Looking for a town

Discussion in 'Briscoe County Recruitment' started by Missis Beki, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. roastedpot

    roastedpot Guest

    InGame Name: Roastedpot
    Character Level (XP/XP):21 (159/494)
    Current Residency: None
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions: None
    Cash/Bank Account: $4,000ish
    Highest Attribute: Strength 21
    1st Highest Skill: Construction 84
    2nd Highest Skill: All the rest of the strength skills @ 21
    Intended Character Build: Builder
    Personal Requirements/Requests: new player, I don't have any real experience so an experienced town that could give me tips or advice would be preferred
  2. InGame Name: Kaden Ballard
    Character Level (XP/XP):10 (35/131)
    Current Residency: homeless
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions: None
    Cash/Bank Account: 400ish
    Highest Attribute: Dexterity
    1st Highest Skill: Trap Setting 38
    2nd Highest Skill: Shooting, Aim, Motor Skills, Repairing all at 9
    Intended Character Build: Adventurer/Trapper
    Personal Requirements/Requests:
  3. dudef11111

    dudef11111 Guest

    homeless adventurer

    InGame Name: dudef11111
    Character Level (XP/XP):18 (18/371)
    Current Residency: None
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions: None
    Cash/Bank Account: about 2000
    Highest Attribute: Mobility 17
    1st Highest Skill: Swimming 71
    2nd Highest Skill: ALL other mobility at 17
    Intended Character Build: Adventurer/Swimmer
    Personal Requirements/Requests: None but preferably with good swimming gear

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  4. KillBeer

    KillBeer Guest


    InGame Name: KillBeer
    Character Level (XP/XP): 12 (13 in about an hour)
    Current Residency: -
    Previous Residency: -
    Cash/Bank Account: 1011 (Cash)
    Highest Attribute: Mobility (11)
    1st Highest Skill: Hiding (46)
    2nd Highest Skill: Swimming (12)
    2nd Highest Skill: The rest of Mobility (11)
    Intended Character Build: Adventurer - Pure Hider
    Declared Intentions: I'm playing an all-around Adventurer in another server (now level 61) and I want to try something different.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: -

  5. Rushalt

    Rushalt Guest

    Found a town
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  6. DBrown10

    DBrown10 Guest


    InGame Name: DBrown10
    Character Level (XP/XP): 6 (20/59) Greenhorn
    Current Residency -
    Previous Residency -
    Cash/Bank Account: $ 132 (cash)
    Accumulated Contributions: - None
    Highest Attribute: - Charisma
    1st Highest Skill: - Swimming (20 inc. bonuses)
    2nd Highest Skill: - Toughness (6 inc. bonuses)
    3rd Highest Skill: - All Charisma Skills (5)
    Intended Character Build: Adventurer
    Declared Intentions: I'm looking to build an all jobs adventurer.
    Personal Requirements/Requests: - I'm a newbie looking for any friendly advice or help available. I would prefer a town with a decent level of shopping as well as otherwise the costs are way too high. I don't mind doing my bit in town if asked and would love to find somewhere that makes me feel welcome.

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  7. DBrown10

    DBrown10 Guest

    I found a town now. Thanks.
  8. Ken McCoy

    Ken McCoy Guest

    Looking for new town. Send me a telegram and I will consider joining you, but I will go with whoever I think has the best offer and is best suiting for me.
  9. tanatos94ro

    tanatos94ro Guest

    I'm a level 26 Soldier (dueling level 37), looking for a good dueling town :shootout: with lots of action going on, cool community, and decent shops.

    I know my way around dueling, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  10. DrewF

    DrewF Guest


    InGame Name: DrewF
    Character Level (XP/XP):12 (106/179)
    Current Residency: None
    Previous Residency: None
    Accumulated Contributions: None
    Cash/Bank Account: $863
    Highest Attribute: Strength
    1st Highest Skill: Stamina
    2nd Highest Skill: Leadership
    3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
    Intended Character Build: Pure balanced fort soldier
    Personal Requirements/Requests: Fairly experienced player, 6th world, 3rd soldier looking for an active town who has intentions of lots of fort attacks.
  11. tanatos94ro

    tanatos94ro Guest

  12. MsFox

    MsFox Guest

    In need of town
    NOT a pure build worker, I enjoy being able to do various jobs/quests even though I suck. Willing to help out, I have about $800 which won't get me far BUT I am active daily. Looking for a smallish (1k-15k construction points), active, laid back town that wants another person.

    In game name MsFox
  13. William Cunning
    Lvl 10 (117/131)
    Never had residency
    Pure Builder:
    highest attribute: Strength
    highest skill: Construction

    Newb to the game looking for a town where I can help build up and learn along the way.
  14. bucnaked

    bucnaked Guest

    hey i am an experienced player i was on world 10 when it started and my character was like lvl 45 or something then i didnt play for like 8 months and my character was deleted by admin or something so im starting over in briscoe and would like a town to join i am specced as a dueler and will probly be choosing a slodier class
  15. Enpassant

    Enpassant Guest

    New to the game and looking for a nice town to settle down in and help me learn the game. Currently lvl 6 with highest stats in aim and shooting
  16. San-Blue

    San-Blue Guest

    send an in-game massege and you can join the feared duelers in our town
  17. would you like to join my town? PM me ingame
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  18. Fafhred

    Fafhred Guest

    Wrong area for your post, mate, this is 'Looking for a town' thread.

    Town recruitment are all the posts below, supposedly 1 per town although some towns seem to have more than 1 thread.
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  19. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    Please use the "Report" button on any post that is not following the set rules such as multiple posts per town or players who list their town in this thread.

  20. Wildcherryz

    Wildcherryz Guest

    New to the game...Level 9, halfway to ten. I want to learn about towns as I will be a worker and will most likely give it a shot someday... but understand I have a whole lot of learning to do before that.... searching for a Master Yoda type .... :)