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  1. Hywel Dda

    Hywel Dda Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    Will we actually see railways say linking different towns or the map which allows for quicker travel times or not? :)

    Regards Hywel
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  2. CDavid

    CDavid Guest

    Nobody knows...
  3. Hywel Dda

    Hywel Dda Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    Suppose wait and see ;)
  4. Im pretty sure this is set before the first railway linking east to west.. so i dont think they can put one in :/
  5. organs

    organs Guest

    hey i can make a qwick travel... like a passenger trian that links longgggggg distances :D...
    it would cost $ like the normal for that time 2-3 bucks...
    this idea can be taken far
  6. Jamiecoop

    Jamiecoop Guest


    A steam train or carrage for public transports for quick travle and costs like 2 coins or so depending on the distance could be cool!
  7. TheFinalBob

    TheFinalBob Guest

    This is actually an awesome idea. I love it.
  8. sarcoth

    sarcoth Guest

    yeah! and its not set before trains because you can build train tracks for a job
  9. indi23

    indi23 Guest


    And I approve this...idear =P
  10. Xavier

    Xavier Guest

    would be a neat idea, some kind of travel accomodation. like a wagon ride, or something faster
  11. auguthy

    auguthy Guest

    well nice idea!

    It would be cool too that the only towns that can benefit from this need to build a railroad station. More profit for towns, more advantages for the towns.
  12. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger Guest

    I'm in......
  13. Fred Wargin

    Fred Wargin Guest

    I think travel should be limited to walking, stages and riding animalback. If you add trains to speed things up I think it would unbalance the game. You would be able to have eastern towns and western towns ride the rails to shoot it out with each other and that really wouldn't reflect how things were done in that era.
  14. fmprof

    fmprof Guest

    In that era you could travel by train if you had to or you ha d enough money to spent on it. I like the idea. Just imagine that someone applies for robbing a train and there are 20 some players riding on the train with high skill levels in duel :) Whata surprise!
    Travelling by train was not the most secure way of moving to another place.
    I'm with the travelling by train idea. :)
    Oh, BTW, towns will fight with each other anyway :) with or without trains :)
  15. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I love this idea.

    Like someone said, towns would have to build a railway station, and then they are linked on the railway system.

    It has its dangers though. Not only can you quickly get to an enemy, but they can get to you too.

    Maybe it should be expensive to get on a train.
  16. telocity

    telocity Guest

    Yes and how about train related jobs? such as engineer or wells fargo agent? or how about train robber?
  17. Abqk

    Abqk Guest

    Yea, but it cannot be exploited.
  18. have you seen the towns..? having a great old trainstation would totally throw it out of proportion
  19. Abqk

    Abqk Guest

    i know, but how about the trains can only go a distance before refueling or it runs out of fuel (especially if there is no town between both towns)
  20. DeathBringer

    DeathBringer Guest

    I must say, the idea of building a railway station in your town seems pretty neat. Maybe you could link it to another town?
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