he's coming, tell him Hammer is coming backed up by a security team from the ship." "He had no team sir." "He'll probably bring one, and if he doesn't he'll still "have" one provided by us. Now go warn Dimez." "Yes sir." Lee hung up and immediately called for his head of security. The fellow, a women ran into the room.

"Yes sir?" "I want an android group deployed. At Dimez's headquarters. I want them in Zircog uniforms." "Androids? Those are for starting incidents... And besides they are dumb, a large group they kill everything in the area they're assigned. They don't discriminate. They'd shoot us as well as Dimez's thugs. They'd slaughter civilians too. If you want to dispose of Dim-" "I don't want to. I want them to storm his nest." "And?" "Make a mess. Kill everything until they're terminated." "There's no point. The androids will be slaughtered in the halls." "Dimez will have most of his guards deployed around the nest's perimeter. He's expecting someone." "So you want the droids to sneak in-" "I want them to storm in. Let Dimez figure out who he's supposed to kill." "It's insane. We'll lose our android unit just like the pointless slaughter of our security units at that port! It's pointless, and it will cost more to replace!" "It will be for the better comrade. Do as I say and make sure that any agents we have in the building try to get out before the androids come. Oh, by the way I want another security team, of humans I feel like visiting someone today." "What!" "Do as I say comrade. By the way you have under 15 minutes." "Yes..." She left the room quickly.

Lee laughed within himself. He had found the Levite. As for all the movements he asked for he knew they'd be hurried and disorganized. But they would also be messy, in a way he liked... Then he paused, and called Hugo Dimez's office. He was aiming for a personal visit. With a gift. A few million should get him into the office he figured...
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Jea looked at the coordinates of Harriet's chip on her visor. Panning the view, she could she her own position as well.
"Sniper, we've got company on the roof," she spotted.
"Identified," came the response; and then, "Targets eliminated."
"Point, deploy grapples," she commanded. Several grapple guns fired and hooked onto the roof. "Defensive perimeter."

On the roof, Jea rushed to the stairwell door.
"Shotgun, cover the door." The door was opened and the squad moved in. "Vertical cover." The squad advanced down the stairwell.

"We've got combatants beyond these doors," Jea said. The door was kicked in and a flash grenade stunned the hostiles. Knives finished them off.
"Advance, point."

Jea's energy gun took out three thugs running to investigate the bang. Another bolt blasted open the door's to Diemez's office. He was bent over Harriet squeezing her bare breasts. The third bolt blasted right through both of Diemez's elbows, rendering him virtually armless.
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Lee was attempting to negotiate his way into Dimez's nest. "I have a gift for Dimez, a few-" "He's busy." "But-" "Busy." Then he heard what sounded suspiciously like a muffled gun shot. The phone line cut. "." He looked at the wall clock, 5 minutes early. It was a surprise, almost certainly. He doubted Dimez's chance to survive. But he was the only man who could start Lee's plan. The only man. He was running into his cruiser when he sent a call to his security head. She answered.

"Change of plans." "What?" "Send the androids now." "They aren't disguised, some of them aren't even skinned we're on site but they won't trick anyone now!" "Send them. And make sure to lock up the area. Detonate the preplanted bomb we have by the place so his security men wake up. The mingle with them and establish a cordon. Shoot anything trying to go in or out." "You ask too much." Lee dashed into the cruiser which pulled out and took the straightest route to Dimez's nest. It would take 6 minutes. "Send the androids at least! I'm coming now and if what I think is happening occurs without a hitch I'm going to be angry!" "Fine. Comerade I will do as you say. But I swear your orders-" Lee hung up.

They'd come too fast, Hammer and whoever was with him, Dimez was a hostage or dead... Well, then again Dimez didn't matter. Lee knew he just needed to be in his office to trigger the device. Trigger it and turn this rock into an apocalyptic mess. Trigger it and Dimez, whether or not he was dead would get the blame. Trigger it and the military parades occuring in the American colony would be engulfed by death. Trigger it and the loose Native American elder council would be having a meeting when the earth under their traditional compound would open. Trigger it and the main Chinese government facility and the nearby labs which were on a holiday in honor of the great Mao would cave in on a few useless janitors. Yes Hammer, whether he meant it or not, had picked a great day to start the burning of this rock.

A bomb went off outside of Dimez's office, it had little effect other than destroying several glass windows in the area. Nonetheless the office guards were quick to action. In time to face a wave of approaching gunmen. As the gunmen took several shots all over their bodies the loosly fitted wraps around them fell away and some fell immediately self destructing upon being knocked off-line. The wraps that fell away revealed steel that shined in the sun and presented exposed wiring. They came fast and robotically broke down the doors of Dimez's office. The assault rifles they gripped wantonly brought death to anything with a heat signature indicating a living being. Across the street in the third story of an office Lee's security head surveyed the situation through a spotting glass. She bit her lip every time she heard the light poomph that indicated another android had been knocked off line. They were more expensive than men, they were only slightly tougher than men, they were less creative and reactive than men, the fee for them did cover one thing though for they had no regrets unlike men.

Lee's cruiser pulled up to a scene of chaos, apparently there was no time for a cordon, most of the fight was in the building. He realized that the situation was going to be inconvenient. He could not use an area jammer that would have stopped the androids from firing at him and his guards. They had no choice, he had six suits. The suits were of a special consist that, in the almost videogame like perception of the world that the androids had would allow them to appear friendly to the golems. He and 5 escorts, they donned the suits. To the remaining men he pointed at the few survivors of Dimez's security who were clustered near the entrances and building exterior. The androids were already clearing out the second floor. He pretended to cut his neck with his finger. As they entered the building he heard the yells and sounds of renewed gunfire that indicated Dimez's remaining associates were being eliminated. Yes the Chinese would be heroes trying to stop a madman. And they would kill the madman. But the madman's devices of destruction would already be unleashed. "Ha!" he thought as he started up the stairs and sent a bullet into the head of an injured guard lying in the stairwell begging for help. It would be fun if Dimez was still alive, he would kill him himself and truly be a hero. However all he needed was the binder and nothing more. As he and his men reached the fifth floor a group of Dimez's men rushed past blind to them. This was going to be easy, yet a shiver went through Lee's spine. What if Hammer were still up there? Fifteen minutes had passed...


Hammer waited outside for the two men to leave and followed them to there destination and as predicted their timing was perfect, five minutes to leave, five minutes to get there and five minutes to brief the slime while he joined back up with the captain. Hammer was an expert never give a warning and give them time to prepare, you always take action before the clock runs out during the confusion. As Hammer made his entry with captain Jea things went smoothly, as they entered the office Jea fired a shot destroying Deminez's wrist with excellent accuracy.
"nice shot cap, I don't get to see shooting that good to often, and excellent timing as usual"
Hammer made his way over to Deminez and secured him to his chair with a couple pairs of flex-cuffs while the others checked on Harriett.
"you have to be the dumbest crime boss i'v ever seen" Hammer said as he brought the butt of his enforcer down on the ruined wrist smashing it into the arm rest, drawing a scream of pain that sounded like a four year old girl getting her doll taken away "and you scweam wike a wittle giwl" he continued in a mocking way.
"Hey you three" he said pointing to three security personnel "guard that door with your life cause if it opens ill shoot" "Yes, SIR' they said as they shut the door.
Cap, you two do as you wish, ill just take a seat over here or unless you need anything"


The Interogation had been getting increasingly more brutal as had the Gangster as it became ever clearer that Harriet knew nothing of the ship and why the Chinese were interested in it.
Tears ran down Harriets face in a steady stream, her left hand was a ball of pure agony four of her fingers had been broken in an attempt to get her to answer questions she didn't know or understand. It was as he was reaching for her thumb that the phone started ringing causing him to forget Harriets torment if only for a few moments.
"He did WHAT?..." The gangster screamed down the phone "I want him DEAD! I want the crew DEAD i want all of them DEAD!" He slammed the phone down so hard that the plastic case shattered, "You..." his voice was a low growl full of murderous intent "You will die first. No one messes with Hugo Dimez and gets away with it" Harriet had suspected that she wouldn't survive the night but hearing it was somehow worse, however it wasn't death that frightened her most, what frightened her most was how his eyes had started to rove over her body hungrily "Yes you will die but first we'll have a little...Fun"
His meaning was crystal clear and full of intnet rolling onto her stomach Harriet made to crawl away in a futile attempt of escape. Grabbing a handful of her hair he slammed her head into the desk stunning her. Her vision swam crazily like some demented fairground ride and although he could feel him tearing her top to shreds and his hands upon her flesh she was powerless to stop him.
Oh god no please no, not this... she prayed ferverently in the hope that someone would come to her rescue and knowing that she was doomed.
The door crashed open, her eyes widening in shock as her face was splashed with blood. His blood. It was all too much. Harriet began to scream, hysteria had taken hold
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Finally Dimez's floor. The stairwell door was smashed in and three men ran ahead to secure the path to Dimez's office. They were so close. Another corner and they'd be at the entrance to his office recieving room. The men in front smashed in the door. And were recieved by a hail of bullets that slammed two of their bodies slamming into the opposite wall. The survivor managed to fire and there was a yell and the sound of someone crumpling to the ground. The revelation of the volley of gunfire came too late for Lee though, he was running and could not easily stop. He dived pass the door and got a brief glimpse of what looked like a Zircog uniform. As he hit the floor a few feet from the smashed door he felt a pain in his leg. He tried to stand up, he couldn't. He did however watch as one of the two members of his security team that had been trailing him tossed a flash grenade into the door. Random gunfire ensued and the two stormed in and easily disarmed the two other men in the room. One of his guards came back and helped Lee stand up and limp into the room. They indicated the door to Dimez's office it was firmly shut. He looked at their two prisoners, both were Zircog men.

Lee paused then he indicated his three remaining guards to set chairs a few feet opposite from Dimez's door. Then after binding their captives limbs he indicated two of them to position themselves directly behind the captives who were sat in front of the door. The room was quiet, but how was it possible that the people in the next room had not heard anything. Lee paused then sitting in a chair outside of the door's line of sight with his other guard he drew his pistol. Then he yelled at the door and the occupants of the room behind it.

"Dimez! Are you in there? It's the Chinese ambassador. Are you alive? I have two men from Zircog who would love to meet you out here. Could you open the door?"


As Jea heared gunfire outside the door's of Diemez's office, she pulled off her jacket and clothed Harriet. A voice with a Chinese accent called out for Diemez from beyond the door. "Squad leader, empty Diemez's desk and secure what intell you can. Rear guard, cover those doors until the last man leaves," Jea ordered. Then she stepped over to Diemez. "As for you, you piece of crap," she spit on him, "We're going to let you die in front of your Chinese friend. She raised her gun and blasted his nether region into a bloody mess. As his blood flooded the floor, she kicked his chair over, smashing his face on his expensive carpets.

"Documents secured!"
"Harriet is in the cruiser!"
"Diemez's office and the outer room are under sniper cover."

Reports filled Jea's visor. "Return the documents and Harriet to the ship," she ordered, "Sniper and combat teams, stand by." Jea, herself, starred down the scope of a laser-sighed shredder rifle.


Harriets screams of terror subsided upon recognising Jea although she still couldn't stop shaking, Thank god they came looking for me.
A pair of hands gently but firmly pulled her off of the table, leading her towards the waiting cruiser.
Outside the door she could for the first time hear the sound of gunfire, a voice with a strong Chinese accent was calling for Diemez.
Hadn't Diemez said something about the Chinese? it was hard to remember it was all just a blur of pain and fear much better to be forgotten than to relive this nightmare


A lone gunshot went off behind the door. Lee paused. He knew that Dimez was probably dead, and there were probably Zircog people behind the door. They were probably not cornered though and could go out one of the windows in his office. Then Lee made a decision, he told two of his three remaining men to storm through the door using the captured Zircog boys as shields. Meanwhile he and the last guard returned to their seats. The door broke down and the two Zircog men entered the room with the Chinese guards clinging to them.


"Two Chinese have entered Diemez's office using the two hostages as shields. Chinese commander, identity confirmed as Lee Yew, Chinese Government Representative, has taken a seat in a rơom farther out," came the report over Jea's intercom.

"Snipers, take out the hostiles. Combat team, prepare to grab hostages," ordered Jea. Two clean shots to the Chinese soldier's heads freed the hostages. They were quickly whisked away to Jea's cruiser.

"Should we do anythig about the Chinese ambassador?" asked Squad Leader One.

"No, his business seemed to be with Diemez. If he wants to talk to him, he can go ahead," Jea laughed. "Back to the ship."
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Harriet stared blankly up at the tiled ceiling within the ships medical bay. The doctor had patched her up the best he could, as well as the broken fingers on her left hand she had two cracked ribs and a fractured skull from where Diemez had slammed her head onto the desk and a mass of minor cuts and bruises covering her face and body.
After her rescue from Diemez's compound Harriet had been taken back to the ship, she could still hear the rattle of small arms fire as the cruiser had raced back to the waiting ship.
The fire fight within the compond had gotten out of control, spilling into the surrounding streets. With Diemez gone there was a desperate struggle to fill the void he'd left, the streets of Grit wouldn't be safe for a long time to come.

She couldn't sleep, her nerves were stretched to breaking point, every noise brought upon bouts of paranoid anxiety she was terrified that Diemez or one of his cronies would walk in any minute now and hurt her, Even though she knew he wouldn't hurt anyone ever again the thought wouldn't leave her head.
Worst of all was that the dreams were coming back. Oh god no... not again she had pleaded it had been years since the last one and she had prayed that they would never return. Yet here she was again in the diner and there he was waiting for her, smiling up at her, No go away it was accident I never meant for it to happen her mind begged as the dream played out, but he wouldn't leave her, he would never leave her.
Gingerly climbing out of the hospital bed and dressed in only a medical gown she went in search of the doctor, maybe he'd have something that would to send her to sleep?