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From militant atheism to literally believing the old testament is historical fact would seem like an unbelievable journey for one to take in their spirituality, but to each their own.

That's not very surprising. "Militant atheism" and "Evangelical" are two sides of the same coin. Within the scope of atheism itself, there are many complex divides. A section treats atheistic thinking as gospel and are rigorous in their thinking. These are usually indoctrinated from an early age by parents or people in their environment to be atheistic, rather than coming to the conclusion through rational thought. At the very foundation, both militant atheists and evangelicals have the same methods of thinking of issues - thinking in terms of absolutes.

The right way to approach atheism is to change your way of thinking to be more broad minded and develop a greater acceptance of different ideas.


Again i disagree, acceptance of ideas that does not agree with one another goes against the law of non contradiction, you can say 1+1=2 is right and 1+1=3 is wrong, but you cant say both is right. My conscience and logic tells me to find truth and to reject what is false. No atheistic world view is based on logic, because again you cant believe in uniformity (at least if you are consistent with your world view) and because you reject the idea of metaphysics, thus laws of logic are not universal and only exist in human thought. (thus unreliable and irrelevant) So no matter how consistent and coherent I am, or even if im right... You dont care, you love your darkness (as the bible says) and you hate truth, and I pray that God opens your eyes to truth :)

And lulumcnoob thanks for proving a previous point, You make fun of what i believe in and yet have no argument or value to add to this conversation, like most atheists. Rather you proved the text i quoted and you embody what the bible calls a "enemy of God". Making fun of what another person believes (it only shows your ignorance on this topic) will not convince that person, rather it will make them unwilling to listen to you. This begs the question... Are you trying to look smart or are you trying to receive the approval of others around you. Either way... sad man :)


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You make fun of yourself buddy, I'm hardly seeking to change any minds on a dead forum, just posting a past experience and my current opinion on the topic we're discussing here.

First time being branded an Enemy of God though, that's metal as hell, I like it.


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I have come to understand that the reality is we really don't know anything at all. Our understanding of the world and the laws of logic is just an illusion. At one point in the past, people thought the sun was a huge ball of flaming coals and that air flowed in our arteries. We call those people ignorant today, but how do we not know that we're being similarly ignorant now? - inevitably, we will keep on discovering things about the universe in the future that will make everything we know today irrelevant. It's a trademark of human arrogance to say "we've figured everything out".

To many people, this is utterly frightening - it's in human nature to seek out certainty. So, I do understand why many people, like you turn to religion for comfort. But, interest in religion starts becoming unhealthy when you start trying to impose it on other people. You still havent answered my question about the other religions in the world and various sub-sects of Christianity. Many of these people are no less religious than you are and believe in some sort of god, but would you still say those people are "doomed"? - how do you know that your particular religion is the right one over all others?
I'm more concerned with how religion can affect people psychologically. I mean the fear of hell from childhood, the feeling of guilt, things not adding up (especially if you notice hypocrites), sometimes being left with a very limited scientific understanding. I've never come across or been close friends with a really religious person, but this exists in people that are non-religious now or people who just treat it as a label with certain customs to follow.

The self-centred folk who think the world practically revolves around them and they'll be rewarded for helping people to please God... Or the people who think they are part of a war between good and evil, with demons and rituals. I think they must be pretty screwed up. I release that there are many different ways of thinking, but some of the mindsets are just bad.

When people are leading very troubled lives and going between different religious groups (usually in ghettos or slums), seeking the religious guidance they think they need, but always meeting people with negative views of them. I feel sorry for those.

I've never thought much about it killing people, I'd think they had other reasons besides religion.
Although, it would be best if the enemy was of another religion, so it does have a place in war.

Edit: This is way off the point which was the bible, oops :p
all religions are in need of change and modernisation.
christianity is indeed in need of change but it is in a much better state of mind than other religions like paganism and Islam.
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