Have you ever?


Yes many times unfortunately

Either in its audio form or being typed out to annoy me ^^

And its horrible :laugh:

Have you ever seen a ghost?


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mah lil bro do love to take money from me (specially while im sleeping)...so tat counts..

have you ever tried pole dancing?

Violette LeDrunc

I've been in places where there is pole dancing, but have not done it myself. I wouldn't do it for a living, but it would be fun as an exercise class. :)

Have you ever been inappropriately naked?


Yes and it's a long story :p

Have you ever assaulted you computer? ( I don't mean sexually)

Violette LeDrunc

Lol to both your answer and your question!

And yes, I have kicked and hit my computer more than once. But I have new one now. :)

Edit: Grr... Have you ever hit send before you were meant to?


lolz. Freshly peeled oranges yes.... freshly peeled hotdogs.... ummm no.

Freshly peeled hotdogs... sounds so wrong *wink*

Since we're on that topic...

Have you ever drunk ketchup?

John Rose


Have you ever watched someone 'touch' themselves without them knowing?

master warrior

NO :eek: and i hope it hasnt happened to me.

have you ever eaten anything you wished you hadnt and if yes what?

master warrior

yes but i am not telling you what for.

have you ever bought something twice on the west?



But I have sold something twice in WoW ^^

Have you ever wondered if there is life after death?

master warrior

yes and it scares me its the only thing that does it think.

have you ever wanted to kill yourself so to speak