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My Best Find

MY best Find was a Donkey.
:indian::laugh: Don't ask me for a screen shot because I deleted it.
I delete all of my job reports. after I look at them.


:rolleyes:YEAH I can now say I have bettered my best find of a Donkey.(2hrs of well drilling)
I Found A PONY. I Think it is a good find let me know what you think.

P.s I have screen shot for it if you want to see it.


I'm a level 13 who just had my first fort battle. I got 4 experience, and a gray leather hat (level 24), with a $1000 sell price.


No, it is not a bug. You have same chance to get every possible item in that luck range where you are working. For example, I haven't find note, but I'm looking for about 2 months I believe. Not with Grave robber before update, not with any other job after the update. But I have about 5 jobs that has range 1 bit more then 1400. Still not lucky.

So it all depends on your LUCK to get certain item.


I got the piece of a note part 1 for repairing the covered wagon in world 10. All I need is 2 and 3.:)
[FONT=&quot]Job report: Repairing a covered wagon[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]On 8/30/10 at 8:06 AM[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Repairing a covered wagon[/FONT]

« Job report: Repairing a covered wagon On 8/30/10 at 8:06 AM Delete » Repairing a covered wagon

2 hours
$ 33
34 experience points
I could not copy the entire image, but I have it.
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2 hours
$ 304
154 experience points


The students are so annoying to you that you get the worst headache of your life. You lose 8 health points.

Guess this means next time I get to sleep while someone else teaches :laugh:

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This thread is for things you have found... not requests. Look at the Quest Spoiler discussion forum for actual ways to obtain them.

But to be helpful, look at your town market I'm sure there should be a few on there.


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Not sure where else to put this one - it sure made me do a double take just now. Not sure if it's any kind of record in any world, but it sure is for me!



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I thought I had put this here already - it's an older report (2010, when we still had 2-hour job times) that I just came across.