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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by One Armed Ninja, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. spepper

    spepper Guest

    most of you are still missing the point.
    in the world we have yes it maybe unbalanced but changing it now will make the worlds 1>5 more unbalanced.
    almost everyone agrees to these changes to worlds 6 and above but in 1>5 you will find many players quitting as only towns that are full constructed are going to be worth joining.

    ask yourself this is the builders the real problem.
    towns allowing players to join and DONATE to get cheaper items makes build faster without dollars the builders cant build.

    put in place new rules for joining and leaving towns.
    when someone leaves a town that space can not be used for 1 week.
    also make it so anyone leaving a town must wait 24 hours to join another town.

    those changes will make building slower.
  2. Haret

    Haret Guest

    I get the points. I just don't agree with you.

    I'm a builder and mayor of Lago. I know what it's going to do to our growth. But it's a game and it is still fun. Our fun does not depend on how fast we grow. It depends on working with others we enjoy. If slower building makes that last longer, I'm all for it.
  3. spepper

    spepper Guest

    will you be saying that when the capped towns start hitting every day so they can buy they better items. which you cant get to defend your self because your not growing your town as quick.
  4. Codeguru

    Codeguru Guest

    That sucks quite frankly. There's no reason to change skill requirements for construction being that the skill and the name of the action are one in the same, having it count 3 times seems more than fair. It by all rights should be 5x construction. And if you were to change anything it should be trading out leadership for stamina. You are doing a solo build job no matter what, leadership has nothing to do with it...


    JLMEMT Member

    Dec 9, 2008
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    Welcome to the real world! lol

    Construction does affect building! :D
  6. Codeguru

    Codeguru Guest

    Then by all rights a compromise of this effect being on all future worlds and not on any current worlds would be the answer, they can't use this open beta BS as an excuse to not give a crap who they are screwing over for much longer...

  7. thefbiman

    thefbiman Guest

    I don't see why you are so happy about this. If you want to move slower, you don't have 2 be shot in the leg, you can just start limping. So with the building, you want 2 have fun by building slower? Then don't wear clothes with construction, but roll a dice to pick random clothes from inventory and build with those.
    Hope you'll be happy of my idea and implement it in your town strategy. :eek:
  8. Haret

    Haret Guest

    I think youre not reading my statement clearly. I'm happy having fun with people in my town. Basically what I'm saying is it isn't such a big deal its going to ruin that fun. Its a game, the point is to have fun. So my town is at a disadvantage, it has been from the get go. So my town might get hit by duelers so the duelers can get better items. It has been. This isn't going to alter that in the least bit.

    JLMEMT Member

    Dec 9, 2008
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    Then have at it!

    When we all quit because we have had enough, and it will happen with many of us, enjoy paying your premium to fight the duelers that are left. That is what this will become, all duelers. :p
  10. Tog

    Tog Guest

    You strategies, they are broken, morn them and move on. Prevail.
  11. Danzeman

    Danzeman Guest

    I understand and feel exactly the same, I'm pissed about it cos like what has already been said we will fall behind other more developed towns, but I'm not arsed because the town in W5 I'm in, is great because we all have a laugh and yes as you said it's all about interacting with people and having fun.

    I'm a ****hot player but no I don't take this seriously, it's just a game, just a game:unsure:
  12. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    well if all builders will be disapointed then the quantity of them will decrease and they will be valued much :) like the goal keeper in ice-hockey :)

    and other nagging granies will change to other characters (duelers for example) to not to suffer from this inconvenience
  13. klondike

    klondike Guest

    Only one problem.
    Character choice is PERMANENT.
    Only way to change characters is have the mods delete your old one and start over again at level 1 and I seriously doubt very many people will do that. They either will carry on or leave the game and considering that total population numbers are DROPPING, letting it drop more is NOT advisable. Personally I would only consider w4 & w5 to have enough players to be a vibrant world, the other worlds are kind of empty right now :-(
  14. Blue Gularis

    Blue Gularis Guest

    Well, our town's main builder has put a ton of points into Construction thinking that was the way to go- he is going to be pissed.

    Personally, I think changing something as major as that at this late date sucks. My two cents. :(
  15. shadow dragon

    shadow dragon Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2008
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    Actually he won't be pissed because construction is still going to be the main part of building.
  16. Talamare

    Talamare Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2008
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    Builders are still needed
    Best Builders are still pure constructions

    Stop your whining
  17. Klingon

    Klingon Guest

    That was exactly what I was going to point out.

    Instead of construction counting three times it's only twice, but that's still more than anything else, so if you want to build buildings, you still focus on construction, this just gives you less of a reward for min/maxing.:indian:
  18. Romelis

    Romelis Guest

    yes i know that you cant change profession, so:
    1. some will quite because as you say will be pissed
    2. others will quit as builders and create other char
    3. will earn money and rearrange skills to be a dueler. i know some and they are pretty good ones, since they have high lvl (means more skill and attribute points)
  19. Talamare, I think you are talking to a brick wall. Sigh.
  20. Lucky Pete

    Lucky Pete Guest

    I think this is ridiculous, and shouldn't happen.
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