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Discussion in 'Colorado Town Recruitment' started by Diggo11, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. Diggo11

    Diggo11 InnoGames

    Nov 26, 2008
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    Are you looking for a town? Well you can submit your application here! Remember to keep your post up to date until you find a town, and don't forget to edit in that you are unavailable once you find a town.

    You may choose to use the layout below:
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  2. InGame Name: coolrajesh256
    Character Level (XP/XP): 0
    Current Residency: Not yet :)
    Previous Residency:Never was (O_O)
    Accumulated Contributions:No Idea :p
    Cash/Bank Account:I hope i get some XD
    Highest Attribute:CLASSIFIED
    1st Highest Skill:CLASSIFIED
    2nd Highest Skill:CLASSIFIED
    3rd Highest Skill:CLASSIFIED
    Intended Character Build: Pure Fort Fighter (Duh)
    Declared Intentions: Fort Fighting...
    Personal Requirements/Requests: A Fort Fighting town..
  3. Below me

    Below me Guest

    Same as above might have a different player name tho :p

    Looking for a town with active fortfighters that has or atleast attempts to get a battle plan and FOLLOW it.
    Not interested in joining up with a bunch that just shows up for fortfights and run around randomly with nothing but xp and boxes on their mind :)
    I will not be a HP freak this time i will leave that job for others this time ;)
  4. huan15

    huan15 Guest

    Not sure if looking for a town, but I intend to be a 0% motivation dueler as always :)
  5. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    I'm looking for a town with 40+ duelers. The class, not the job.
    Please PM me when you get such town and keep me an open spot, cya there when I reach level 43.
  6. Sagaris

    Sagaris Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2010
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    hmmm another of Joxer's intricate schemes :L, im gonna be a dueler as always ^.^
  7. Looking for a centrally-located fort-fighting town. I intend to be a high HP premium adventurer. Will be able to provide lots of cash in early stages for town construction. Please PM me if you have plans for such a town.

    Got a town now but thanks for all the offers
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  8. Will be looking for a fort fighting town...but won't join until i attain a higher level though.....:cool:
  9. huliganuL

    huliganuL Banned

    Jul 24, 2011
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    Looking to own u all...brace for impact!!!
  10. Jangle Leg

    Jangle Leg Guest

    InGame Name: Jangle Leg
    Character Level (XP/XP): N/A
    Current Residency: N/A
    Previous Residency: N/A
    Accumulated Contributions: N/A
    Cash/Bank Account: N/A
    Highest Attribute: N/A
    1st Highest Skill: N/A
    2nd Highest Skill: N/A
    3rd Highest Skill: N/A
    Intended Character Build: Worker/Adventurer Killer.
    Declared Intentions: Beat the crap out of workers & adventurers.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Town leader(s) must be non-noob.
  11. abskay

    abskay Guest

    looking for a town send abskay an invite once this world opens i will be a soldier
  12. nutbag

    nutbag Member

    Jul 30, 2009
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    InGame Name: nutbag
    Character Level (XP/XP):N/A
    Current Residency:N/A
    Previous Residency:N/A
    Accumulated Contributions:N/A
    Cash/Bank Account:N/A
    Highest Attribute:N/A
    1st Highest Skill:/A
    2nd Highest Skill:N/A
    3rd Highest Skill:N/A
    Intended Character Build: FORT FIGHTER
    Declared Intentions: Winning fort battles ofc
  13. Hi there. I am an experienced player who will be a pure builder in this new world. I am lookin for an active town. pm me ingame.
  14. Buziel

    Buziel Guest

    InGame Name: Buziel
    Character Level (XP/XP): 5
    Current Residency: N/A
    Previous Residency: N/A
    Accumulated Contributions: ? :(
    Cash/Bank Account: None (NO TOWNS IN MY SECTION)
    Highest Attribute: Strength
    1st Highest Skill: Construction
    2nd Highest Skill: Vigor
    3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
    Intended Character Build: Soldier/Adventurer
    Declared Intentions:To make loads of money and fight in fort battles
    Personal Requirements/Requests: To be head of a soldier's union
  15. CUFCfan616

    CUFCfan616 Guest

    town joined, thanks for the offers
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  16. The Aceman

    The Aceman Guest

    town found thanks
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  17. Syd Krushko

    Syd Krushko Guest

    InGame Name: Syd Krushko
    Character Level (XP/XP):5 32/46
    Current Residency: None
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions:
    Cash/Bank Account: $97
    Highest Attribute: Charisma
    1st Highest Skill: Appearance
    2nd Highest Skill: Tactics
    3rd Highest Skill: Leadership
    Intended Character Build: Dueller
    Declared Intentions: Duelling
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Duelling Town. :D
  18. InGame Name: Doogs McGoogan
    Character Level (XP/XP): 10
    Current Residency: Nil
    Previous Residency: Negative
    Accumulated Contributions: uhuh
    Cash/Bank Account: Enough to get by
    Highest Attribute: Strength
    1st Highest Skill:
    2nd Highest Skill:
    3rd Highest Skill:
    Intended Character Build: Soldier / Blacksmith
    Declared Intentions: Zero motivation duelling
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Much like myself
  19. TheGame.

    TheGame. Guest

    InGame Name: TheGame.
    Character Level (XP/XP): 5
    Current Residency: None
    Previous Residency: None
    Cash/Bank Account: Enough To Get By
    Highest Attribute: Charisma
    1st Highest Skill:Aim
    2nd Highest Skill: Dodging
    3rd Highest Skill:Shooting
    Intended Character Build: Dueling
    Declared Intentions: Dueling
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Active, Talkative in chat
  20. town found thank you all for the offers most appreciated :)
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