Looking for a town?

Discussion in 'Colorado Town Recruitment' started by Diggo11, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. TexOz

    TexOz Guest

    Ingame name TexOz
    Level 17 Dueller
  2. streky

    streky Guest

    Have had experience of the West @ 4 years ago was active member for @ 18 months sadly due to circumstances beyond my control had to take a break ( sadly not a kit-kat kind lol) but i'm back as they say you cant keep a bad man or a nutter down for long i'm not saying what category i belong to ill let you work that one out for yourself... clue my IQ is what i use to play pool with isnt it ???

    InGame Name: streky
    Character Level (XP/XP):18/1063
    Current Residency: NFA Wife got house in the divorce ( i got the bills,and my freedom :))
    Previous Residency: Earth
    Accumulated Contributions:
    Cash/Bank Account: @3k
    Highest Attribute: Strength 6
    1st Highest Skill: shooting 19
    2nd Highest Skill: vigor 18
    3rd Highest Skill: traps 17
    Intended Character Build: Advent
    Declared Intentions: To work hard at building up the town the fort and my charming personality / character to be the best i can be and to have fun fun fun all the way to the top of the Dark Tower and be a loyal member of what ever Ka Tet i join.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: A town with a good saloon great beer and soft bed's in the hotel would be mighty fine thank you kindly. Long Days and Pleasant night's to you all.
  3. InGame Name:Billy Matlock
    Character Level (XP/XP):17
    Current Residency:n/a
    Previous Residency:n/a
    Accumulated Contributions:n/a
    Cash/Bank Account:407
    Highest Attribute:strength
    1st Highest Skill:construction
    2nd Highest Skill:vigor
    3rd Highest Skill:toughness
    Intended Character Build: worker
    Declared Intentions:n/a
    Personal Requirements/Requests:town with other workers my lvl or no works
  4. Baylock

    Baylock Guest

    need town

    lvl 10 player looking for active town
    player name is Baylock
  5. bojanerp

    bojanerp Member

    Dec 13, 2010
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    Looking town soldier class/dueler. LVL around 40