Looking for a town?

Bad Rich

You're welcome to join Lawless. Small town near the Ghost Town on Colorado.

~ Bad Rich

The Dude74

Anyone is welcome to join Social Distortion, a new town in D10 in colorado. accepting all LVL's


we are now just accepting good duelers and fortfighters..if you are in one of them then telegram me in game.
Warrior town
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InGame Name: trophyxeyes
Character Level (XP/XP): 41
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: inactive Cripple Creek
Accumulated Contributions: n/a
Cash/Bank Account: n/a
Highest Attribute: classified
1st Highest Skill:classified
2nd Highest Skill:classified
3rd Highest Skill:classified
Intended Character Build: Adventurer
Declared Intentions: Curbstomping
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'd rather not be in a pact with every town in a 5 mile radius. Whats the point, srsly.


InGame Name: Hefe4711
Character Level (XP/XP): 8 41/91
Current Residency: N/A
Previous Residency: N/A
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account: N/A
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Shooting
2nd Highest Skill: Aim
3rd Highest Skill: Dodge
Intended Character Build: Dueler
Declared Intentions: N/A
Personal Requirements/Requests:This is my first dueler character and I am looking for a town that could give me advice on the build and dueling to help me help your town.
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InGame Name: Chasincows
Character Level (XP/XP): 54/74 (lvl 7)
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: ~$100
Highest Attribute: Strength, 3
1st Highest Skill: Toughness, 9
2nd Highest Skill: Shooting, 6
3rd Highest Skill: Construction/vigor/stamina/Aiming, 5
Intended Character Build: Idk yet
Declared Intentions: Have fun
Personal Requirements/Requests: None


looking to join a town

new to this world have gone for soldier and looking to be a very active fort fighter would like a town/alliance where forts attacking and defending is top of the list of prioroties.

see you all in a fort real soon



Looking for a town.

I am currently searching for a town that has active members, along with chat and forums that are active. I am not partial to any location, and I am not partial to any alliances yet. I am a pure dueler, and I am level 32. Please telegram me if you are open. :shootout:

Speed Killz

Mercenary for hire

level 30 currently.

Lee Gadsden

Level 12 soldier looking for a town.

Greetings! I'm new to the game, but have been playing online games since there were such things. Planning on developing into a fort fighter, and will be a good long term player if I find the right home. The right home for me means a good bunch of people who like each other, and are mature. People who embrace the setting of the game are a definite plus. Please send me a telegraph if you know of someplace I might fit.

Much obliged,:)



I'm looking for an active town with helpful people. I have played the game before (3 characters in 3 worlds) but stopped for almost a year.

This time, I decided to create a pure trapper Adventurer (not yet officially though, since I'm still lvl 9). I'm also interested in crafting.

In-game name: KillBeer.



InGame Name:Janoxe
Character Level (XP/XP):lvl 77 1283/6094
Current Residency: Promise Gulch
Highest Attribute: strength
1st Highest Skill: construction
2nd Highest Skill: does it matter?
Intended Character Build: pure builder
Declared Intentions: build up?xD
Personal Requirements/Requests: that town is active


I'm new to this game but a seasoned MMO player so am quick to pick up on the basics, please send me an invite if your looking to recruit on Colorado. Much obliged. :tips hat:

-Dr. Dragon


InGame Name: xUtherx
Character Level (XP/XP): 8 (82/91)
Current Residency: n/a
Previous Residency: under the stars
Accumulated Contributions: n/a
Cash/Bank Account: not tellin'... walls have ears!!
Highest Attribute: strength
1st Highest Skill: stamina
2nd Highest Skill: swimming...(??)
3rd Highest Skill: health
Intended Character Build: adventurer
Declared Intentions: to join in the fun
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'm looking for a noob-friendly, active town that needs an adventurer. Good comms and willingness to help/advise are also preferable.
In return I will try to be as active as poss and will try to be useful to the town.


Ingame name: Vadila
Current Level: 8

Hello, I am seeking a town as I have just started on Colorado today. I have been playing this game on and off for a few years and when I came back after a long break it seems most of my former worlds have shut down. I haven't decided on a build yet as I am hoping to get into a town with an extensive forum to give me advice on how to best fit my needs this play through.

Please send an invite to your town if you are interested or a mail if you have any questions.



Looking for a town that is not a part of any alliance closer to ghost town the better send invites in game ty.


InGame Name: Shevalier
Character Level (XP/XP): 14 (599/705)
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Cash/Bank Account: 1000
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Shooting
2nd Highest Skill: Aiming
Intended Character Build: Dueler
Declared Intentions: Have a home base. Converse with some other active members. Also just seems like the next step to this game.


InGame Name: DanniellaD
Character Level: 9
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Cash/Bank Account: 1000
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Toughness (with clothing)
2nd Highest Skill: Animal Instinct (with clothing)
Intended Character Build: Possibly Dueler, but not sure
Declared Intentions: Just learning the game and need a town to be able to buy and sell and whatever else you can do in towns. Not really sure what craft or job or anything else to do at this point LOL