The Doors of Infinity


The Doors of Infinity

The year is 2770. The place is no longer earth. Fear not, earth still exists; it more than exists, actually. Earth continues to be the home planet and center of homo sapien life. However, a new frontier, the new wild, wild west, has been opened.

In 2103, earth scientists unlocked near light-speed travel and hence, the colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy. At first, only scientific and military bases were set up, but within the next one-hundred years, civilians began the journey.

At first, the civilian colonies were sponsored by earth governments and were highly dependent upon them for survival. However, as privately sponsored efforts were started, and green planets discovered, the new space age gained more independence. The invention of stasis life cells in 2259, allowing extremely long space journeys, propelled space colonization like never before. It wasn't long before earth governments began to feel threatened.

Many oppressive earth governments, such as North Korea and Cuba, banned all exo-earth travel for citizens, and prevented any space-travel equipment from reaching their people. However, other nations, such as South Africa, became gateways to space, allowing almost anyone to use its new space ports.

Hundreds of new business opportunities arose, and the new space age boomed. Interplanetary travel, space mining, colonization, and exploration all offered money to those who could exploit them. New green planets also attracted wealthy big-game hunters. It wasn't long before new space age explorers yearned to leave our galaxy.

It was 2422 when scientists on the planet of Cryptanim discovered hyperdrive: faster-than-light travel. Cryptanim was also the first planet to hold a non-earth government. In 2260, a private American expedition landed on Crytanim, a green planet, and founded the city of Neodem. Its original prefuntory American government was discarded in 2295 as soon as the people there installed covertly-obtained, German-built, anti-spaceship guns on all "corners" of the planet. Invasion plans by the U.S. Government were forgotten when military intelligence discovered that Cryptanim citizens had also installed several orbiting military stations.

Even with such advances, only 1% of the Milky Way had been explored by 2770. Colonization had only touched 0.0001%. This truly is infinity.

Tourist's Guide

Everything imaginable happens in space. And we really mean everything. Most colonies are civilized, but there are a few which are not. Even while in civilized colonies, one should be careful: usually the criminal and the decent live side by side.

Many types roam empty (or not so empty) space. Meteor miners, cargo and tanker ships, transports, and military craft to name a few of the legal. Pirates, slave ships, smugglers, and anarchists to name a few of the illegal.

Terrestrial Life Forms
The variety here is immense. The are many forms similar to those on earth, but every planet is unique.

Extraterrestrial Life Forms
By its new definition, the word extraterrestrial refers to those life forms which live in outer-space. These are very rare, but those encountered have always been very dangerous. All have been invisible bacteria.



Captain Jae Park opened her eyes and blinked as water ran down her eye lashes. Her body felt sluggish as she pulled her hand up to wipe her face. She never felt good coming out of stasis. Once the water drained out of her cell (it really wasn't water, but was a life supporting serum), the chamber opened and she stepped out. The air felt cold against her wet skin and she reached for a towel to dry off. "Kitty," her personal humanoid stepped over.

"Feeling alright, Captain?" it asked as Jea held out her arm.
"Ah," Jae's voice cleared, "I'll be fine in a minute." Kitty injected a small shot of amino acids, enzymes, and caffeine. "That should get me going." Jae stepped over to a bowl of oatmeal which Kitty had prepared, the steam still rose from it. Jae didn't mind oatmeal, it had raisins and maple syrup. "Ship, is the crew up yet?"

"Crew members are coming out of stasis as we speak, Captain," came back the reply.

"Good; location?"

"Three hours until we reach Trogos, Captain. Co-ordinates are on your screen."

"Alright," Jea stepped over to the small console in her quarters and sat down in her seat. She winced at the cold and turned the heater on. She glanced at the message function, but thought better of it.


Trogos is an arid green planet upon which several waring factions reside. Mercenaries have flocked to the planet to lend a hand and take a grand. Infantry, pilots, and spacemen all will play their role and so will patriots, diplomats, and business men.

Several Native American Apache tribes, settled on the planet first because of its resemblance to their home-land. Most live a modern version of their ancestors' traditions, with a few who follow them strictly. Their tribal council maintains a sovereign government, and they have warred with all "invaders" of their planet. Population: 17,000.

The second group to colonize the planet were anarchists who added 243 souls to its population. They built a shaky community centered on the town of Grit, north of the Apache. Since then the place has attracted all sorts of shady characters; decent women not among them. The "town" grew to a city and became the center of the space black market. The booming city now boasts 100,000 and a government established by Hugo Diemez, the most powerful mob boss of the city. Since Hugo's accession to power, he has wiped out the other mobs.

A U.S. colony, New Colorado, population 70,000, centered at the city of New Denver, is located on the exact opposite side of the planet as Grit. A long mountain range stretches between the two colonies across the north pole.

A new Chinese colony (the twelfth in the Milky Way) is located at the south pole; population: 40,000. The entire planet is arid thanks to a molten moon which orbits the planet around its poles. The Chinese colony has a large scientific base. Most space technology is invented and kept in
"space," thus the Chinese had a slower start in the new space race. However, several generations later, many Chinese scientists have specialized in space fields.


(I am using Alawa's very good words.)

No god mode, no meta-gaming, no killing player characters without previous approval by the character's owner, no more than one character per player (except for OP, for continuation of the story dynamic and direction with an indication that the character is a non-player character). This story is OP driven, meaning I'm going to be watching the threads to ensure continuity and staying within rule perimeters. If there's is something questionable, I will notify you politely what I find questionable via IM, and hopefully we can come to a mutually accepted edit to the thread.

The Character:

Rule 1: The character must be available to our known modern world.
Rule 2: The equipment must be realistic to the character's station in life.

There is going to be a requirement of a posted character sheet. This sheet will lock you in as a character, and prevent you from later on suddenly knowing how to fly a helicoptor (if the opportunity should come up of course) because it's suddenly convenient to the story. Stories are a combination of the achievable and the moment that requires either ingenuity or taking a different path.

The character sheet is broken into attributes and abilities. Attributes are further broken down, and are your core make-up. Abilities are also broken into three categories, and are meant to support your attributes to reflect the uniqueness that is your character.

Attributes are broken into Physical, Social, and Mental.

PHYSICAL: The core movement abilities of your character

Strength: Brute physical power
Dexterity: Familiarity with your bodies capabilities in motion
Stamina: The combination of physical and mental fortitude

SOCIAL: How well you character interacts and is perceived by others

Charisma: How well you present yourself to others
Manipulation: How well you can garner response through deceipt and trickery
Appearance: How attractive you are to others

MENTAL: Your mental capabilities

Perception: Conscious and intuitive capabilities to notice details
Intelligence: How smart you are (duh)
Wits: Mental reaction to given situations

Abilities are broken down into talents, skills, knowledges.

TALENTS: A listing of talents, most are self-explanatory

Alertness: Recognizing specific details
Athletics: Running, climbing, jumping, swimming
Brawl: Hand to hand fighting
Dodge: Not getting hit by stuff
Empathy: The understanding of others' emotions
Expression: The ability to convey meaning through written word or oratory
Intimidation: The ability to gain information or action through threat
Intuition: Gut feelings
Leadership: The ability to motivate through force of personality
Streetwise: Understanding the vernacular of the underbelly of society
Subterfuge: Lying

SKILLS: A listing of skills, most are self-explanatory

Animal Ken: Understanding animal behavior
Crafts: The ability to construct or repair
Demolitions: Blowing things up other than yourself
Drive: Operation of vehicles
Etiquette: The understanding of behavior in social settings
Firearms: Shooting
Melee: Fighting with stuff in your hands
Performance: Ability to entertain audiences
Security: The understanding of securing areas or people, and how to bypass security
Stealth: Sneaking and hiding
Survival: The knowledge required to adapt enough to continue breathing
Technology: The understanding and operation of gadgets, gizmos, and doohickies

KNOWLEDGES: List of knowledges, most are self-explanatory

Academics: Formal schooling (High school 1, University 2, Masters 3, Doctorate 4, Scholar 5)
Bureaucracy: Knowledge and application of political procedure
Enigmas: Ability to solve puzzles
Finance: How to spend money to make more
Investigation: Combination of formal investigative procedure and common sense
Law: Knowledge of application of law
Linguistics: Languages known other than native tongue (1 extra, 2 extra, 4 extra, 8 extra, 16 extra (must be listed))
Medicine: Healing
Occult: Knowledge of supernatural, legends, and myth
Politics: You govern the political process
Research: How to find a sought answer
Science: The application of science (Higher levels indicate mastery of specific field)

That is the list of attributes (which cannot be altered) and Abilities (which can be altered within reason, I know I couldn't list them all).

We will indicate our characters' attributes and abilities with numbers. Attributes and abilities are ranked 1 through 5. Generally, the numbers can be described as such: 1 poor, 2 average, 3 good, 4 exceptional, 5 outstanding.

All categories begin with a base of 1. You are given the following breakdown of points to allocate between the three main attributes (Physical, Social, Mental): 7/5/3. That is, you can put 7 points into one main attribute, and then 5 in the second most important to you, and finally 3 in the least important.
As an example, If one has a soldier: I believe physical, mental, and lastly social to be how I rank importance. I spend 7 points in physical. I have 1 in each category already. I spend 2 in strength, 3 in dexterity, and 2 in stamina so my final categories would be Strength 3, Dexterity 4, and Stamina 3. Then I would spend 5 points in mental, and lastly 3 in social.

All three categories start with nothing in any of the ranks. You can spend the following 13/9/5. Just like attributes, take a moment to look at all the available abilities and rank your categories in order of importance. Your most important should have 13 points spent in it, then your second 9, and finally 5 in the least important. There are several abilities that do not require any specialized knowledge to use, Athletics being the first I saw. I can run, but have never been formally trained in real nuance, so I'd have just base dexterity to fall back on. There are others that you have to have at least one rank to perform. Medicine seems to be a good one to use as an example. If you have no training in first aid . . . you can leave my dangling broken arm alone until somebody who does know what to do comes along, thank you very much.

Two last things. First, you can only have one rank of 5 on your entire sheet. I don't care if it's attribute or ability. You may have two ranks of 4 anywhere on your sheet. All other ranks must be 3 or less. Second, you get 11 free points to spend wherever you want on your sheet. Attributes cost 5 points each rank. Abilities cost 2 points each rank.

Extra points will be awarded by the OP to players based on the merit of their posts. Points may be spent at any time.

After initial creation, the costs for growth are as follows:

10x the cost of the next rank. So, if you have Dexterity at 1 and suddenly find moving is important after all, it will cost you 20 XP to buy a new rank

3x the cost of the next rank.

Finally, you need a name, a gender, languages spoken, an occupation, what you own, appearance, and a bio (the more descriptive the better; OP may even award XP merely for the sheet itself).


Name: Captain Jea Lee

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Occupation: Space Pilot, Captain, Second Class (Passenger and Cargo)

Langauges Spoken: English

Appearance: Beautiful Korean woman, average hight, medium-length hair (straight, black), hazelnut eyes. When dressed, wears short, white spaceman dress tunic and boots. Always boots. Also, always carries Plasma 22 with two energy clips on belt with holster.

Equipment: Captain's quarters is equipped with several plasma rifles, stun guns, and weaponry. The ships cargo bay carries her dune buggy and dirt bike.

Biography: From South Korea, Jea's parents immigrated to the United States where she went to the Boing Space Institute. Because of her high grades, she was immediately hired after graduation as a ship Captain by Zircog Space Transport Incorporated. Graduation required atmospheric flight training, of course, so Jea is capable of any kind of flight.

On her second transport journey, her ship was attacked by space pirates. The pirate craft was a Orion-class stealth cruiser, and had come within attack range well before it was detected. The pirates boarded Jea's craft, thinking her an easy target. Jea proved them wrong; she and her crew fought and killed the pirate crew. However, her craft was badly damaged and had to be abandoned. She took over the pirate craft, and set her transport to self destruct.

She and her crew decided to allow Zircog Space Transport Inc. and the world to think them dead.




PHYSICAL: Strength: 1 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 3

SOCIAL: Charisma: 3 Manipulation: 2 Appearance: 4

MENTAL: Perception: 3 Intelligence: 4 Wits: 3


TALENTS: Alertness: 2 Athletics: 2 Dodge: 1 Intuition: 1 Expression: 1 Subterfuge: 2 Leadership: 2 Streetwise: 2

SKILLS: Crafts: 2 Drive: 1 Firearms: 1 Technology: 2 Performance: 1 Etiquette: 1 Survival: 1

KNOWLEDGES: Academics: 3 Enigmas: 1 Medicine: 1 Research: 1 Science: 2

Current XP (11/03/11): 0 XP
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Name:Harriet Elizabeth Lynch
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Languages: English (Native), French
Job: Co-Pilot / Navigator

Description: 5’4” with Shoulder length blonde hair and pale blue eyes although she is not what you would describe as “Beautiful” she is certainly attractive.
When not dressed in a pilot’s tunic, she’s often seen wearing a pair of faded jeans, a dark brown leather jacket, white vest top and a pair of old navy issue boots

Personal Items: .44 Ruger Redhawk with Telscopic sight, Combat knife (normally in the top of her left boot), Aviator sunglasses, Zippo Lighter and some red lip stick.

Bio: Born in Cambridge to a wealthy family Harriet spent much of her early life in the lap of luxury and educated by the finest tutors money could buy and indulged in her every whim.
Being the youngest of the three siblings Harriet became a bit of a rebel in her teens, an attempt to stand out from her much smarter and prettier older sister's. Always a bit of tom boy Harriet shunned suggestions of Ballet and horse riding (Much to her parent’s chagrin although they did succeed in making her learn French) in favour of competition shooting where had it not been for her unfortunate choice of boyfriend she would have certainly found a place on the Olympic team instead ever the rebel she followed him into a life of armed robbery, becoming ostracised by her wealthy law abiding family.
It was also due to this boyfriend that at the age eighteen Harriet was force to join the galactic navy to avoid being arrested after an armed robbery that she was involved in went horribly wrong.
Upon completing her tour of duty Harriet left the navy as a fully qualified pilot, speciallisng in small shuttle craft and one man scouts although she also received some training in the operation of much larger classes of ships and even terrestrial aircraft, although even she would be the first to admit that she's less than perfect in their operation.
Disinherited by her family, her estranged boyfriend serving a large prison sentence and with the police still trying to track her down Harriet found a berth on Captain Park’s ship as a Co-pilot Left Earth for Trogos in search of a new adventure.

PHYSICAL: (5pts)

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3

SOCIAL: (3pts)

Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 1
Appearance: 3

MENTAL: (7pts)

Perception: 3
Intelligence: 4
Wits: 3

TALENTS: (9pts)

Alertness: 3
Athletics:2 (2pts)
Dodge: 2
Intuition: 3 (2pts)
Streetwise: 2 (2pts)

SKILLS: (13pts)

Drive: 4 (2pts)
Melee:1 (2pts)
Survival: 1
Technology: 1


Academics: 3
Science: 1

Current XP (12/03/11): 1XP
(OOC:I have marked the additional points that I have used in red)

Harriet yawned deeply, she'd been out of stasis for about an hour now although the effects of the sleep inducing chemicals employed hadn't completly worn off yet, why had she volunteered to bring the ship into orbit? because you wanted to prove yourself capable thats why...Idiot.
A small green light lit up on the console before her signalling that they'd soon be entering the planets atmosphere. Even though it'd take the ship another three hours to hit the planets atmosphere she decided that she'd better find the captain, although she was qualified she'd never piloted a ship of this size and daren't risk taking her through the planets atmosphere by herself.
Holding down the transmit button Harriet spoke over the ships intercom "Captain Park we are approaching the planets atmosphere, Requesting your presence on the bridge" she could hear her clipped English accent echoeing down the empty corridors outside. All the way through her tour in the navy she'd been accused of being posh. Although the casual bullying had stopped as soon as they learnt she could shoot the teasing hadn't and she suspected it would be no different on this ship.
Another yawned issued from within her it was no good she'd have to find some caffeine "Computer keep the ship on this heading and speed" with the ships auto-pilot engaged she went insearch of a cup of tea.
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Name:Lee Yew
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Languages: Mandarin Chinese (Native), English
Job: Representative of the Chinese Colony to Grit

Description: 5’6” with jet black hair and a piercing gaze enchanced by his dark eyes describes Lee.He is usually clad in the fine tailoring of a statesmen.
Personal Items: 9mm GSh-18 (often kept in his suitcase), suitcase (heavy but bulletproof), laptop (kept in suitcase), diplomatic papers (also kept in suitcase) and numerous ballpoint pens (kept where else?)
Bio: Born in Shanghai, an illegitimate child of a prominent politician Lee was fortunate to have his existence acknowledged by his father. He went to a good school and was recognized for his negotiation skills. With his father's help Lee became a diplomat to the nation of North Korea where he managed to become a trusted friend of the nation's usually paranoid ruler. Under his influence all attempts to unite the two Koreas were thwarted until the leader's death. When that occured Lee was instrumental in the creation of a North Korean puppet state favorable to Chinese interests. Recognized as a skilled diplomat he was responsible for preventing the border clashes of 2768 between China and Russia from escalating. He also was head of the comitee that presided over the dissolution of the United Nation's peacekeeping forces after the scandals of 2765. Today he is considered crucial to assuring security for China's colonies in space, and eventually establishing firm planetary control of planets with Chinese colonies.


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 1
Stamina: 3


Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 5
Appearance: 2


Perception: 3
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3


Alertness: 2
Empathy: 1
Expression: 2
Intimidation: 1
Subterfuge: 3

Etiquette: 3
Performance: 2

KNOWLEDGES: List of knowledges, most are self-explanatory

Academics: 3
Bureaucracy: 4
Law: 2
Linguistics: 1
Politics: 3

Current XP=0


"Captain Park, we are approaching the planets atmosphere; requesting your presence on the bridge," came Co-pilot Lynch's voice over the intercom. Jea finished the last bite of her oatmeal and set the bowl down. Kitty immediately picked it up and went to the galley with it.

"I'm on my way," answered Jea. She got out of her chair and walked over to her dressing room. There were benefits to being the Captain. She decided on full dress uniform. The uniform actually didn't mean anything anymore; but it helped to appear official when landing on a planet. Besides, she wanted to command respect today, not admiration.

On the bridge, Jea took her seat at the Captain's console. Here, she over-looked the bridge and everyone in it. She looked over to her navigator, Sebastian Kruik. He had been with her since her first flight as Captain. "Status?"

"We will come into orbit in exactly seventy two minutes," he answered, "Then we'll come around ready to descend to the Grit space port. We won't be passing over any territory controlled by the Apache; so we should be safe from any attack."

Jea turned to Lieutenant Dwayne Kelly, head of damage control. "Shields?"

"Heat shields are fully functional, and plasma defense fields are up and running," he answered. Dwayne had also been with her since the beginning.

Jea turned to her console and started managing the log. Everything had to match the day they went into stasis. If it didn't, they had problems. A private message popped up on her screen; she opened it.

From:Lieut.Dwayne/Subject:You said:
You look gorgeous as normal ;-)

She smiled but ignored his banter. "I'm going to check on our passengers," she announced.


Harriet looked down at the cup of brown liquid before her in disgust...Coffee, god she hated the stuff. She had spent ten minutes vainly searching the ships well stocked galley for some tea bags (Earl Grey preferably but at this point in time she wasn't feeling particularly picky) finding none, she’d been forced into drinking coffee in an attempt to wake herself up.
Harriet tipped the contents of her mug down the sink after only a few mouthfuls, it was no good if she was to survive on this ship she’d have to get a proper cup of tea, coffee just wasn’t an option.
Upon returning to her post she noticed that the bridge had considerably more people in it than before, obviously the crew had just finished coming out of stasis.
"Good morning Princess and how did we sleep?" Dwayne called over to her; a chorus of quiet snickering was just audible in the background "You know full well I had first watch Dwayne, Oh and by the way... Thank you for sending me that charming e-mail it was so…Interesting” she was just thankful that no one was around when she’d opened it, she had very nearly fell out of her seat in shock.
For the next couple of minutes Harriet worked in silence, making slight course corrections to compensate for the planets increasing gravity. “Sebastian are these co-ordinates up to date? Just that we seem to be drifting slightly” Getting up from his seat Sebastian leant over her shoulder in order to see her monitor. She liked Sebastian he was one of the few people who actually talked to her “No the co-ordinates are fine you’ve just transposed the last two digits” Harriet quietly swore under her breath as she made the appropriate corrections “I thought the navy taught its pilots navigation?” Sebastian asked, shaking his head in mock despair “Well you’ve heard the saying: There’s a right way a wrong way and the navy way. Well that was the navy way”


Lee sat quietly waiting for an audience with the leader of Grit, Hugo Dimenz. The name made him want to spit on the floor. A scummy lowlife bandit who had murdered his way to the top of life. Chairman Mao would have been disgusted by this. Working with bandits, at their level! With no plans that could lead to their destruction. How disgusting was that? Lee looked around the room. It was styled in a Latin American style recalling a very bouergouis style. Something he noticed most powerful Latin Americans had a taste for. There was a secretary in tight clothing sitting behind a desk, another classic. And then to top it off standing guard at the door was a massive Cuban with a thick beard, a cigar hanging out of his mouth, a machete in his belt, and gripping an AK-47. Talk about ridiculous. Then the secretary picked up the phone and indicated Lee to the Cuban brute who promptly shoved him into the office of the planet's most powerful man. (For now....)

Hugo Dimenez, a sleazy bandit with a taste for murder. Truly the lowliest being you can find in the highest of places. The fellow was smoking a cigar as Lee was shown in. He promptly put it out and greeted Lee in english with a thick Latin American accent.

(OOC: I don't exactly want to direct the planet's most powerful man, guide him please OP.)


Hugo Diemez set his cigar on the edge of his ash tray. It was a crystal edifice with about a pound of ash in it. Shifting in his seat, he gave attention to Lee.

"And to what do I owe this visit from the representative of the Chinese colony?" he asked with much sing-song and rolling of r's.


Jea walked down the main hall of the first deck; the passenger's berths were here and all were coming out of stasis according to schedule. Everything was in order in the cargo bay, and the gun stations were all manned. Jea started back to the main deck towards the bridge.


Lee paused, sizing up the man he decided the fellow would be best approached using the most direct manner.

"Mr. Diemez, let's not waste time. I am here to propose a business proposition. More specifically..." Lee pulled out a set of keys and a thick binder from his suitcase. "These keys, and this binder contain instructions and controls to an interesting high atmospheric superiority system. Now, in you I see a man who though not sharing all of the great Mao Zedong's ideas nonetheless has great revolutionary furvor to destroy imperialistic enemies of your state. No doubt if you were given the tools you would destroy them. We at the Chinese colony wish to offer you a chance to test our new weapon system as you please. Under three conditions. One, we have one preassigned target which is an imperialist vessel that has arrived here after a long journey they are only now emerging from stasis. It is a threat to both our states and should be eliminated. Second, you must claim ALL responsibility. Third, your actions cannot threaten our colony. Should your revolutionary zeal prove to be well directed we shall assist you and your people further. Remember sir, if we unite we can wipe the American imperialists and the native barbarians into the abyss. And united we can form an empire, with you as its possible leader. Come sir, I offer you the keys to an empire shall you reject them now when an imperialist vessel hovers above this planet awaiting destruction?"

Lee held the binder and keys towards Diemez.


"You play me for the fool," Diemez answered, "Water which is too pure has no fish. You see, this here, is a little business establishment. People come, people go, they buy, they sell, and I get a cut. The only imperialists here is you, hombre. If that ship were American, it would land at the American colony. If it were Chinese, it would land at the Chinese colony. If it were Apache, and I joke, it would land at the Apache colony! But, no, it comes to Grit. Why? Because it can't land anywhere else. Why? Because it is illegal; it comes to the black market, homes, to the black market.

"I know that the Chinese would never hand the reigns over to me! Do I look like a fool, Señor Lee? But I will test your weapon, and I'll let you know how it turned out."

As Diemez finished, he nodded his head to his guards. They escorted Lee back to his dessert cruiser with as little finesse as possible.


Upon reentering the bridge, Jea took her seat and activated a line her communications officer, Brad Creek, had procured with the Grit space port.

"This is Captain Jea Lee aboard the Golden Moon, requesting permission to land, over."

"Permission granted, tugs will be waiting," came the reply.

"Alright, Harriet, here comes the atmosphere," said Jea.


Name: Johnathan (Hammer) Felts
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Languages: English (Native), Chinese, Spanish
Job: Ship Security Commander (Close Quarter Combat specialist)

Description: 6'1 220lbs black hair with a touch of grey at the temples and grayish blue eyes.

Personal Items: black BDUs, black t-shirt, black ball cap, black combat boots, black gloves, black tactical vest/w duty belt with dual thigh holsters, 3 Glock Enforcers (think judge dredd gun from the movie sort of )(2 on leg holsters & 1 on vest), M104A1 SOPCOM (great grandchild to the m4a1 carbine), K-Bar Knife, 8 mags for enforcers, 6 mags for m104, quick cuffs, Mark 6 Land Warrior glasses (self tinting safety glasses with an advanced integrated land warrior system(sorry dont have room to describe, but google land warrior if you want))

Bio: Johnathan had grew up in the united states and was a member of the US Army after he retired he went to work for Zircog Space Transport Incorporated as a security officer were he was assigned as security commander with captain Lee on her first mission and had been with her since due to his high respects for her leadership. Hammer has a reputation throughout the galaxies that worries some and is regarded as a very dangerous man without a heart and questionable actions in is past and is feared by allot of people throughout space but to the few who really know him knows he lives by a code of honor but that doesn't mean the rumors aren't true

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 4

SOCIAL (3pts)
Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 1

MENTAL (5pts)
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3

TALENTS: (9pts)

SKILLS: (13pts)

Enigmas: 1
Medicine: 1


Hammer awoke with a groan as he was released from stasis "i love the adventures in space but this stasis crap really puts a damper on the mood" he said to himself as sat up and rotated his stiff muscles and took his "stasis after shot" as he liked to call it. After getting dressed and eating a protein bar to get his strength up, he got his gear on opting to leave the rifle which he often did on ship, he made his way to the galley for a strong cup of coffee and then made his way down the corridors to check on the crew and passengers.
Activating his comm system in his land warrior he contacted the bridge "Hammer to Bridge"
"go ahead Hammer" came the reply
"Weapons sit-rep"
"97% sir"
"good, now get us 100% before we make port so if we got to fight out of this rat trap i got no worries"
"we'll try sir"
"no, try means you'll fail, i said do, or i'll keelhaul your six"
"YES SIR, will do" came the final reply as he muted his comm so he couldn't be heard.
"for some reason this blasted town always worries me, but i think its more the slime in charge than the town its self" he said to himself as he continued his rounds.
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The thugs took hold of Lee, he did not resist. A few moments later he was tossed into his transport vehicle and sent on his way. As he smoothed his suit one of his assistants asked a question.

"Did he take the bait?" "Took it and swallowed it hook line and sinker." "So why did you get kicked out?" "He took the bait." "What?" "All part of the plan boy. I think I've told you more than enough. Don't ask anymore questions or else you may have to, disapear." "Yes... Yes sir!"

The rest of the ride was quiet as Lee thought to himself. "Ha ha! Diemez you idiot. You took me to be a cardboard party man. You'll override the presets all right. And you'll be up the river without a paddle when it fires. And then this rock will burn..." (I forgot to mention the launch controls are in the binder, they are quite flat but have as much power as any other high tech weapon control system.)

The transport finally arrived at the current Chinese embassy of Grit. A crumbling old hotel which they had bought from the owner for a trifle. It was decided that the building would be improved if and when Grit's leaders could be confirmed as friendly. Lee entered the building and was immediately approached by an aide. "Sir, what shall I wire back to the home colony?" "Wire them that, that the samaritan has had his spoils taken by the thieves. And that the priest approaches." He laughed within himself, the atheists in Beijing were using biblical parables now. Sometimes you just didn't know about them...


"Yes maam, commencing re-entry vectors" although Harriet had been out of the Navy for the best part of six months now she still hadn't gotten out of the habit of referring to superior female officers as Maam although it was pronounced more like Mum another thing the rest of the crew found highly amusing.
The ship shuddered violently as it breached the planets mesosphere, thrusters flared briefly, bringing the ships underbelly round to take the brunt of the heat generated during their descent.
Harriet watched as the altitude dropped steadily, happy that they weren’t going to crash and burn she turned her attention to the rest of the ships controls and co-ordinates.
Sweat started to form on her brow, despite the heat shields and air-con being on full power the ship was still generating a massive amount of heat she'd have to get the inspection crew to check on the heat tiles once they landed.
“Captain we are about to enter the planets stratosphere, better tell the passengers to strap in this may get a little bumpy” she said wiping the sweat from her brow with the cuff of her tunic, not long now only a few more kilometres till planetfall.
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Lee lay back in his office, then he looked at the clock. "Almost time," he thought. He rang for his aides who rushed into the room.

"What is it that you require sir?" "I need a show. A good show. Do you still have those street thugs on tap?" "Yes sir... Is there someone that-" "No, no one needs to die yet. Ring them up, tell them that a ship filled with... Thousands in cash and crates of heavy weapons is about to make planetfall." "The shuttle planetfall tarmac is heavily defended sir." "Bribe the guards." "That will be expensive-" "I want a very samll number of guards, if neccesary order our sleeper agents to make a mess and withdraw." "That could blow their cover!" "We need to let our friends into the landing zone." "To give thugs money?" "No. Now hurry up I want to be in our nicest most well adorned vehicle on that landing zone in a short time. I want to be there ahead of our companions." "Should we order them to avoid-" "NO! In fact tell them that there may be a few Chinese vehicles standing in their way, tell them to obliterate them." "Sir-" "I know what I'm doing, get me a nice cruiser and two riot transports with armed crews. And contact our friends and tell them that they have a small window. And thin out those guards!" "In 2 hours? And you in the way its-" "Do you want to die? Do as I order comrade!" "Yes sir."

2 Hours Later...

Lee waited quietly in the cruiser. He loaded his pistol and got ready. He told the rest of his aides to do the same. He looked at the perimeter. Quite a few of the guards had left earlier and the next shift had been "delayed". The remainder looked like they were starting to get nervous. He looked up, he could see the vessel approaching the landing pad. It had been so simple to get into the facility, saying they were the welcome comittee. He doubted their friends would do the same. An explosion suddenly erupted on one of the perimeter walls. He could just hear the cries of pain which were drowned out by the chatter of automatic gunfire. Immediately the riot vehicles' guns zeroed in on the area and the guards formed a perimeter around the ambassador's cruiser. They waited. As the first bullets started to purposely fly towards them Lee smiled. He could hear the ship preparing to land. "Here comes the priest," he thought to himself.

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Jea checked the security board and made sure that all of the passengers where inside their berths. Once done, she turned her attention to the up-coming landing.
"Tugs will be docking in seventy-three seconds," announced Jae. She could hear the jets synchronize themselves with the tugs. After thirty seconds, she heard the brake jets on all three crafts fire, and then just after seventy seconds, she heard the crafts dock.
"Well done, Harriet," complemented Jea. She held on to her seat as the ship came in for landing.

As the ship slowed to a stop, Jea unstrapped herself and made way to her quarters. She quickly changed into her parade dress, a white halter top and mini skirt, and strapped on her holsters. Her energy clips were fully charged.

Jea came down the dock as it lowered. Her white combat boots thumped on the metal. She noticed a desert cruiser waiting beside the runway.


"Thank you Maam, but if you will excuse me I seriously need to take a shower, I think some of those heat tiles must be loose" shutting down the piloting systems on her console Harriet rose from her seat and promptly left for her quarters.

Unlike Captain Park, Harriets quarter were of a much more modest affair. the room was just about long enough to accomadate a single bed and wide enough to fit a desk and chair on the opposite wall, a door opposite the main one into the corridor led into a small ensuite bathroom.
It was in here that Harriet quickly stripped out of her navy blue pilots tunic and took a quick shower, the water was cool but refreshing. Changing into her Brown leather jacket and old jeans, Harriet heard what could only be described as a distant explosion, did they do mining on this planet? Disregarding it as nothing Harriet pulled a small samsonite case from beneath her bed.
Sat inside the locked padded case lay her .44 Redhawk Revolver, cleaned and oiled the weapon shone under the harsh fluorescent lighting.
With the weapon strapped low on her left hip, Harriet headed off towards the gangway, and the city of Grit
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The vessel started to land. "Good," thought Lee. Suddenly an RPG landed in front of one of the riot vehicles, "Shoot, I didn't think they had heavy weapons!" He thought. "I hope they that our comerades in the vessel will exit soon."

One of the men ran up, "Sir, they're using heavy armanents, we could still esca-" "NO! I'll show you how to deal with scum!" Taking up his pistol Lee fired several shots in the direction of the bandits. He had no idea if he'd even hit anything. He ducked just as a burst of bullets bounced off the armored cruiser near his head. "Keep on shooting! That's an order! I will say when we can leave." "Yes, sir." The man dutifully took up his rifle and Lee watched as he "courageously" gave his life up for the cause 30 seconds later when he attempted to engage the enemy out of cover. "Oh well," Lee said to himself, "That will only cost me 50 yuan. I love how life is so cheap these days."

An RPG round suddenly hit one of the riot vehicles broadsides. It exploded tossing its crew like rag dolls and goring the men taking cover behind it with bits of shrapnel. "Darn, now that will cost me something."


Captain Jea came right back up the gangway and ordered it shut.
"Commander Walberg, I want you to take out all combatants on the air field immediately," she ordered over her intercom.
"Yes, ma'am," came his reply.
"Hammer, I want the ship security on DEFCON 1," she warned.

Over on the main gun deck, Commander Walberg prioritized his targets. Once set, his twenty 800-gigajoule energy cannons; ten laser-guided missile launchers; forty 12 gauge, shedder machine guns; and ten metal-storm AA guns let loose. After five seconds, every vehicle and warm body on the air field was dead.

Jea ordered the gangplank down again. She walked down and waited for her Ford Mustang Cobra '62 to come out. Jumping in, she drove to the Grit Space Port Command Center while the tugs pulled her ship to dock. Dead bodies were strewn all over the ground; she didn't care, as long as they weren't shooting at her.

Upon arrival, Jea was shown to the Interplanetary Commerce Administration Office.
"I would think that Grit would have control of its own space port," she complained to the officer handling her files.
"We -- we normally do," he stammered, "However, we had the situation under control."
"No, I had it under control," quipped Jea. The man flushed.
"I'll -- uh -- be right back; I -- uh -- haft to send a copy of these files to the ICA registry," the officer mumbled.


The other riot vehicle exploded, the bandits started concentrating fire on the cruiser. The Chinese guardsmen were being slaughtered. Lee paused then whipped open a door on the side of the cruiser and climbed in. He was just preparing to close the door...

"Sir? What are you doing? They are about to blow apart the cruiser!" "There's an armored compartment in here, it can take quite a beating." The bullets started deflecting off the cruiser at a higher rate. An RPG round detonated a few feet from it. "Can I per-" Lee saw the guns of the ship starting to animate, they were obviously preparing to fire. He slammed the door in the aide's face.

The vessel's gun array proceeded to level everything on the field causing complete chaos. Lee had enough time to swear at himself that he hadn't considered how heavy the vessel's weapons would be. He should've ordered up a rogue army unit something heavy... A missile hit the top of the cruiser and sent chunks flying everywhere, including a sturdy looking steel cylinder that hit the side of the main administrative building of the port. Lee blacked out.

When he collected himself he found himself about to be resucitated by a group of Chinese doctors, at least somebody had been smart enough to keep them close at hand at that madhouse. He stood up, shakily but firmly. He barked an order at the doctors.

"I don't need attention! Now hurry up and get the commander of that ship on the hook! Even better, I want to meet him face to face. Now hurry up I want to talk to them!"


Jea pulled her '62 Cobra up to the warehouse next to the dock at which her ship rested. The "government" estimators were haggling with her Cargo Officer, Cher Welling, to get their cut for Hugo Diemez. Cher was a good haggler; Jea was sure she'd get a decent deal. Cher was a good looker as well. That's why Jea had appointed her to the position; the government estimators were having a hard time focusing on what they were supposed to be estimating. Right now, Cher's curvy body and well-displayed bosoms were much more interesting than 20,000 pounds of corn.


"Read em and weep boys" Harriet spread the full house across the beer stained table, a crie of dismay broke across the table as she pocketed the whole pot some two hundred dollars, or pounds or whatever the damn currency was here. After teh hail storm of flying lead had subsided Harriet had decided to find the nearest bar and have a bit of fun while she had time and energy to do so.
Behind her an electric guitar screamed and wailed its way through Voodoo Chile it was nice to know that the classics still lived on, even if it was threatening to destroy her ear drums.
The stench of stale beer hit her nostrils way before the hand found her shoulder "hey gorgeous how'd you like to make it with a real man?" the voice was coarse and slurred terribly, he was well past drunk in fact she was suprised he was still standing.
"Gee thats really sweet of you but I don't think your my type" she smiled sweetly up at the man, he was tall and built like a brick shed and was clearly not going to take No as an answer "Of course you are baby I so love you British girls and your accent" His hands fumbled towards her top, no doubt looking for a quick grope, well when Harriet said no she meant it.
The guns sharp report echoed around the room, even the band went completly silent as they all turned to see the small blonde with the smoking gun.
The drunk cautiously looked down to examine the small hole beside his right foot, very aware that not only was he stone cold sober but also that the gun was now pointing at somewhere rather...Intimate "Honey I said No, now I sugest you find somewhere else to drink or I'll make sure you never make it with a real woman again" Harriets voice purred like honey the sweet smile still on her face, it was like she was scolding a mildly disobediant child rather than threatening to emasculate the drunken giant before her.
The giant turned around and very quietly left the bar mumbling something about British chicks being crazy.
"Now where were we?"