Looking for a town


Thanks to those that took the time to send me a private message. I have found a town with which to get started.


Hey all, I'm a brand new player (level 2), and I'm looking to join a town that could use me. I'm planning on going the charisma route with Trading. I'm a quick learner, and I plan on being active. My name in game in Driximillion, just like my forum handle.

Lazy Lou


I'm looking for a town. I'd like to find a town not bound by any alliances. I'm sort of a low mot dueller (not exactly 0 mot, neither exp dueller). My ingame name is Lazy Lou and I'm currently level 36.


Edit: Not looking anymore.
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I'm looking for a town, I'm currently level 10. Haven't decide yet which class I will take but I plan to be a soldier. My ingame name is Cloridric :)


Found a town, thanks !
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Very active player looking for an active, English speaking town. Currently lvl 21. No dueling at this point but I may think about re-specializing at a later date. If you're interested, wire me the town population.


looking for a town too... now just lvl 10, active, adventurer. Plz invite me... thx !


looking for new people in my town Red Arroyo, come look me up or send me a telegram in game, same name as on here.


Lvl 9 looking for an (mild) active town, will be soldier or dueller, I have some game experience.
Please pm me in game.


Looking for a town, level 10 adventurer. Will be very active. Thank you.
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Looking for a home town

i'm a new active builder at lvl 12 as of three days ingame.

judging by the dates on the posts, recent news is scant.
been studying the game while waiting for jobs and quests to finish.

i'm not a real serious gamer, but i'm good. blessed with natural inclination,
and curiosity. this is the first game i've seen where the study time is built-in.
it's great for old farts like me whose reflexes aren't what they used to be. :no:
Meanwhile back at the ranch, i'm currently near black stump, leveling up and learning.

i have wired a few ppl for invites but none yet.
i'd like to settle in somewhere peaceful - for now - while i build up spec in the offensive side.
this is my first post, but i'll be around.

wire me at frankleee to see if we can help each other.


Level 6, just started playing. Going for pure builder build. PM me.



I am level 7. I need a town that will train me and show what to do. I am wandering lost and lonely. But I am having fun. Lets talk send me a message or telegram: Gwumpy.

Jerrod Wilson

Some one has some spare room in a town?

Looking for a town which is not to serious. Will log in at least once a day. Just became lvl 10 Adventurer.

New to the game and just want to have some fun.

Ingame name is the same as here. Send me a telegramm if you have a spare room.

I'm settled.
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anyone who is active arkham asylum is looking for active players send a gram to crookjaime if interested in joining a active fully built town

Speed Killz

I need a town

InGame Name: Speed Killz
Character Level (XP/XP):7
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: $241
Highest Attribute: mobility 6
1st Highest Skill: hiding
Intended Character Build: Eventually a fort fighter


Level 14 Adventurer looking for a town to join. A new player and willing to learn.