Mafia: Round 3 (REDUX)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Divest, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Divest

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    Sign-ups are CLOSED

    Moderator Oath: I am the moderator and impartial to all the players and teams. I will randomly assign roles to people and PM them their appropriate roles. I will be part of no team or agenda -- my only duty is to keep track of the score, roles, and events that are taking place in the game.

    The Setting: You belong to a small community and the mafia has infiltrated the village. At night time, they senselessly murder villagers and act as common folk during the day, voting for a villager to hang.

    Characters: There are eleven members; three mafia, one seer, and the rest villagers. I (the moderator) will PM each player their role in the game.

    Gameplay: There are two rotating phases of play, each lasting roughly 48 hours, they are day and night. There are two sides: Good (the villagers and seer) and bad (mafia). The good people win by eliminating all mafioso and the bad guys win by staying alive. If there are, at any time, more mafia than villagers alive, the mafia wins.

    During the day, the entire village (all eleven players) will get together and choose one person to be lynched (this will be determined by a majority vote). At that time, that person will be removed from gameplay and their identity will be revealed (whether or not they're a mafia members, seer, etc.) All interaction will take place by posting in this thread. Important: When voting, please, please, please bolden the name of the person you are voting to be hanged (ex: "I vote for Bobby to be lynched.") If you change your vote in a later post, go back and strike out the original vote (ex: "I vote for Bobby to be lynched.") Also, the purpose of voting is to DISCUSS and give REASONS why you're voting for that person. This game is about deceit, not randomly voting.

    During the night, no more voting will take place discussion will be had and the three mafia members will discuss (via private messages, of course) and choose one villager to kill during the night. Once they've decided, they will PM me and I will announce and remove the player from gameplay. Also, during the night the seer will send me a PM and ask me the identity of one other villager which I will reveal to them (that is the role of a seer). If the seer discovers a Mafioso, then by all means, reveal it during the day!


    * This is a long and involving game, DO NOT sign-up if you're not clear on what you're doing, or if you're not going to be able to post at least once every 24 hours.

    * Cheating will not be tolerated. Communication between Mafia members is obviously allowed but communication between villagers is not encouraged. If you would like to communicate, feel free, but remember that everyone is deceiving each other and it's safer just to avoid private message communication altogether if you're just a common villager.

    * If you're dead then please, please, please change the color of your words to blue. This will make this whole thing much easier on me.

    * This isn't really a roleplaying game in the sense that you really act out a character, but getting into it and acting as if you ARE a character makes the game A LOT more fun for everyone involved.

    * If you're disruptive, I will kindly ask a moderator to ban you from the thread and you will be denied a spot in any future games.

    * If you're not willing to commit to finishing the game, then don't sign up at all. If you drop out without a valid reason, you will be banished from playing any future games.

    * The seer is protected for the first round. If the village or mafia elects to kill the seer then their identity will be revealed, however the will not be removed from the game.

    * If you sign up for the game then get banned, you will be removed from the list and will not be able to play this round. If you get banned while in the middle of the game, your character will be killed immediately, regardless of the length of the ban.

    * This game is a modified version of this party game of the same name.

    Members banned from play: Sam Solo

    (if you've got any further questions, please review these threads before PMing any questions to the moderator. Odds are, once you read the thread you'll understand the game, so take a gander.)
    Mafia: Round 1
    Mafia: Round 2

    As soon as all 11 slots are filled, roles will be handed out and the game will begin. Roles will be chosen by the moderator: he (or she) will drop all 11 names in a hat and randomly select 4 to fill the various special roles, don't bother asking for a specific role.​

    1) Denisero
    2) David Shofield
    3) Zortar
    4) George Hurst
    5) Dazzy
    6) JazzyCakes
    7) Jordon987
    8) anhlong1122
    9) Gem
    10) johannmaximus
    11) Darknoon5​
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  2. Divest

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    Just wanted to bump this thread and let everyone know that I've updated the first post and encourage sign-ups. Just let the other thread die its blood gurggling death.
  3. Sign me up, Im ready.
  4. Zortar

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    I'm in.
  5. Divest

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    You have both been added to the list. Let's keep this going people!
  6. George Hurst

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    I'm still in.
  7. Divest

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    You have been added.
  8. Dazzy

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    I'm in.
  9. Divest

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    Alright, you're in Dazzy.

    Five more slots and game on, people!
  10. JazzyCakes

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    I'm in. :)
  11. Jordon987

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    Sign me up :D
  12. Divest

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    You are both added.

    Only four slots left, people! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
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  14. Gem

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    Sign me up
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  15. Divest

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    Done and done.

    Vacancies are dwindling!
  16. johannmaximus

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    May 9, 2009
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    so is this a sign up for mafia? If it is, then I'm in
  17. Dazzy

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    You're gonna be great at this :laugh:
  18. king david

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    sign me up, we play this in real life at my house when we do parties (-=
  19. johannmaximus

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    May 9, 2009
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    I'm glad that you have so much confidence in me.
  20. Dazzy

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    And that is 11 sign ups......Bring it on Divest!!!!!