Reacting to your feedback: Action points for Fort Balancing | Join our Fort Balancing Team!


The West Team
Community Manager
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We would like to thank you for all the feedback received from you in regards of our Fort Rebalancing project. We have been evaluating the situation and would like to announce the following:

Team Expansion
  • We are inviting players to submit applications to join the Fort Balancing Team to diversify the knowledge, experience, and representation of those working to find balance in Fort Battles, and increase the availability to respond to player requests.
  • We are looking forward for your application:!
Until further notice, we discontinue the following:
  • Changing Attacker:defender ratio, as well as applying Join restrictions on normal battles. This will be possible only for Awesomia battles, with prior notice on the forum.
  • Switching players sides in Awesomia battles.
  • Changing the declaration time of a Fort Battle by request.
  • On-Demand NPC digs of owned forts.
From our Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing policies only the following remains in practice:
  • The Default Fort Caps will remain as of current status and can be still be changed in the future.
  • On-Demand Fort Building reductions can be requested by town leaders.
We are also working on:
  • Creating some understandable policies for Spam Fort Battles, which we are going to share with you soon!
  • Creating some general information and policies about Fort Battle Rebalancing and what the aim of the Fort Balancing Team will be. This will be worked out together with the new team members.

We would like to remind you that your feedback is crucial in this topic and all these efforts to rebalance Fort Battles are made for you! Everyone can have their voice heard in the feedback thread!

Thank you again for your input!

Your The West Team