Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021


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Are the pumkins will be auctionable?
As I have seen on Beta, they were not auctionable, but as I remember they were last year.


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I meant the pumpkins for this year's questline :up:
Great, and those players who had no choise to complete the latest questline because of the high market prices (300k for 3 pumpkins, for example, and that was the lowest), they can wait another year :up:

I know it's not your fault, but with this pumpkin hunt setup, this year is officially useless from event side, and from update side as well. Can't wait to see the downhill at next year, it will be fun for me. :)


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Any chance those older DotD set chests could be made auctionable? Then we could sell the whole set to someone in one go rather than having to open the set, put each piece up... etc. I'd like to be able to sell them to lower levels without a lot of fuss. Can even make them cheap like the whole Roger Sherman set (Only $500!) :'P

Kidd Kalypso

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You are getting delusional again Helen.......I am sure this will be fubar'd out the gate. But, always glad to see your enthusiasm.


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Again? I thought I was always delusional... :'P

“Crazy People don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore, I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy?” Captain Jack Sparrow :-D


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again can you please include reskill potions as reward from pumpkins

cant be that hard to include them in it.. they been in these events before.. yall removed it for no reason!!!
+1 , it was the only good things inside them but .... :/


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Thank you for making them pumpkins available. :) hope they're dropping not as little as during harvest time.


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Wonderful - 5 nobleman chests so far. Brilliant to be awarded ancient out-dated useless junk again.

100% more angry pumpkins than needed!

etc etc.