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  1. Gem

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    [SPOIL]Frequently suggested ideas
    This is a list for the ideas which are frequently suggested. This means if you would like to contribute or add an aspect to an idea or even simply agree, the thread is already there for you to post on! To find, I would advise using search (for those that don't have links on them). If it is closed. Please ask a mod to consider opening it.

    Do not suggest list
    This list is for ideas that can not be posted on here. This includes ones that break the rules, do not adhere to idea criteria or ones that just aren't going to happen. It may mean that this forum is simply not the place to discuss that type of thing.

    Already Rejected Ideas
    This is a list for the ideas which have already been voted on and were rejected in Development Discussions, This means no further discussion is required.

    Passed Ideas

    This is a list for the ideas which have already been voted on and passed in Development Discussions, or have been announced as planned by the developers. This means that the idea has already been or is going to be reviewed by the developers, and no further discussion is required here.




    - grouping of ideas that did not require voting that passed without any major discussion.
    IDEAS 1 * IDEAS 2 * IDEAS 3 * IDEAS 4 * Ideas 5 * Ideas 6 * Ideas 7 * Ideas 8 * Ideas 10* Ideas 12*
    Ideas 13*

    Current Known Planned Ideas

    • Pants (Implemented in 1.30)
    • Remove level Cap (Implemented in 1.30 Level up to 120)

    Suggested ideas Implemented/Planned:

    If you have any more, or have thought of an original idea you want me to link to here please give me a PM.

    Thank you!
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    Updated quite a few items and hyperlinked the ideas to the posts.

    Please review the above ideas before posting.
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