Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2023

Colin Morrigen

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Bad call to put Honey in there. It is one of the most pesky recipes, and thus will
exclude many players (certainly the townless ones) from the quest.

Poker Alice

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a total of100cucurbitaceae family veggie's can be collected so wondering if anyone has ever tried 1hr or 10 minute jobs to see what happens? It's a 15 day event so...


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I play this game for a week or so and have some questions:
1. I received the Hombre's Set. Is it worth keeping or should I sell it and buy something else?
2. Where do I get the pumpkin quests? I'm level 27.

Ektoras BOTrini

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It's actually not a joke anymore and the lack of competence from this game company is actually very sad. I play video games for over 30 years and I can assure you from my big variety of games that I have played, this is by far the most incompetent of them all and not because the game is bad but because the ones who work this game have actually 0 clue on what they are doing and it's very very very very sad to see this unfold each year over and over again without them realising, or they do realise but the pay is so good that they don't even care. ( I'm personally leaning on both situations )

Poker Alice

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The historic event didn't cost me a dime.
Since I've been enjoying playing anyway, the drops have been an extra bonus. Tried a combination of 15sec, 10min and 1hr jobs. Have gotten all the 100. Used an increase drop buff immediately. Many of the rewards gotten have been useful for me and what I didn't want sold off so it translated into dollars.

Thanks to all for the support.


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this event is so stupid.. im tired sitting here spamming.. like either make it drop faster or stop making this event
id rather see a dueling event.. where people duel all week or month and prizes for certain ranking from rank 1 etc..