Items Found


brown headband while praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 gray poncho and 2 ham whil tending pigs!
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Fire Hunt

My wife found

The ' Figaro's Sharp Razor Blade ' :cool:

She contacted the team ,like it asks when you find a named item .

Then waited with it equipped and waited and waited but got fed-up of waiting needed the money and sold it :eek:hmy: to buy a grey coat :huh:.

How Rare is That blade ?


I'll mention only items that are worth mentioning.
All time findings with lvl 51 almost pure hider (Still doesn't have Burglary)

1. Black bowler hat
2. Fancy shirt
3. Revolver No 1
4. Fancy slouch hat
5. Blue cotton jacket
6. Fancy cotton shoes
7. Pepperbox revolver
8. Pillow
9. Piece of a note (part 1)
10. Talisman
11. Sharp bowie knife
12. Gray Stetson
13. Blue checkered shirt
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